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When they move from Europe to Africa = *Voyages of discovery.*

When we move from Africa to Europe = *Illegal immigrants.*

A group of Africans in Europe = *Refugees.*

A group of Europeans in Africa = *Tourists.*

A group of Africans in the bush = *Poachers*

A group of Europeans in bush = *Hunters.*

Black people working in a foreign country = *Foreigners*

White people working in a foreign country = *Expatriates*

*This world has failed Africa, or have we failed ourselves? Food for thought!!*


When a French national cannot speak English, Africans respect him.

When a Spanish can't speak English, Africans respect him.

When a Chinese can't speak English, Africans respect him.

When a Russian can't speak English, Africans respect him.

When a Portuguese can't speak English, Africans respect him.

But when an African can't speak English, Africans consider him a joke, unintelligent, illiterate, dumb and stupid.

That's the level or extent of damage we have suffered as a people. We use English as a yardstick to measure the intelligence of our people, including children.

In our schools, children are made to believe they're stupid just because they cannot speak a language alien to their ancestral route.

Dear Africans put an end to this mental slavery. Teach your children their mother tongue and allow the locals to feel free to speak their native languages without any stigma.

Do not help the oppressors to extend their oppression.

If you come across this post, share widely to spread this message and enlighten an African. The people around you need to hear this. It's a collective effort. Don't break the chain of mental revolution.


Other Africans are gearing up for REVOLUTION in every sector: natural resources, education, health, agriculture, etc. All I see us (Liberians) doing is sitting and watching the show. Like other Africans, we know what our problems are and of course we know the solutions. Sitting and talking about them will not help us. Let us rise to them and start doing something about them and stop talking about them only.


As Liberia makes her way to the ballot box comes October 10, 2023, the questions educated Liberian should try answering is: if our GDP was second only to Japan during the Great Depression, what happened to that money? What happened to that economy? What really happened to the brain that controlled said economy at the time?


Nobody is going to identify you by your name, but your father's. RESPECT AND HONOR HIS NAME.


A relationship in which the partners are not RELATED is not relationship at all


In this life if you ain't going my direction, I ain't following your lead...


Liberia @176: let us know that the definition of Independence includes "emancipating yourself from MENTAL SLAVERY." For none, but ourselves can free our minds. Happy Independence Day to all of LIBERIA.


Sometimes I wonder: those that don't pray 🙏 before going to bed, how they can feel. How can one be alive and yet feel comfortable without praying? I try going to bed without praying, but I each time I try it, I will not sleep. Dear God, I pray for someone to become prayerful. Amen


In this life, betray a friend and you will soon discover that you have RUINED YOURSELF.


You must discipline your son because it is your spiritual and moral obligation to him. But before you punish your son, ask yourself: did I sin when I was at his age?


Everyone needs Guidance and if need be, Counseling. You may not fine expert opinions here, but the little suggestions, you will find here, rewarding.

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