MOH Won By One

MOH Won By One

Montgomery High School, San Diego. Spreading God's Word on our campus!


Due to unforeseen complications, we are no longer in the old gym. Everything happens for a reason though🙏


PLEASE help us spread the word🙏🙏


Hey you guys we we’ll be back this wednesday for our first club meet of the year !!!

At the old gym during lunch
There we’ll pizza 🍕
A word of encouragement ^
You are welcome to come :)
Bring a friend see you there !



See you there 🫶


We are back! #2022


Generations from,

2018-2019 ( .a )

2019-2020 ( )

2021-2022 ( .barajas14 )

2022-2023 (
tc )


Meet some of the new team FUTURE LEADERS🥳🥳


That’s a wrap 2021-2022 class is signing off

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See you next year. 👋

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CONGRATULATIONS to the new cabinet members for Won by One Christian Club! 👏 May 2019-2020 be filled with many more blessings and growth.

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Reminiscing last week's win! 2ND place for carrying out in our community!

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PROJ25 | City View Church @ 6pm 💥

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The Greatest Love PROJ25 24/04/2019

PLEASE watch & share the video below!

We were able to raise $3,000 to bless our unsheltered communities here in San Diego.

The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love PROJ25

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MOH Won by One at 🔥

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Join us tomorrow during lunch! ⚡
What to bring: your donations, a heart willing to listen God's word, & an appetite for pizza 🍕

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We invite you all to WORSHIP NIGHT this Saturday ! Bring a friend! | 4110 Palm Ave

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see you tomorrow ❤ | 📍 room 307

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Now accepting donations for The Greatest Love!
Donation boxes placed at MOH + local churches.
Join the movement. ❤

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CLUB TOMORROW 📍 room 307. // invite a friend 🍕

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"Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person." 2 Corinthians 5:17 || As I reflect on this past year for Won by One, I can only think about how much of a rollercoaster it has been. Perhaps not many had noticed it. I've been part of this club for approximately four years now and in about six months I will be saying goodbye. Maybe not many people care, but the reason this club is so important to me is because it is much more than an extracurricular activity or simple "school club". This is the place where God called me to SPEAK. It was in this club, as a freshman, where I first gave the word/spoke for the first time in my life. It was here where God continued to develop the talents that He gave me. I found confidence, passion, and purpose here. I know that to many this is just pizza club, but I also know that to a lot of students this is their safe place, a zone where they can feel the love of God through a slice of pizza and a high-five from Turi. Won by One has been an immense factor in my growth as an individual. I thank God, I thank God for the life of Mr. Hal Herlan and his wife, Ruth Herlan. We are continuing their legacy and I have no doubts that when I leave, that same legacy will continue and God will do even greater things here. 2019 here we come, stronger than ever! We declare that God's presence dwells in the halls of MOH. - M.A.


Full house today in 📍 room 307

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