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Operating as usual

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 14/06/2024

We came, we saw, we Ozarked. ✨

That’s a wrap on family vacation 2024 and I had a blast!

Our family stayed near Camdenton and here are some of my favorites for the week:
1. Losing to my entire family in mini golf at Pirate’s Cove
2. Renting a pontoon boat (and I even got to drive)
3. Eating lunch in a cave which we accessed via boat!
4. Visiting the castle ruins at Ha Ha Tonka State Park
5. Floating by the dock on the lake with my mom and sister
6. Spotting all the wildlife! (deer, foxes, skinks, turtles, muskrats, snakes, and more)
7. Soaking up the sun 🤩 (minus the major sunburn I have now)

If you ever want a fun, low key vacation this place is it!

Now that our 2024 vacation is over, does any one have ideas for 2025? 🤔
^ We try to stay within 10 hours of Indiana so we can drive.

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 18/05/2024

✨ Peony Flower Festival ✨

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 09/04/2024

✨ Meet Winston ✨

Yes! I still have Norman, he just got a new BFF!

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 08/04/2024

I’m glad the sun decided to take a nap so I could get a 3 day weekend 🌑🌞

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 01/03/2024

This teacher is taking a teacher social media break for the month of March! I will see you all in April! 🩷✨

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 23/02/2024

Spilling the Tea since 1773

By far the best t shirt purchase I have ever made ✨


That’s what 7 hours with 20 kids will do to ya 😂

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 05/02/2024

Beyond thrilled to share the joy of student authorship with Studentreasures Publishing!📚 As an educator, the excitement of creating a book with my students is unmatched! The pictures are adorable, stories are hilarious, and the book quality is phenomenal, and watching my students light up as they hold their published work is priceless🎉 Added bonus? The publishing kit and teacher classroom copy are FREE! Cheers to creativity and the unique experience Studentreasures Publishing brings to the classroom!🥳


This teacher is T.I.R.E.D!
I wore my smiley face shirt today to contrast how I feel 😂


Happy Sunday everyone! ✨

I just wanted to share a little love today and let you know that you are AMAZING and are fearfully and wonderfully made! 🩷

I don’t talk about faith a lot on here but God is a very important person in my life! As a Christian and educator it can be difficult to find ways to share Jesus’ love in the classroom since we can’t speak his name.

I’ve learned that we should never have to say Jesus’ name to let people know we are Christians. The love, joy, and kindness should pour from us through our words and actions.

In the classroom this looks like granting grace, giving love when students have none, and reminding yourself that teaching is your mission from God!

We all have a unique purpose in life and mine is helping the next generation grow up more kind — one kid at a time!

Thanks for the adorable pink sweatshirt that I will be able to wear in my classroom! 🩷

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 22/01/2024

Quote of the year: “It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.” 🙃

What’s your favorite quote? 🤔

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 10/01/2024

Shaking off stereotypes like chalk dust – teaching is about growth, not babysitting. ✨

Spill the tea! What’s the wildest comment someone’s dropped about you being a teacher? 🤔

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 08/01/2024

Someone teach me how to use the .5 lens because all I did was give myself skinny little chicken legs 🙃😅


Highlight: I listened to a REALLY good podcast about and her God story of him “custom making” her husband! It is a PHENOMENAL story and showcases how God can work miracles if we trust him! 🩷✨

Low Point: My students are DIBELS testing (required tests to see where my students are academically) and they are not scoring as well and I hoped. My students are showing improvement but I have a very academically challenged class as a whole and it’s tough to know they aren’t “up to par” as the state would say.

Share your high and low from the day in the comments below!

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 01/12/2023

✨ If Teachers had a Spotify Wrapped ✨

Which one do you relate to the most? 🤔

Tag a friend who would get a laugh out of these or share your favorite slide to your story! 🥰🩷

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 27/11/2023

The one where my mom comes to school 🩷✨


The day before break means lots of craftivities! ✨

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 29/10/2023

I love this season to its core* 😉

*get it, core —- like an apple

Don’t worry, I’ll cancel my stand up comedy audition 😂

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 14/10/2023

Zoo Boo 🎃

I am enjoying a nice and relaxing fall break!

