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Cricket mcqs
Q. International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters is located in__________?
A. Dubai
C. China
D. Australia


Electrical MCQs
Q. Tesla is the unit of_________________________?

A. Magnetic Field Strength

B. Electric Field Strength

C. Gravitational Field Strength

D. Nuclear Field Strength


Everyday Science MCQs
Q. Dengue Fever is also known as?
A. Black Fever
B. Breakbone Fever
C. Plasmodium Fever
D. Remittent Fever


Economics Mcqs
Q. An increase in price all other things unchanged leads to ?
A. A shift in supply outwards
B. A shift in supply inwards
C. A contraction of supply
D. An extension of supply


Computer Science MCQs
Q. Which language is used to create macros in Excel?
A. Visual Basic
B. C
C. Visual C++
D. Java


Cricket mcqs
Q. Who is the winner of Asia Emerging Cricket Cup 2018?
A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Srilanka
D. Bangladesh


Physic Mcqs:
Q. Microphone converts sound energy into ___________?
A. Microwaves
B. Electrical signals
C. Optical Signals
D. Heat energy


Chemistry MCQs
Q. The horizontal rows of the periodic table are called ?
A. Groups
B. Periods
C. Sets
D. Matrices


Agriculture MCQs

Q. Which Crops is the largest consumer of Water?

A. Rice

B. Sugarcane

C. Wheat

D. Pulses


International Current affairs Mcqs
Q. The youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai won Nobel Peace Prize for the year
A. 2013
B. 2014
C. 2015
D. 2016


History mcqs
Q. Hundred Years’ War was Fought Between?
A. Germany and Japan
B. America and England
C. England and France
D. South Korea and America


Economics MCQs
Q. An increase in price leads to ? (all other things unchanged)
A. Shift demand outwards
B. Shift demand inwards
C. Contractions of demand
D. An extension of demand


Electronics MCQs
Q. UTP stands for
A. Unshielded Transmission Protocol
B. Unshielded Twisted Pair
C. Unshielded Transfer Pair
D. Unshielded T-line Protocol


Environmental Science MCQs
Q. What type of colloid is an aerosol?
a) Solid in gas
b) Gas in solid or fluid
c) Fluid in gas
d) Fluid or solid in gas


Computer Mcqs:
Q. One nibble is equal to
A. 4 bits
B. 8 bits
C. 6 bits
D. 16 bits


Current affairs Mcqs
Q. In March 2018, Pakistan's first clinical transplant immunology laboratory was inaugurated at :
A. Agha Khan Hospital Karachi
D. Jinnah Hospital Karachi


Human Resource Management (HRM) MCQS

Q. The meaning of the acronym HRM is ______________

A. Human Relations Management

B. Humanistic Resource Management

C. Human Resource Management

D. Human Resourceful Management


General Knowledge Mcqs
Q. Who was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England?

A. Queen Elizabeth

B. Anne Boleyn

C. Lady Diana

D. None of these


Everyday Science MCQs:
Q. Deficiency Of vitamin A result is
A. Night blindness
B. scurvy
C. hair fall
D. rickets


Sociology Mcqs
Q. Who Is The Father of Communism?
A. Adam Smith
B. Karl Marx
C. Arestotle
D. Alfred Marshell


Football Mcqs

Q. Which Team got 3rd Position in FIFA World Cup 2018?
A. France
B. England
C. Croatia
D. Belgium


Current Affairs MCQs:
Q. Who is the Current Ambassador of Pakistan to USA?
A. Asad Majeed Khan
B. Shahid abbasi
C. Salman mirza
D. Jalil Abbas Jilani
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Chemistry Mcqs:

Answer the following question.

Q. The soul of chemistry is dealing with___________?
A. Internal structural changes in matter
B. Composition of matter
C. Properties of matter
D. Composition and properties of matter


Q. A group of people has provisions for 29 days for 24 men. If after 4 days 1/6 of them desert then food will last for?
A. 25 days
B. 28 days
C. 30 days
D. 32 days


Q. One principle in the theory of mercantilism is that colonies should be_____________
A. granted independence as soon as possible
B. Considered an economic burden for the colonial power
C. encouraged to develop their own industries
D. acquired as markets and sources of raw materials


Today daily question is
World Current Affairs MCQS Question:
Who has been named as men’s cricketer of the year in the International Cricket Council’s 2019 awards?
A. Ben Stokes
B. Fakhar Zaman
C. Babar Azam
D. Jos Buttler


Today daily question is
Pak Studies MCQS Question:

Q. Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?
A. Liaquat Ali Khan
B. Quaid-e-Azam
C. Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din
D. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar


General Knowledge MCQs
Vientiane is capital and largest city of_________?
A. Laos
B. Cambodia
C. Vietnam
D. Myanmar


Which branch of science plays an important role in engineering?
A. Biology
B. Chemistry
C. Physics
D. All of these


Central Directorate Of National Savings
(Finance Division) Islamabad
(Situation Vacant Under Aghaz-E-Haqooq-E-Balochistan)
Last Date for Application Submission :
Monday, 3rd February 2020

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