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Matt Mulcahy Yoga

Brisbane-based yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. Teaching online and publi

I create educational and accessible teachings to support the physical and mental wellbeing of my students. My practical and down-to-earth approach to yoga brings together traditional teachings in a modern context, providing a platform of self-discovery and learning. I specialise in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, where I blend principles of alignment, strength and mindfulness, allowing my students t

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The science of rest is clear, and the more we learn about the slumbering brain, the more we realise how important sleep, rest and downtime is. Yoga Nidra is a potent sleep medicine, designed to evoke a complete nervous system reset, and a practice I offer in-person every 2 months.

Yoga Nidra: an evening of conscious sleep and deep relaxation.
Sunday 22 May
Inna Bliss Yoga Bulimba

Join me for a journey towards cosmic sleep 🌙 It's a great way to end the week and set yourself up for the following.

Photo credit: Unsplash


One of the cornerstones of modern yoga is the action of ‘Chaturanga’ or ‘the Vinyasa’ (High-Low Plank, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog). This motion is often over-performed and misunderstood, and for good reason, it’s challenging to execute well.

If you've never actually been taught HOW to do Chaturanga, then I've a workshop for you... and if you think you've nailed it, come along to refine your technique.

All styles of yoga are built around integrity, but we're human and humans get sloppy and experience fatigue. None more so than "taking that extra Vinyasa before Savasana because why not".

Without consideration of correct technique, principles of strength, moving with control, we lose the ability to practice with integrity.

Join me Saturday 23 April at Inna Bliss Yoga Bulimba and you will:

• Learn the role of the shoulders, core and spine in creating a sustainable Chaturanga practice

• Understand the importance of taking different forms of Vinyasa and backbends

• Apply Chaturanga techniques to arm balances and transitions

You won’t be practicing Chaturanga for two hours, because I'd rather not shred your shoulders. What you will explore is the HOW'S and WHY's of this pose / transition, leaving you with skills to practice with greater detail, precision and awareness.

Book directly with Inna Bliss Yoga, event info below:


To those who've echoed "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" clearly haven't met my Chair Yoga champions. With ages between 65 and 86 - (yes... 86) - for the past 6 months I've been hosting a weekly Chair Yoga class at a retirement village in Brisbane. In it we explore the concepts of mobility, flexibility, vitality and how we can live better in the body we're in. There are also PLENTY of laughs because yoga, movement and meditation is enjoyable.

They are the most genuine, curious and up-for-it students I've had the pleasure of teaching over my 5 year career, and it's the highlight of my work week.

It proves that yoga can be done anywhere, anytime. You don't need the latest yoga mat, infrared panels or apparel that's the price of a weekend away. You need an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to learn. If you're new to it but always been curious, what's stopping you?

See you on the mat / chair!


Trawling through old travel photos, thinking of how much I'd like to return to parts of the world I miss... all in good time. I love this photo for a few reasons, it was taken in 2017 mid-way through my first teacher training in Goa, and it's also a pose that I hold close, particularly when I exit Wheel pose. It's difficult not to get caught in sudden residue that ligers in those moments after, it’s my favourite part of it, the here, the now. I think the extension of the spine has that innate knack.

The way I teach backbends has really developed over the years, less about depth and more about function, integrity, form. It's a balancing act, finding the right measures of flexibility with the ability to hold it all together. Delving into this a bit over the week and probably into the following week.

7pm Inna Bliss Yoga Camp Hill

5.30pm + 6.30pm Bodhi Yoga Studio
*8-week series here at Milton

5.30pm Bodhi Yoga Studio

6am Inna Bliss Yoga Bulimba
4.30pm (AEST) / 7.30am (BST)
*Online yoga via me

9.30am Inna Bliss Yoga Bulimba

6pm (AEST) / 9am (BST)
*online via me

If you can't practice with me online live or in-person, I've got heaps of on-demand practices on my website. 7-day FREE TRIAL for new members, no commitment, no worries.

For online live classes, bookings on my website.


I'm often asked how I sequence for my classes. In reality, my teaching is a reflection of my practice. I'm not really a "teach for the seasons / elements" kinda guy, though it has its place, but I'm more driven by the revelations of my own practice as well as the content I'm learning in my own education (both in yoga and exercise physiology).