Hoping your weekend is just as amazing! 🩷✨


Don’t mind me just casually CRUSHING all of my students in Blooket today 😂✨

Teachers! If you ever get the chance to play Blooket with your kiddos, do it! It really hypes them up and makes the competition so much better!

My students loved it ☺️



On a scale of 1-10 how was your week? 🤔

My week was a solid 8! I am definitely “teacher tired” but am really enjoying my new school! The students, my co-workers, and everyone is just so amazing! We had a few hiccups this week but that’s to be expected! No “Sunday Scaries” for this teacher 😉

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 04/09/2023

The most ✨magical✨ weekend!

I am exhausted and not ready to teach tomorrow — but I am glad to be home! 🥰

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 17/08/2023

I am so excited to talk to you today about ClassTag!

ClassTag is the only parent communication application I have used in my classroom. Since my first day teaching I’ve relied on ClassTag to have my back when messaging and updating parents about the in’s and out’s of what’s going on in our classroom.

ClassTag has NEVER failed and has streamlined my communication process altogether! With options for parent interaction on photo / video updates it really helps grow our classroom community!

I can effortlessly send messages, share updates, and schedule events in a matter of minutes. More time for teaching, less time for administrative tasks!

I’ve found that even the most difficult parents to reach respond well to ClassTag. Why? Maybe it’s the option to get updates sent straight to your texts or email, no app needed!

Signing up for ClassTag as easy as creating your FREE account through the link in my bio. Let's make teaching the true star of the show! 🤩✨

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 16/08/2023

Not to brag but my teacher voice is good enough to make the class next door quiet down. 😂

Just kidding! I haven’t had to raise my voice or ANYTHING this year! My students might be professional talkers BUT their behavior is PHENOMENAL!

I am loving every second at my new school! So many great days ahead 🥳

How are things going for you this week?! 🤔


✨ Let’s Grow Together ✨


✨ 1st Grade here I come ✨

I am beyond thrilled to be making this transition and can’t wait to start the school year!

Switching grades and schools was NOT in the plan 5 days before school started BUT an opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t say no!

Send me all your 1st grade tips 😁🙌🏼


Only 2 more Fri-yay’s until school starts! ✨

Bittersweet as it’s been one of the best summers EVER, but I am ready to meet my new students! 🥰

Earrings are from SHEIN for those who are curious 😉

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 24/07/2023

✨ Pittsburgh on Film ✨

I know that this isn’t my usual content but I wanted to share with you a few photos from my family trip to Pittsburgh last week!

One of my hobbies is photography and I’m so excited that these photos turned out well on my new film camera 😍

My family had so much fun navigating public transportation, exploring new places, and trying delicious cuisine! 😋

What is your favorite hobby? 🤔

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 30/06/2023

✨ Charlotte, North Carolina ✨

Our trip started by arriving to a hotel that was NOT great. After my mom pulling a total “Karen” we got things figured out and ended up in a cleaner hotel!

Since that whole debacle we’ve enjoyed some delicious food, sea life, mini golf, and dipped our toes in Lake Norman.

I love road trips and exploring new places with those I love! I’m glad I’ve been able to spend these past few days in North Carolina with my mom! ☺️❤️

Photos from Taylor Tackles Teaching's post 11/06/2023

✨ Vacation photo dump ✨

My family and I had a MARVELOUS week in Tennessee!

We stayed at the most adorable Airbnb in Columbia and did a lot of hiking and sight seeing.

We visited Nashville, got on stage at Tootsie’s, ate our weight in food, and enjoyed some much needed relaxation!

My favorite part of vacation was finding songs on Spotify with our names in the title! 10/10 recommend! 😁

I enjoyed all of your recommendations this week and am not looking forward to venturing back into the real world —- I am however excited to see my dog! ✨


Hello! I hope you are having a ✨Funtastic Friday✨

I’ve been having a marvelous time this week in Tennessee hiking and enjoying time with my family!

I just really wanted to share this photo with you because I think it’s hilarious 😁

10/10 recommend taking a photo of yourself with your back camera using the .5 zoom! 😂

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