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How we rode the trend to make 100% in 100 days 🚀 - Titagarh Wagons Ltd - Position Trade 📈

Watch the Video here - https://youtu.be/3rg3RBTSWVE


Social media is flooded with:

[1] Get rich quick stories

[2] ‘Rags to Riches’ stories

And that’s only the bright side.

When it comes to the stock markets, people need:

[3] ‘Riches to Rags’ stories more than [2].

Do you agree?

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Most people think Life starts once we reach a certain 👉 point or achieve a milestone.

In reality,

Life is all about the Journey we undertake, and not the milestone itself!

Thus, enjoy the journey! ❤️


Did you know that Manchester United is listed and trading in the US markets?

With the football fever on, here is more news to warm the winter up.

The stock price of ManU has shot up by 65% in the past five days 😳 despite the club announcing leaving of iconic player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here are some positive reasons as stated in the media:

1. Apple Inc eyeing a potential stake (yet to be confirmed)
2. Saudi's Sports Minister confirming that the Government shall back up private sector bids

Did you catch this move?
Will you invest in MANU?

Disclaimer: Not a Buy/Sell recommendation. Posting for information only!


One of the top-performing Stocks in my position (or) trend-following portfolio - Mazagon Docks, is +35% 🚀 from 1st Nov 2022.

Position Trading or Trend following 📈 is easier when compared to other forms of trading.

All I do is:
2. Monitor the portfolio for about 15 minutes a day
3. Observe and Respond based on price actions
4. Re-balance the portfolio once a month or as needed

See the below image where:
1. The Stock price respects 🙇‍♂️ the 21-EMA
2. Above average green volume candles indicating buyers are dominant over sellers 💪

Disclaimer: I'm letting you know that I will exit the stock anytime based on my exit strategy, and following the portfolio is at your own risk. Not a BUY/SELL recommendation. I am sharing it for education/entertainment only.


Are you wondering What's Moving The Stock Prices Up 🚀?

Before we jump to stocks, let's take real estate 🏤 (or) property units 🏡 as an example.

The better the location 📌, the more eyeballs 🎯.
The better the location 📌, the more the rental yield 💸.
The better the location 📌, the more the resale price 💲.

The rental yield 💸 or the property resale price 💲 is about its LOCATION 📌

When it comes to STOCKS 📈:
The better the earnings 💰, the more eyeballs of institutional investors 🏛
The better the earnings 💰, the more the earnings yield 💸
The better the earnings 💰, the more the stock price will go up 🚀

Stock price appreciation is all about its EARNINGS.

Focus on the company's earnings (CAUSE) so that you can profit as the stock price moves up (EFFECT).

Did you find this interesting?

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One of my contacts asked for a quick catch-up &
we met at a coffee ☕ shop.

He asked for some good stocks to Invest in for the long term.

Here is my answer:
There are no good or bad stocks.

There are only the following:
1️⃣ Stock that Goes up 📈

2️⃣ Stock that Goes Down 📉

3️⃣ Stock that moves sideways 📈 📉

Find a stock that goes up,
Ride the trend.

The Key to making 💰 💲 is ............ check the comments for a critical tip!

Trend is your best Friend!


Investing in Stocks is so Easy that our own emotions make it complicated!

Do You Agree?


You get paid for working 33% of your day.

And that 33% earnings may make you Rich, but not Wealthy!

The KEY for creating wealth:
✔ Is to move from earning 33% to 100%
✔ Invest in Assets that generate consistent cash flow
✔ A lower PASSIVE ROI is better than a higher ACTIVE ROI (both would be mind-blowing)

By PASSIVE - I mean those assets that put money into your account without your attention.

Here is how you can do it:

Employ Your Money!

1️⃣ Do you know that Money is the only thing in the world that can work harder than you do?

2️⃣ Money works forever!

3️⃣ Money Compounds:
Money makes more Money, and
That more Money makes even more Money!

4️⃣ Money is a loyal employee to those who employ it properly!

5️⃣ Money can work hard / harder than you do - 24 X 7 X 365 days.

6️⃣ Money has no holidays or sick leave, and the list continues!

Some of the examples of Investible Assets that work for you when you sleep are:
🏦 Bank High-interest deposits
💹 Index funds & ETFs
💹 Dividend Stocks
💹 Growth Stocks
🏣 Real Assets (not the house you live in & not the residential properties you own with a heavy long-term debt tied to it)

The above are traditional asset classes, and things of the future are:

1️⃣ Digital asset (No! not the cryptos & NFTs) - at least, I am not considering them as assets. By digital assets - I mean software code, ebooks, courses, photos, blogs, and much more!

It can also be SaaS / PaaS etc

2️⃣ Alternate investments / other asset classes - like Wine/Whiskey, etc. - Strictly for High-net-worth individuals.

3️⃣ Start-up investments (for high-net-worth individuals).

Have more investing ideas? Could you share it in the comments?

Before you consider something worth investing in, ask these questions:

🕊 Will you have a peaceful sleep?

✳ Don't look only at the returns, but measure them against the risk

📈 Will the assets deliver consistent cash flow or growth over a long period?

😴 Are the investments Passive?

Are you ready to move from 33% to 100%?

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Concept of Leverage: Naval Ravikant
The idea of Moving from 33% to 100%: Justin Welsh


T20 World Cup 2022:

ENGLAND race to record 10-wicket win over INDIA, face PAKISTAN in the finals.

In sports, at the end of the game, there will always be a Winner & a Loser.

However, in Investing, everyone can be a Winner if they continue to play the game forever!

The S&P 500 (SPY) blasted off 5.5% today
The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) is up by 7.3% today

My Passive portfolio is up by 4.2% today (the best move in 2022).

Do you think anyone can predict these moves?
100% - No!

Can you buy before such moves and exit after them?
100% - No!

There could be very few BEST days in the Market - maybe 10 or 20 days in a year and such BEST days will be after a correction or a bear market.

The only way to enjoy such moves is to stay invested and keep playing the game.

Will Mr. Market continue to move up from now?
100% - No one knows!

Stay Invested & Play the Game, Forever!


Being Rich is to have more Money.
Being Wealthy is to have more Time.

Is Your Goal to be Rich (or) Wealthy?


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