BGSU Pet Rescue & Adoption Class

BGSU Pet Rescue & Adoption Class

This page is dedicated to Holly Bird's RESC 2000 course (Pet Rescue & Adoption) as a part of the Chapman Learning Community at Bowling Green State University.

Since 2016, this class has partnered with The Toledo Area Humane Society.

Operating as usual


⚠️We are in desperate need of enrichment items!⚠️

Our Behavior Team creates enrichment schedules for the animals to help reduce their stress and boredom, but we are COMPLETELY OUT of our most used items! 🥺

Please consider picking up a few of our fave goodies and dropping them off at our shelter, we're open 12-6 weekdays and 12-5 weekends:

Our pets love:
🥜 Peanut butter
🧀 Spray cheese
🎃 Pure pumpkin
🥫 Chicken broth
🧁 Canned whipped cream
🥯 Plain cream cheese
🍝 Parmesan cheese
🥛 Plain yogurt
🐟 Tuna

Help us stock our shelves! Can't donate? Share this post to spread the word! Thank you! 💜


We had the wonderful opportunity to meet Purrkins today, and he’d be a great fit for any feline-lover looking for a good friend!

Purrkins would be the purrfect kitty for you!🐱

Purrkins arrived to THS after a good Samaritan found him as a stray. He spent some time residing in foster care but is now back at the shelter and ready for you to take him home. 💜

This is what his foster had to say about him: "Purrkins fascinates me! He had found a spot on the guest bed that he liked, so I rolled with it. He had no interest in playing at first but has really enjoyed being pet and will lounge like that for a long time and has slowly begun to inch closer and closer to me. He will sit in the middle of the room and watch me clean up and things. He was kept separate from my cat but he had started to play with her underneath the door! He may enjoy the companionship of another feline with a slow introduction. Fun fact about him: He loves when people sing! He gets so excited that he rolls around on the ground and purrs!"🥰

Purrkins would love a family who gives him time to adjust to his new surroundings and let him bloom into the sweet kitty he is in our care or in foster care! Please stop by and meet Purrkins today! 💜

Photos from Toledo Humane Society's post 16/03/2023

Awesome progress!

Consider donating to the link in the THS post to support efforts like these.

Photos from Toledo Humane Society's post 04/03/2023

These are some of the fur babies we will get to work with in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned for pics and info!

Photos from BGSU Pet Rescue & Adoption Class's post 28/02/2023

Meet Jelly!

Jelly has been at the Toledo Humane Society since December of last year. He is a 3 year old male, full of energy and ready to love whoever takes him home. Jelly is also available for foster as well to see if he’d be a good fit at your home.

More info on Jelly is available via the information sheet posted or contacting the Toledo Humane Society at 419-891-0705

Photos via Daniel Carlson ( on instagram)

Photos from THS Thrift Store and Donation Center's post 20/11/2021

Alvin is a sweet dog. So loving! He is a little hyper when he is first let out of his kennel, but he eventually settles down. Please share! He deserves a great home!

It's been 2 months since Alvin has come into our care, and we've had very few people show any interest in him...

Does nobody want a dog that rebounds with an eagerness for life after coming to us from a cruelty case that left him emaciated with open sores? A good boy who loves explore his surroundings? No one wants to foster his sense of adventure? Is it that his smile isn't big enough or that his obsession with toys is almost overwhelming? Or could it be that he's a rarity who loves to cuddle AND loves playtime? We might be biased, but he seems like the goodest boy around!💜

Alvin had to spend some time in foster care to recuperate after coming in through our cruelty department in extremely poor condition. Despite the rough past, Alvin has been a happy go lucky boy since coming to us. He's as sweet as can be and would love to go to a home that shows him just how good it is to be a 40 lb lap dog. Want to know Alvin's favorite toys? All of them! There's not a single one he seems to prefer over the other - Kong toys, tennis balls, hard bones, rope toys, the list goes on and on....

