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We equip parents to make the best choices for their children's educational needs from pre-school to How do you know you are covering everything?

Many families often start their homeschooling journey in confusion, a rare few start with a planned path and method in mind. Whether that method includes Charlotte Mason, living books, delight-directed, project-based learning, or an eclectic method pulled from a diverse set of styles or curriculum, you will certainly wonder how to continue this until Gr.12. FOLLOWING an eclectic education until Gr

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Literatuur Geïnspireerde Taalleer – Kringe in 'n Bos - Lomi 27/01/2024

‘n Wonderlike fonds! Lizelle Rademeyer het hierdie nuwe toevoeging en ook ‘n literatuur geïnspireerde taalleer werkboek oor Wit Oemfaan. Twee uitstekende bronne om te gebruik vir Afrikaans Gr 9-12. Ons hoop om nog meer te sien in die toekoms!

Literatuur Geïnspireerde Taalleer – Kringe in 'n Bos - Lomi Literatuur Geïnspireerde Taalleer oor Kringe in 'n Bos deur Dalene Matthee


Make sure to sign up for our 2024 1st semester PERSONAL FINANCE COURSE worth 0.5 credit. Contact Aneen Vernon for further details.


Our 2023 Enrollment season has officially closed. Our next intake for the 2024 academic year will open from 15 January 2024.

We hope our families all enjoy their summer/winter depending on where you are and make wonderful memories with families and friends.

May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Punte-vir-punte 15/10/2023

A wonderful workshop for Gr 8-12 students to attend- take not ONLY PRESENTED IN AFRIKAANS

Punte-vir-punte Punte-vir-punte werkswinkel vir akademiese sukses.


Come and meet us at the Cape Home Educators Expo Stall 13, this Saturday.
Stick around and listen to a panel discussion I am taking part in at 13:00 about High School exit options.

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: 3 Things for creatives to know, do & be in the world of AI. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. 10/10/2023

Our creative students are invited to attend this webinar, make sure to register!

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: 3 Things for creatives to know, do & be in the world of AI. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. Nervous about what AI means for your creative career? Red & Yellow is here to show you what to do to ensure your future is secure. Working and thriving as a creative today means knowing how to add intelligence to your career and learn how AI isn’t here to replace you, but to elevate your skills an...


What homeschooling style fits your family best?

#3 Homeschool Advice: Don’t compare your homeschool to others. I love seeing what works for others. Some homeschoolers do some awesome activities. But implementing those things aren’t always practical or a best fit for my family.

The method or curriculum that works best for one person may not be what your child needs. Some children will be more independent learners and others will need their hand held. Even your own children may progress differently, and comparison is a joy killer. Remember, people don’t post their bad days on social media. And we all have them.

Also, just for fun, where do you fall? We are True Eclectic.



Presented by UFS tomorrow night the 20th September.


An excellent opportunity to get your high schooler University Ready!


We are proud to announce a new opportunity for families enrolled with HLA! In our partnership with UniversityReady, you will be able to subscribe at a discounted rate to have access to year-round guidance and support for your high school students and help as they plan for the future. Get more information at the link below!



Make sure to sign up for the upcoming webinar from our one and only partner in our journey through the American High School Diploma HomeLife Academy.

Join us as we pack our homeschool kits with ideas and tips to survive homeschooling with joy! Some parents seem to be able to just naturally keep up with homemade meals each day, a family schedule, everyone’s assignments, and household cleaning, and then have extra time for family. And then there are the rest of us who need all the help and hints we can get to keep going. Let’s share some survival strategies and encourage each other to keep going!

Click the link below to register.

Easy, Auto-Graded Assessments for Apologia Courses 15/08/2023

Apologia families have you seen their new Auto-Grade option? Have a look at the test option that will auto-grade, it is definitely a time saver. Helping parents to create more time to do other things that matter and assisting students in becoming independent learners - again another great addition to the many options Apologia provides when using their courses!

Easy, Auto-Graded Assessments for Apologia Courses Apologia's AutoGrade+ provides dynamic online testing for Apologia courses with automatic grading, multiple attempts, and grade recording.

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Building An Effective High School Portfolio. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. 07/08/2023

Webinars by our partner school and diploma provider help our parents with valuable insights make sure to register

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Building An Effective High School Portfolio. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. Join Rebecca Sardella, HLA High School Counselor, as she discusses how to build a high school portfolio that showcases your student’s strengths, interests, individuality, and hobbies beyond their academic accomplishments.

Parent Information on CLT – Classic Learning Test 24/07/2023

The Classic Learning Test is creating a new standard for standardized testing. Our suite of exams for 3rd-12th graders is designed to give students a challenging yet fair assessment of their capabilities, all while allowing them to test from the comfort of home.

