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Operating as usual


This is going to be a fun one! Let’s make history and punch our ticket to the State Tournament!

See you in Rochester! Black out!


Let’s go!!!

Good luck to the Cannon Falls High School Math League Team competing in the State Tournament today! Good luck Bombers!!!


Last night at our board meeting, we unfortunately accepted the resignation of long time teacher Sue Franke Clark. Sue has been part of the district for several years and a staple within our Music Department. Sue came out of retirement this past year when we were in need.

I was fortunate enough to have Sue as a student. While, I still cannot sing a lick, Sue always made her classroom a welcoming place for everyone.

Quick story: In 7th grade I remember being in choir and complaining about how we always had to sing songs that “nobody” cared about. (Probably just me) After some discussion, Sue allowed us to switch gears and we sang, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. I think she was teaching us a lesson of respecting the classic choir songs but she also showed us a lot of respect by hearing us out.

I’ll never forget it!

Photos from Cannon Falls Area Schools's post 13/02/2024

Love this!

Thank you to our staff for offering healthy options! 💪

Supporting CannonBelles too!


Halftime entertainment of the Boys Basketball win over Goodhue. Kids being kids is always the best! Props to the parents for bringing them out on a Friday night!


Merry Christmas

Mayo Clinic donates $10 million to Rochester Public Schools, reversing the district's immediate fate 22/12/2023

After a lot of hard work, listening, tough conversations and hours of seeking solutions… a friend sent me this.

While I’m super happy for the Rochester community to be able to buy time, this is not a long term solution for any public school. Districts across the state are having the same issues as Rochester.

The fact of the matter is public schools are being severely under funded from the state. Mr. Walz and his team can continue to parade around the state claiming they sent record money to schools. They did, but they also sent it with record amount of mandates that have consumed all the additional money, plus some!

Our staff and students DO deserve the best we can offer but we need to expect the best out of St. Paul too. Our administration and board are working hard towards solutions.

Fun (or frustrating) Fact, The Mayo Clinic used local tax payer dollars to build and expand the clinic in Cannon Falls. This year, they decided to no longer offer their athletic training program to Cannon Falls Schools. Costing our district an additional $40,000+/annually.

Mayo Clinic donates $10 million to Rochester Public Schools, reversing the district's immediate fate Unlike the tumultuous season for Rochester Public Schools, the Mayo Clinic made the donation in the wake of a season of success and growing influence.


Spent the day coaching 3rd grade girls basketball in their first tournament ever.

- We have 14 girls playing which is the most the program has had in years!

- Of our 14 girls playing, every single one of them had parents, siblings and/or grandparents there supporting.

- We led the tournament in high fives given

- We had some good dance moves in the layup line.

- Had our loudest “Bombers on three….1,2,3 Bombers” chants ever.

- Learning to interact with one another. Not a phone or device to be seen. 💪 📈

- We won the tournament (not with our 1-2 record but by having the most fun)

Our youngest Bombers are doing it right! Kids being kids!


This town rocks. Sky is the limit for our kids. 📈


Congratulations to the cast and crew of Beauty and The Beast!

So happy to see so many partake, something I never would have had the courage to do as a teenager. 💪


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m thankful for all our staff and students in the district! I hope you all enjoy a couple days off and some family time!


Congratulations on a great season CF Bomber Football!! Props to so many from town that supported all year and today at US bank stadium!

Special thanks to the below donors for providing funds for the THREE coach fan buses. If you see them, give them a high five!

Keith Meyers & Tammy Elias Meyers
Mark & Cindy Sjoquist
Clinton Sjoquist & Bonnie Sjoquist
Grant Sjoquist & Tiffany Sjoquist
Luke Winchell & Natalie Mae Winchell
Bill Winchell
Marcy Sibell
Karen Zibolski
Wilbur & Becky Pagel
Main Street Pizza
Cliff Gorman
Sally Merrill
Volleyball Boosters
Football Boosters
Cannon Falls Area Schools


Fan bus #3 is happening!!!

If you’ve been on the fence about attending or riding, let us drive you into the City and drop off at the front door of US Bank Stadium.

Go Bombers!!!

- Class Registration v3.0 - Template 14/11/2023

Bomber Football Fans!