Alvin is 3-years-old and has a love for life and a love for every person that he meets. Alvin did meet some young children and while he loved them and played with them, he did not realize his size. He can be quite energetic at times, so we would recommend that everyone that lives in the household come and meet him before he goes to a home. He is ready to put his past behind him and find an active family ready to work with him and teach him all the wonderful things life has to offer! Stop by and meet him today! 🐾

Edited to add: Alvin has met a few other dogs here at the shelter and seemed to do very well with them - no signs of aggression were noted but he does like to play rough. He was walked down our cat hallway and didn't seem too bothered by the cats he saw through the window. He has never lived with another cat, and with any adoption, we always recommend a slow introduction to all animals in the home!

Photos from Woof Woof's post 20/09/2021
Photos from Toledo Humane Society's post 01/07/2021
Photos from Toledo Humane Society's post 26/06/2021

Get yoself a piggly wiggly!



All we can say... is thank you 💜🐾

Thanks to our amazing community, supporters, participants, sponsors, and vendors, our 2021 Bark in the Park was our biggest, most widely attended year yet, blowing our $75,000 fundraising goal out of the water - and we are so grateful to have been able to host this year in-person after a year of virtual events.

This year, our community raised a whopping $89,661.77 for the animals - and donations are still rolling in!

From every animal that comes through our walls and every life we are able to save because of fundraising events like Bark in the Park - THANK YOU! 💜

*Our raffle drawing winners will be announced this afternoon - STAY TUNED!*


This weeks pet is Wendy.
She is two-years old. She gets really excited when you mention going for a walk, she lives for them! She is a snuggle-bug and would crawl right inside you if she could.


This week we worked together to make goodie bags and hand written thank you notes for volunteers still working in animal shelters during COVID-19. Buddle was loving the attention he got from his costume!

Photos from BGSU Pet Rescue & Adoption Class's post 16/04/2021

Want to help out a Furry Friend? Here's how:
There are lots of opportunities to get involved and help out at local shelters both in-person and at home!
Toledo Humane Society:
- Volunteer in-person
- Donate toys, dog/cat food, treats, and more!
- Sponsor a Kennel
Wood County Humane Shelter:
- Volunteer in-person
- Donate a dog/cat bed
- Foster an animal

Photos from Toledo Humane Society's post 18/03/2021

Consider sponsoring a kennel at the Toledo Area Humane Society!


Sometimes, things don’t work out.

We would introduce you, but you probably know Patches by now.

Patches, our longest stay resident, who captured the hearts of our community with her story and her years in the shelter environment. Patches, who our staff, volunteers, and foster network fell in love with during her stay – and who we thought we would only see again in adoption update photos after being adopted in January.

Through no fault of her own, Patches is back in our care. There is no reason to place fault or blame – what we care about is that Patches is still her happy, outgoing self, and that her s***k and determination will find her the perfect forever home.

We know the drill with Patches. She’s a lover, not a fighter, and is immensely loyal and loving to her family members of all ages. Although she will need to be the only animal in the home, the amount of love that Patches has to give makes up for this detail ten times over.

Couch potato. Snuggle bug. Loyal to the end. We all know Patches is the best gal around, and we just need her perfect forever family to see it too – and it’s about time that she says good-bye to shelter life for good.

Share this post to help Patches find her forever family. If you are interested in adopting, please submit your completed adoption application to [email protected] to start the adoption process.


This is Wallace and Charlie. They met today in puppy class. Both were nervous about making friends but not anymore. Also they aced their pup quiz in trigonometry. 13/10 for each (follow on Instagram for more)

Photos from BGSU Pet Rescue & Adoption Class's post 30/10/2020

Heinz Ketchup and Hot Dog hosted a Halloween themed service event today. My students created candy treat bags with all handwritten thank you notes inside each bag for the volunteers at the Toledo Area Humane Society. Everyone also got to pose with Hot Dog.

Photos from We Rate Dogs's post 16/09/2020

Happy National Dog Day to all of you fur moms & dads!



‪We only rate dogs. This is a meteorite that has fallen from a clearly superior part of the galaxy. Please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10‬ ☄️🐶
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