Many of you know I teach in blocks of 4-5 classes around a central theme, often physical but complemented by a philosophical tenet of this discipline. The inspiration for these usually comes from time on my mat, exploring movement patterns, asking "why" we do things, building new ways of doing other things etc. This way, I'm able to develop continuity within my own teaching which often translates to my students' practice. Course, there's loads of ways to approach teaching, this way just works best for me.

Lately, I'm exploring the joys of lateral flexion in the spine aka: side-bending. It feels so damn good, and the possibilities are plentiful in how we can incorporate this into familiar poses/patterns.

This mini movement session was filmed at Inna Bliss Yoga in Bulimba. I teach here Thursday mornings, plus a new class on Fridays at 9.30am starting tomorrow. You can book via their website. If you can't practice with me in-person, then you can online. Visit my website below to find out how.


Hey Brisbane. Sad news to hear about ANOTHER lockdown.

If you're new to my online platform, take advantage of my FREE 7-DAY TRIAL. It's a bummer studios have to close, but this is also a great opportunity to develop your home practice. There's heaps of stuff on my website including:

⚡️40+ on-demand classes, from 10min - 2 hours
⚡️Practices ranging from Vinyasa, Restorative, functional yoga (and everything in between)
⚡️Live Zoom classes - there's one this weekend
⚡️No lock-in contract

I'll be teaching online live from my home studio tomorrow, Sunday 1 August. Come say hey 👋

6pm (AEST) / 9am (BST) / 10am (CET)

Visit my website for all the details on signing up.

Stay safe Brissie, see you on the other side.



Excited to add another class to my growing teaching Brisbane schedule.

Join me at Inna Bliss Yoga's Camp Hill space Monday nights at 7pm. Starting 19 July!

Get ready to move with .matt Monday nights 7pm at our Camp Hill studio.

Our Slow Flow classes are taken at a slower pace then our Vinyasa classes, offering a practice and pace that allows you to go deeper by moving mindfully and purposefully.

This class is open for all levels, from beginners through to the seasoned yogi.

Meet Matt on the Mat next Monday evening. 🙌🏻


Which Side Plank is your favourite? 🧐

For many of us, Vasisthasana (Side Plank) is the introduction to the world of arm balances, though it’s not uncommon to advance quickly to more visually striking poses like Bakasana (Crow) and its variations.

The foundations of Vasisthasana are rooted in shoulder stability, mental focus and embracing balance as ever-changing and not stagnant. From there, its possibilities are plenty.

Finding and keeping balance in life is sometimes tricky. With so many distractions in a world that, especially lately, seem to conspire against us, it's easy to be thrown off course. Yet, it is important to remember that when we stay focussed, we have free will on how we navigate the inevitable challenges that lay ahead.

I believe all yoga practices, but especially postures relating to balance, embodies this notion. For the next month or so I'll be unpacking the possibilities of this pose group. I hope you'll join me.

These shots were taken at the lovely Inna Bliss Yoga in Bulimba. You can catch me teaching there at 6am every Thursday, and 7pm Monday at their Camp Hill space, starting 19 July.

Can't practice with me in-person?

Practice on your terms, on-demand and live online. Head over to my website for your FREE 7-day trial.


Now that Brisbane's mini-lockdown has come to an end, I'm looking forward to getting out for a bushwalk, one of my favourite things to do in South East Queensland to blow away the cobwebs and arrive home refreshed.

Once I return home tomorrow, I'll be gearing up for my final class of the week. Online live, all welcome, would love to see you. Details below.

Sunday 4 July
6pm (AEST) / 9am (BST)



LOCKDOWN 5.0 - here we go again.

It's like a well-oiled machine, been around the block a few times, knows the roads. This is my 5th lockdown since the pandemic began, so especially if you're in Brisbane, or most of the Australian capital cities, or abroad, or in space (maybe) 🛸… you can practice with me from home. Revised schedule below, all classes are online.

6pm via Bodhi Yoga Studio

6pm via Bodhi Yoga Studio

4.30pm (AEST) / 7.30am (BST) via Zoom with me

6pm (AEST) / 9am (BST) via Zoom with me

Bookings for ALL classes can be found via my website.

Stay safe, wear a mask, book your vaccination x


Hey Facebook! 👋

If you come along to a class this week, we'll continue to circumnavigate the hips with a focus on the glutes.

Everytime we walk, sit down, run, come into a backbend, that "push off" action is the glutes firing.

Like this photo, it's like a plank hamstring curl with the intent of firming the buttocks. This, and much more, is what we'll look into throughout the week.

