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From a professional who has indulged into and preached marketing.



“Marketing” a misunderstood term by many; rather it has its own share of myths .

अरे मार्केटिंगवाले कुछ भी बोलते है। उनको तो बस अपना माल गले में मारने से मतलब होता है

People feel marketers lie. No marketers don’t lie.
They tell you BETTER TRUTH.

Marketers inside their head believe that a customer has ability to make a choice.

Marketers make you aware of your needs by way of their advertisements or through their sales talk or by other means of communication.

For example when they tell you “दाग अच्छे है” they are telling you I am there (मैँ हूँ ना ) to help you to get rid of your irritation for cleaning and spending extra money for maintenance of “कपडे”. Don’t restrict your kids from getting their moments.

Something very beautiful.

Think over consciously and then decide.

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