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This is a place where college students and coffee drinkers can communicate, connect and add value to one another.

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Live The Legacy

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It’s all about perspective. Keep your focus.


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Sometimes I reflect on how and why all of this began, especially when doubt and the naysayers are speaking louder than the voice of vision and purpose.
On these days I focus. When I focus, the power of purpose kicks in-T. Scott
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Why is Legacy so important?
Legacy is important because our children are captured by what they see more than, by what they hear.
The first images our children see, are of us. When they open their beautiful eyes in this world they “see” for the first time, what they have heard for 9 months. From this point forward, the “visual” aspects of our “voice” become the predominant influence. What our children hear in our womb becomes engaged, locked into what they see. This is why when a newborn hears the voice of their parents, they respond and adjust. This voice now has a face. The learning process of who they are begins. The child will begin mimicking facial expressions, sounds, and attitudes because the “voice”, now has an image to concentrate on. For at least 7 years this tiny image of us, has absorbed the information we have given it, through our actions, our responses to life. They now have the foundation of how they are to represent in the world, what type of voice they will have.
What type of Legacy are you leaving for your children today?

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We all have situations that keep us motivated. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, there are times we are motivated by pain. Either we are motivated to destroy because of a pain we can’t seem to escape, or we are motivated to build because of a pain we learned to convert into fuel, in an effort to build something “better” than our past.
The best motivation, the purest motivation comes from a place of love, a place where the two intersect.
This is a place where we are violently destroying the paradigm, that destroys us from the inside out, to protect those we are connected to. Those we profess to love, should be and are the “empathic reason” we fight every day to build...Building better lives, opportunities and connections. In short it’s what love looks like.
Author TracyJ
Written for Living Legacy Foundation

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When life interrupts what some may call a dream e.g. the death of someone you love, your money running short, those who look for your failure instead of your win, or a partner that abandons you in business, in marriage, in life...the thing you have to remember is, that life has a rhythm. Like jazz, with its cacophony of notes, that may sound out of place at times; the “interruptions” are the introduction to the base line of the piece. In short these interruptions, give the dream more meaning. They add to the base line of our original piece called life.
One of the greatest musical notes in my life was a man named Tony. He believed in me. He saw me. He loved me. Tony was an integral part of Living Legacy’s Intro to this piece called Legacy Life. Tony is forever a part of Living Legacy, forever loved, and will be deeply missed.
Tony’s Legacy is he cared about people. We want to honor his legacy by giving 100%of our proceeds to the things he cared about: Child s*x trafficking, abused women, missions, and educational support for children. As we invest in Tony’s dream, to save the world, one person at a time, his legacy lives on through us. SWIPE LEFT

@ Irving, Texas

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We are building for the future today! Shop Now! A percentage of our proceeds are invested into communities and organizations committed to building in the future, of the next generation! Join us!

The Legacy Store The Living Legacy concept began over 40 years ago with a grandmother and her grandchildren. Every morning over coffee she would explain the importance of family, education, and making life better for those that come behind you. In 2015 her granddaughter Tracy Scott established Living Legacy Coffee a...

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Let’s Build!

The Legacy Store The Living Legacy concept began over 40 years ago with a grandmother and her grandchildren. Every morning over coffee she would explain the importance of family, education, and making life better for those that come behind you. In 2015 her granddaughter Tracy Scott established Living Legacy Coffee a...

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Photos from The Living Legacy Found's post 06/06/2019

Build. Support. Grow. We believe in something greater than ourselves.
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Embroidered. Embedded. Emancipated. My grandmother used to say when you know better you do better. Ancient text say as a man thinks so is he. We are committed to building people, giving our clients the best quality product, and creating community. Our legacy SnapBack is available for pre-order link in bio!


Believe in yourself when no one else does. Do what the vision requires when no one else will.

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Join us in living Out Purpose! Every purchase you make is an investment into the lives of others!

The Living Legacy Foundation Legacy Foundation Investing in People. Living out Purpose


A Building Block of strong legacy is reading


You are a success


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