If we look beneath the physical layer, we can use this practice to address a place in your life where you might really need to push through, to create space there, perhaps space for change or acceptance. I'll be at these places throughout the week.

9.30am Inna Bliss Yoga (Camp Hill)

5.30pm Bodhi Yoga Studio

6am Inna Bliss Yoga (Bulimba)
7.30am (BST) / 4.30pm (AEST) online yoga via me

9am (BST) / 6pm (AEST) online yoga via me

Can't join me for an IRL or online class? My on-demand platform has 30+ classes to choose from, practice anywhere, anytime, on your terms. Sign up for a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL.

Booking info for all classes can be found in the link below.

Photos from Matt Mulcahy Yoga's post 20/06/2021

VERY EXCITED to be joining the teaching team at Inna Bliss Yoga. Last week I wrote a post about community, the reality of teaching yoga and (for me at least), the importance of being part of something. Inna Bliss embodies that, and it felt like home when I visited, I mean look at that space.

I'll be teaching at their space in Bulimba every Thursday at 6am, starting THIS WEEK. Yes, it's early - but actually the hardest part is getting out of bed and landing your butt on the mat, from there on out it's a straight up Vinyasa practice.

Lucky I'm an early bird, those 5.30am mid-winter London starts paved the way I think, but I'll happily swap them for a Brisbane "winter" 😙

More info about my schedule as it builds on my website.


For me part of becoming a yoga teacher, and indeed all of my past jobs, was to be part of a community. I was scrolling through old photos this week and came across this one. All studios I was a part of in London offered me a sense of belonging, whether it be teacher buddies or friendly students, because teaching yoga as a profession can be lonely.

Moving home to Australia was definitely the right choice, but I'll admit I've been feeling a little disconnected lately. I do miss being greeted with smiles, the laughter mid-way through class, the shenanigans, sometimes the tears, the feeling of "cup full" that comes with being a part of a community with shared values. Online yoga, to a degree, provides this. But you'll agree, it's not quite the same - nor should it be.

That's why I'm really happy to be joining the teaching team at Bodhi Yoga Studio. It's such a friendly space with equally friendly faces, and after a month's worth of classes, I already feel like home.

If you're in Brisbane, join me:

every WEDNESDAY, 5.30pm | Flow + Restore

Another permanent class will be added to my Brisbane schedule next week in Bulimba, excited to share this with you shortly.

If you can't join me in-person, join me live online. This week there's two chances! Outer hip strengthening stuff, using resistance from the floor and our own body to build resilience.

🙌 THURSDAY 7.30am (BST) / 4.30pm (AEST)
🙌 SUNDAY 9am (BST) / 6pm (AEST)

Online live classes can be booked direct via my website.

Photo taken at the gorgeous Battersea Yoga in 2019!

Photos from Matt Mulcahy Yoga's post 04/06/2021

I'm back baby! I know I've been a little quiet lately, but I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you.

Today I've launched a new website that includes an ON-DEMAND library of classes, a new ONLINE-LIVE schedule and info on how to practice with me IN-PERSON in Brisbane.

The silver lining of the past 14 months is the chance to remain connected to all of you, and even from my home in Brisbane, I'm committed to providing high-quality and educational classes to support your practice. Take a look below...


🌎 30+ growing on-demand library of practices, with new content added weekly
🌎 varying styles and durations, from 10min meditations to full-length Vinyasa classes to yoga Nidra practices AND HEAPS MORE!
🌎 choose from 5 collections (full length, short-on-time, restful & restorative, tutorials & workshops, Zoom live replays) - plus filters to narrow your search, there's a practice to suit whatever your needs
🌎 a new online Zoom schedule, starts this Sunday (6 June)
🌎 flexible membership packages. Pay monthly or drop-in when you're free, you choose
🌎 automation. Goodbye Paypal/bank transfers, hello "login once and you're done"

💫 check my website out for all the info, link below
💫 if you're on my newsletter list, there's a free trial + discount options, check your inboxes (or PM me to get on that list, and to get discounted access)
💫 my on-demand library + live online classes are hosted by Ribbon which can be accessed direct from my website

My ultimate aim is to provide you with educational teachings to support your home practice. Shout out to Sarah (Brightfeather Studio) for doing an epic job creating my new website.

My first online live class starts this weekend.

9am (BST) / 6pm (AEST)
Sunday Wake Up & Flow (All Levels)

Would love to see you.