We have 10 spots remaining for the two fan buses going to US Bank on Friday. If you plan to ride and haven’t signed up, please do so asap. We are entertaining the idea of a third but need to insure we have enough riders.

(Through incredible donations, a third bus would also be just $5)

Reach out with questions. Link for signup below.

Go Bombers!

- Class Registration v3.0 - Template 820 Minnesota Street East Cannon Falls, MN 55009 (507) 263-6800

- Class Registration v3.0 - Template 13/11/2023

I encourage every student who wants to go to the Football game on Friday, TO GO! With the approval of the parent/guardian it is 100% an excused absence.

Administration has made arrangements for staff with children on the team to have a sub cover so they can attend.

Administration is working with staff to get additional subs for other staff that want to attend.

There will be a minimum of two coach buses available for students and community members to ride to US Bank. (Link for signup

Lastly, it is more complicated to simply cancel school for this than even I anticipated.

Go bombers!

- Class Registration v3.0 - Template 820 Minnesota Street East Cannon Falls, MN 55009 (507) 263-6800


Hey all!

We are working on the logistics of securing a Charter Fan bus for the Football game at US Bank next Friday. Let’s fill our section!

The cost of the bus, driver and fuel for the round trip is $1200.00 and we need a minimum of 45 riders.

Comment if you have interest in riding and avoiding the city traffic!

Lastly, in the past we have accepted donations in an effort to make the bus free for students/fans. If you’d like to donate, please reach out to me!

Go Bombers!!

Letter to the Editor: School community survey 28/09/2023

Please remember that letters to the editor are opinion pieces. A lot can be accomplished by reaching out to the board, administration and committee members regarding this potential project. All meetings regarding the project are public as well. This community member has done none of those things and you can tell as this letter is loaded with false statements. Let me help clear some of them up.

1 - The school board ABSOLUTELY has to go to the community for approval of this bond. We cannot pass without community approval. We also have no interest in doing this without community input, Which is why everyone received a survey to fill out, which included a comments section. Transparency has been very important to us.

2 - Nobody can prove that Aaron Rodgers was injured due to artificial turf, specifically.

3 - Our test scores are better than every district we touch outside of Northfield. This includes bigger districts and smaller districts. Also above the state average in all subjects. Yes, we want them to improve, as always. I know first hand the good work that is being put to get that done.

4 - I also happen to serve on the John Burch Park committee which is doing the fundraising for the park. Million(s) have not been raised and the goal itself if 1.5 million.

5 - Author of the article claims spending money on a “2nd” football field. False, we only have one football field and do not own John Burch Park. By redoing our current field it does allow us to host more events, control our own destiny. Our current field is condemned. Project also includes lights and stands for softball which would allow to play night games, which has never been a possibility for them.

6 - Author claims we are “re-doing” a parking lot. Again, not true.

7 - Enrollment is NOT declining. I’m DAMN proud we are improving here. It’s due to the good people we have working in our buildings, awesome students and not allowing uninformed people tell our story.

- This potential project is about safety. We currently cannot play on our HS football field due its condition and being unsafe. The new parking lot allows for closer on site parking for hosted events behind the school. Much less pedestrian crossing in congested vehicle traffic areas. Additional entry and exit to the school, having one currently is a safety concern. With the new county road 24 being put in and the new development across the road we are dealing with higher levels of traffic. A new entrance/exit will help with flow on our property. Goodhue County, City of Cannon Falls and MNDOT are all involved. This is a work in progress but will be done correctly.

I’ll talk to anyone about this project but intentionally misleading the community is disappointing.

Letter to the Editor: School community survey Recently, I received a school referendum survey in the mail. I must wonder what the school administration and school board are doing. Academic scores at Cannon Falls Public Schools have


Earlier this week-

Our facilities committee, the City of Cannon Falls and Goodhue County met to discuss our Safe Routes to School Plan.

With the development going in across from campus, it’s important we have a well thought out plan to make sure we can get those families/children to our campus safely.

More to come on this topic but we will be pulling together a committee to bring ideas to the table. Parents and community members are encouraged to participate. (Reach out to me if you’d like to be involved)

Credit to Laura Qualey for pulling all the groups together!


Pass the word!


