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I've spent weeks and months trying to figure out what the future of this page is. As someone who's been unemployed since mid-March due to the pandemic; because the entertainment industry...the industry I am a professional in, still remains dark. I am at a point in time in this situation where I cannot do online, virtual fitness classes for free anymore. That said, unless I am able to find a Patreon like subscription service site to move those online, virtual fitness classes to by New Years...then, I'm sorry to say that I will at that time be closing up shop on this page.


Be on the lookout for my Patreon for this page to drop mid to end of October. 💪


I'm so sorry I haven't returned back to doing classes on here yet. One of my real actual jobs in this world is I'm a professional performing aerialist. Between teaching classes a few days a week, staying on top of my own training with it, and finding myself involved with some performance based projects; I've been quite busy in the city of which I live...a situation I am extremely grateful for right now. My plans in moving this forward in giving you content to help you with your own personal fitness goals; will be moving things over to a Patreon or Patreon like platform come late summer / early fall. Until then, please utilize all the previous live workout classes to help you stay on top of your own personal fitness goals. 🕉


I've made the decision to temporarily close Li-Vixx Virtual Fitness Studio (effective immediately) for these next few weeks; as it's getting harder and harder to hold online classes when I often times only have one class participant signing on. On a mental level; that's making it hard to want to continue leading classes. This time we are all going through, also has me very depressed; so my own motivation level...isn't very high most days either. For those of you who have stuck with me since the beginning, I not only thank you; but I am also more than appreciative of all of you. Since I do not want those of you to lose the progress you've made in your personal fitness journeys; I will be offering private personal virtual fitness sessions to people who know me personally. For those who know me personally who are wanting to pursue that option; please get in contact with me to make a mutually agreeable time. This isn't good bye; it's a see you later...I will be making a return with online classes in early August. I just need a little time to re charge. 🕉


I will be temporarily suspending weekend fitness classes until the end of summer. They will be added back in early fall. The trend right now has people getting out and enjoying the weekend, along with activities currently available to everyone outside of their houses that will not be options come fall. Those who are family and or personal friends of mine who still want online virtual fitness instruction during the weekends. Please contact me, and we will make it happen via a private online session on FaceTime and or Facebook Messenger.


If you are a family member of mine; or a personal friend. I am available for private online personal training sessions via video chat platforms like Face Time. Simply reach out to me via private messenger on my personal page, text, or email me so we can set up a mutually agreeable time to work on your fitness goals together. In order to secure your time slot; I will be requiring a donation...sessions will be 45 minutes in length, and must be reserved a minimum of 24 hours before session time with a donation at the time of; as it secures your personal training session time.


This week's class schedule:

Stretching & Flexibility - Monday 6/8/2020 @ 6:00PM-7:00PM EDT

Full Body Workout For Everybody - Wednesday 6/9/2020 @ 6:00PM-6:45PM EDT

Circus / Aerial Arts Conditioning, Flexibility, and Strength Workout - Friday 6/11/2020 @ 6:00PM-7:00PM EDT

Full Body Workout For Everybody - Sunday 6/13/2020 @ 1:30PM-2:15PM EDT

*Classes take place via Facebook Live on the Li-Vixx Virtual Fitness Studio page*

**Classes are complimentary; however, if you're in a financially sound position to make a donation (suggested is $10-$15 per class)..
they are accepted via Venmo and Pay Pal.**


Please note class schedule change! Today's class has been moved to tomorrow afternoon.


I now have two locations you can send donations to...

1. Venmo:

2. PayPal: [email protected]


For class tonight! Make sure you have a railing / wall you can hold onto, and also a sturdy chair; you will need both accessible at the same time for a skill I am introducing.


Just thought I would let everyone know what the fate of Li-Vixx Virtual Fitness Studio is...but let me rewind the tape as to why I started doing this to begin with.

I like millions of others have found themselves unemployed during the COVID-19 Pandemic; I'm a professional aerialist, production assistant, and merch slinger in the entertainment business...the industry I am in is currently seen as non essential during this time. Needless to say I was looking for something to do, and keep myself occupied; so, I started this page...

I've now reached a point in time with this page; where I am going to need to start seeing more people taking classes to keep it going. This is where I do need everyone's help in advertising classes that I am offering; as I am currently doing everything I can on my end doing the same. Help me out by sharing classes I post!

That said, I am not one to give up on things; or quit that easily. As a result, rest assured this page isn't going anywhere; at least anytime classes will still be happening. However, if class participation numbers don't start increasing; and just stay the same. Then this page will be closed come Mid-July.

For those who have attended my classes; I am not only grateful that you have chosen mine out of all the available options out there...I am also extremely appreciative. In addition, I am also extremely gracious and thankful for those of you who have sent me donations as class payment.

As far as a previous announcement I have made in terms of making classes payment based starting next month; I will be postponing that until early July now. Simply because I currently don't have enough participation to negate that kind of system. So, enjoy at least another month and a half of complimentary classes.

On the other hand, if you truly are in a financially sound position during this time; help me out by paying for classes you take by sending me a donation...suggested is $10-15 per class.

All of this said, thank you for your continued support and class participation.

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