That's about it for now, I realise it's a long post and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Thank you so much for your patience over the last few months. I'm excited to share this next step of my teaching career with you all and hope you will join me for it. Any questions, give me a shout. With love x


Now that I've got your attention! I'm currently teaching a 2-part class series that features a strong, complete Vinyasa practice that doesn't include Chaturanga at all. Not even one. If you'd said that to me 5 years ago, I'd have politely screamed in my head and considered leaving the class. These days, I'm a bit more open minded.

But in all seriousness, hear me out. I'm not here to demonise the pose or the transition, there's nothing wrong with it and it absolutely has a place within practice. My agenda is to challenge the qualities surrounding it, particularly the frequency at which it's performed during a flow-based class. Because let's face it, it's done A LOT. And let's be honest, at times we get sloppy, especially as we fatigue. We lack integrity in its ex*****on and that ain't yoga. How many times do you take that Vinyasa when the teacher says "aaaaaand Vinyasa"?

As yoga practitioners we have a few roles, one is a critical thinker / inquiry-led. Therefore, let's question things. WHY am I doing 187 Chaturangas in class. Is that adding value for my body, my practice, being a better person? Probably not. If we only do one thing, we're robbed of the opportunity to explore other sequencing possibilities. When we stay in our comfort zone, we run the risk of getting stuck in a rut. Unfortunately, yoga is no exception to that rule. The more variety we offer ourselves, the more adaptable we become. The more adaptable we become, the better we can build resilience. This in turn helps to navigate the challenges of modern life. It's like one big circle.

Over the next few weeks, expect some 30 minute Chaturanga-free practices on my podcast, but if you want an hour of it, jump online and we'll do it together.

Ep. 26 - Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep - Yoga with Matt 13/01/2021

I realise I've been a little quiet on the Facebook front lately, but I'm still about 👋

Thought I'd share with you my latest podcast episode: "Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep". If you're unfamiliar with yoga Nidra, it's the sweet spot between being awake and being asleep. Think of it as the *ultimate* power nap, which isn't too far a stretch given research suggests a 30 minute Nidra practice can be the equivalent to 2-4 hours of sleep.

Yoga Nidra is proven to help better sleep rhythms and manage anxiety - which at present, is common place for a lot of us. So before you drift off, why not dim the lights, throw over a blanket, get cosy and enjoy this meditative practice 😴

Ep. 26 - Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep - Yoga with Matt A 35 minute yoga Nidra practice to induce relaxation for deep rest and sleep.


I used to live in the camp of when I heard the word "core", I instantly thought of the most visible part, the abdominals. Thinking that was it, here's me doing loads of "core crunches", Boat poses and all that general fitness stuff. Even under the layer of cake belly, I knew there were abs in there somewhere.

This approach is not wrong, and in fact that front part of the core is important, but it only paints part of the picture. In fact, the core is more like a cylinder, or 3-dimensional, and when the container of these muscles work harmoniously, we're supported in daily life, movement, exercise, posture and breathing. Yoga can offer a gateway to engage each section in a balanced way.

From a personal level, since residing to the concept that the core is 360 degrees and a "container of support", my personal practice and teaching has shifted to reflect this. It's helped me with SI-pain management (and prevention), plus opened up a curious minefield of how I can engage the entirety of my core in creative, subtle, dynamic and compassionate ways. It's limitless and can be woven into your own practice, from reclined restorative positions to inversions.

Join me this weekend (Sunday 1 November) and we'll get stuck into this, I'm excited to share with you a part of the yoga discipline that can be impactful and supportive in ways that go so much further than abdominal "crunches". In-person at yogahaven London (Clapham) + live-streamed via Zoom. 1pm - 3pm.

Photos from Matt Mulcahy Yoga's post 13/10/2020

A top 5 snaps from last weekend's yoga retreat in the glorious Hampshire countryside. Blessed with great weather, an even greater bunch of people and the chance to delve deeper into the practice whilst building new connections with friendly folk, I've definitely returned on a high.

A big thanks to my pal Em Thomson Yoga for co-teaching, I think we make a good team when it comes to sharing our passion for yoga and teaching. A big shout out to Ochre Seagrim who never ceases to amaze me with her many talents, but particularly her ability to make such delicious food that gets rave reviews from every single person.