🗓️ - Wednesday, Sept. 27th
⏰ - 5:00
🌭 🥤- Food and Drink provided


The community of Cannon Falls supported our bond project to revamp our CTE space and complete our HVAC needs. Come see what our tax dollars provided for our students.

State of the art auto shop, massive paint booth, CNC machines, 10 welders, updated woodworking equipment, 3D printers, sewing machines, laser engravers, sticker makers, podcasting equipment, green screen, video equipment, drones and more!

Also be sure to check out the new elementary gym floor, outdoor basketball hoops, new pavement and added green space for recess!

Come see it all in action!


Packed house 2.0


Packed house!


Friends and Community!

The CF Schools community survey has been mailed to your house. Please take the time to fill out and send back in, or simply complete online.

As a district, we felt it was important to get honest feedback from the community on how we are doing and also your willingness to invest in our children of the district. Participation in this survey is extremely important.

Deadline to return the survey is October 9th. If you have ANY questions regarding the survey, please call or email me!

The Winchell’s are excited about the future of CF Schools!



Excited for our students to be back in our buildings!

Yesterday I was able to tour the new Innovation Lab. Absolutely incredible! Something that would have definitely sparked my interest while in school.

Laser engravers, 3D printing, sewing machines, label makers, sticker makers, 10 drones!, robots for coding, podcasting equipment, video equipment, green screen and more!

The district continues to work hard to provide opportunities for all students. For a small district, we have a ton of offerings.


Anyone interested in joining the board, please apply! This will be an interim spot to replace the vacancy left by Bill.

I’d also like to thank, Bill Thompson for CF School Board for his efforts towards our district. A wealth of knowledge, experience and calm demeanor! You will be missed. Happy you are able to move back “home”.

The Cannon Falls School Board has announced a vacancy that will be filled by appointment through an application process. Applications are available on our website at The deadline to apply is September 12, 2023.

All applications will be presented at a Special Public Meeting held on September 19, 2023 at 7:30pm, at which time the school board will review applications and appoint.


Quick reminder for CF families….

As Fall sports are now in full swing, All regular season HOME events will be FREE for all Bomber students!

Let’s cheer on our student athletes!

Go Bombers!


*** The most important part of the proposed Outdoor Facility Improvements ***

This table will help the community understand what the annual tax impact would be if we asked the community to support via bond.

See previous posts if you need more information regarding the proposal. We’re doing our best to be transparent and also take in ideas.

Things to remember:

1) These improvements are mostly about safety.

2) We must create another entrance/exit into the property. Safety of traffic flow and in case of emergency if current entrance/exit is blocked, we need to be able to get emergency vehicles on site.

3) A better/safer walkway for our students riding buses to get to the Elementary

4) Our stadium field has busted irrigation lines from years back. The field becomes unsafe for football, soccer, Phy. Ed. due to how hard it gets.

5) Legitmate on-site parking for events behind the HS/MS

6) Our Tennis courts are in dire need of repair to the foundation they rest on.

The median value of a residential property in the Cannon Falls school district is $290,000. The tax impact on that $290,000 property would be roughly $100/year.

Will you support?!

Go Bombers!


**Update regarding my Outdoor Facility improvement post from earlier.

This is a high level sketch of a what our improvements could look like. Bullet points below are all items we felt were important during our Facility Committee Meetings.

✅ Parking - this drastically improves access to any events held behind the HS/MS.

✅ Safety - We completed impact testing on the Football Field. The current non irrigated playing surfaces puts our kids at higher risk of injury. Turf allows for safe play.

✅ Multi Use Turf Field - Football, Soccer, Track, Phy. Ed. No need to water, lower maintenance than grass. Baseball and softball would also be able to use for practice in the Spring when grass is too soft.

✅ Parent Pickup/Drop off - Moves to the front of the building creating a much better flow and improved safety for kids.

✅ Elementary Drop off - Buses now stage in the new parking lot, allowing for parents dropping off much better flow in and out.

✅ Tennis Courts - Current courts are in need of substantial repair. By moving them it allows for proper repair and creates the much needed parking lot. Makes great use for the green space in front of the building.

✅ Lighting - Allows for night Football, Softball, Soccer and Track events.

**Comment with your feedback.


My favorite float in the whole parade. Our youth at CFHS are doing great things. On fields, on stages, on courts. They can do it all!

Community builders!!

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