Many parents need to measure their children's growth between grades 3-8 and the CLT3-6 and CLT8 can do precisely that. Look at how the Classic Learning Test can help parents do that. The CLT10 and CLT are options to use as standardized tests only for students who will be applying to study in the US, as the CLT is not accepted in South Africa as a replacement for the SAT or ACT.

Parent Information on CLT – Classic Learning Test Helpful information for parents of students taking the CLT. Includes test prep info, how to submit scores to colleges, and more.


Oh, the guilt, doubt and feeling like you are failing…join our next webinar and leave the doubt behind.

Parents everywhere are haunted with guilt, telling themselves that they are not good enough or as successful as other homeschoolers. What if I cannot teach my child to read? Am I teaching the right lessons? Is it my fault my child isn’t a perfect little angel? The list goes on. If you have ever found yourself in doubt of your abilities, this webinar is for you. Join Margie Abbitt as she shares encouraging truth to set parents free from guilt.

Register here: https://loom.ly/8gF8JFw



Please use our website to book a consultation and to gather information.
If you need assistance to get started with the Diploma path please book a General Consultation with Kate from 24 July, she will get you ready and also give direction on how to proceed if it is established that you will need planning assistance.
Planning consultations are held with Stephané from 7 Aug again and must be booked through the contact us page as well.



An option to consider if your student will follow the typical SA science curriculum during high school.


Fisiese Wetenskap is eintlik “FUN”!

Juf. OK se videolesse maak die vak 'fun' en eenvoudig en help Graad 9 - 12 leerders om beter te doen in Wetenskap as ‘n vak op skool.

Met Juf. OK se Wetenskap Akademie het jy jou eie Fisiese Wetenskap EKSTRA klas juffrou wat jou sal help in die nuwe kwartaal om jou Wetenskap punte te verbeter!

Die videolesse dek jou hele jaar se Chemie en Fisika temas en kan enige tyd en enige plek gekyk word. Assook meermalige kere.

Wetenskap ekstra klasse was nog nooit so maklik (en FUN) nie!

Vir meer inligting gaan na www.wetenskapakademie.co.za

Photos from Diversio Academy's post 14/06/2023

Learning happens in various ways. A group of youngsters is getting the chance to learn from an electrical technician and a teacher all they need to know to spark their curiosity… no pun intended.


Kristin Moon Science videos to bookmark to assist with your high schoolers science learning.

Here is a resource you can bookmark to aid you in teaching high school science.

Did you know that I have curated YouTube playlists that I’ve created for each of my online classes?

These are the videos I assign my own students that I feel best capture the topics they are learning about.

I’ve vetted all of these videos, so I stand by the science behind them and they aren’t “twaddle”--they make their point as succinctly as possible.

I have playlists for each of the courses I teach: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics/Physical Science.

These playlists are PACKED with hundreds of great videos from awesome content creators, and I’m always adding new videos that I find.

You can find my curated playlists and subscribe to any you find helpful here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZK1y3IaSeJNtlRx_BwGrHA


Wise words from Stark Raving Dad

Every day, countless children wake up and step onto the same well-trodden path. A path etched by societal norms and expectations. A path that winds its way toward a singular definition of success.

We feel comfortable when our children follow this path, and worry when they stray. But our need for comfort, and our aversion to worry, can get in the way of a child’s true journey of self-discovery.

Our children are more than just vessels to be filled, boxes to be checked, outcomes to be evaluated, objects to be moulded. We all know this, but we still find ourselves steering them towards a standardised vision of what it means to be successful. We find ourselves stifling their uniqueness, their creativity, their potential to think and dream beyond the ordinary.

The outcome of that? Children who grow into adults still constrained by those expectations, unsure of who they really are.

If we want to re-write that story then we need to re-learn. We need to put aside the checklists and the scales and the measures and the moulds. We need to replace the well-worn path with open fields where our children can roam, explore, experiment, stumble, get back up, and unearth their true selves.

We need to re-focus childhood to be a time that’s not about sprinting towards a set finish line, but about exploring a wide landscape of possibilities. A time that’s not about matching up to a set of standards, but about finding our unique beat and individual stride. A time that’s not about fitting into the world's limited definition of success, but about creating our own version of it.

Let's tell our children it's okay to tune out the world's clamour and tune in to their inner voice.

Let’s help them discover what success means for them.

And then let’s tell them we believe they can achieve it.

Because, when it’s all said and done, that will be what mattered.


Diversio Academy will be in the Eastern Cape, Jeffrey’s Bay from 16-18 June if anyone wants to meet up for a coffee.


If you didn’t watch the KZN hearings, the home-schoolers did SO well, and represented us proudly!! The baton has now been passed to the Western Cape and it’s our turn. Will you be there???

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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