We're back again in January 2021 for one last retreat together. It's just about fully booked, but you can nap the last few spaces by getting in touch or visiting the link below. It's a great weekend of yoga, slowing down in the countryside, decent grub, heaps of laughs and a chance to get away from it all and reconnect with yourself and others.


I love Sun Salutations because there are infinite ways you can mix them up, depending on what you need in any given practice. If I've got an early class, I'll aim to practice for 20-30 minutes comprised mostly of salutations and a few standing postures - getting me geared up for a morning of teaching.

This short type of practice is specific, to-the-point and dynamic, but it's never rushed. In fact, controlled and skilful movements can help to cultivate strength, stamina and mental resilience. This is exactly what my latest podcast episode - "Strengthening Salutations" - aims to achieve.

It's 30 minutes, to-the-point and no faff. You'll explore different takes on 4 versions of Sun Salutations, designed to strengthen the entire body, from shoulders to spine to hip joint. It's available to practice via Spotify , Apple & Google podcasts, plus my website, see the link below.


On the weekend I experimented with turning off all my devices for 24 hours, it was a success and really refreshing, next time I will definitely aim for 48 hours. Was nice to live in the moment a bit more. Thanks to a friend of mine for documenting this lovely sunset in Hammersmith during that time.

Classes as per this week, focussing on the inner compartment of the hip joint, the relationship that has with our "core" and what the term "drawing into the midline" actually means. Reach out to book onto my own live-stream classes. For studio classes (most are live-streamed), get in touch with them.

6pm @ live-stream via me

8am Battersea Yoga
6pm Lost in Yoga

6pm @ live-stream via me

10am yogahaven London (Clapham)

8.30am yogahaven London (Clapham)
10.45am Lost in Yoga

11am Battersea Yoga


For those of you who practiced with me during lockdown, you'll know my entire operation was out of my small bedroom in London. My lockdown experience was less than ideal, as I practiced, taught, worked, slept and rested in that space for 4 months. I was keen to create YouTube content but that just wasn't feasible. Instead, I toyed with the idea of creating a practice podcast, and for a while there I was making some leeway, but difficult living circumstances meant my mental health took a bit of a battering and I lost my mojo.

That mojo has since returned, and after learning how to use Garageband, a bit of coding and not get too off-put by editing the sound of my own voice (honestly it makes me cringe), that practice podcast is LIVE and WAITING FOR YOU. "Yoga with Matt" is an accessible and on-demand podcast featuring audio practices, from full-length live classes to short and specific for when you're limited on time - because let's face it, we don't all have time for 60+ minute practices.

These audio lessons are a reflection of both my teaching and own practice. I'll admit I don't always have time for an hour of yoga each day, but I aim to fit at least something in daily, even if that's 15 minutes of ankle mobility or legs up the wall or a few sun salutations. My aim for this podcast is to offer diverse practices for all occasions. This resource is available to you ON-DEMAND on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and via my website. Best way to keep up to date with new practices is to subscribe. If you enjoy it and think others will too, then tell your mates and get them involved.

Please let me know feedback, thoughts and suggestions for practices. The last 4/5 months have been a rough ride, emotionally and mentally, for me and many others. As I surface from navigating those challenges, my role to serve, to teach and to educate has been made clear. Beyond teaching online and in-studios, I want to increase my digital offering and share with you how I use yoga daily to navigate life's ups and downs. Link below and do enjoy 😚

Timeline photos 09/08/2020

Catch me every Wednesday & Sunday morning at Battersea Yoga for practice 🧘

It's a gem of a space, tucked around the corner from the park and doesn't feel like you're in central London - a rare treat. There's always laughs and chats afterwards, the students and teachers are solid crew - holds a special place in my heart 🌈

If you want to hang out upside down with .matt why not try his Dynamic Hatha classes today!?⁠

📅 Sundays 11am⁠
📅 Wednesdays at 8am.⁠

Classes in Studio and Online⁠
📍Book in our website or link in Bio


Kew Gardens seems to be the right place for a Warrior II, it's one of my favourite things to do in London. There's always something new to discover, and each season offers a difference perspective. In ways, just like a yoga practice - always evolving and in a state of regular change.

On the topic of new discoveries, I have a BRAND NEW TEACHING SCHEDULE, starting tonight. It will combine in-studio and my own live-stream classes.

As always, you can expect a mindfully thought out Vinyasa-based sequence, options for all levels and a chance to sit before and after asana practice. It's been a joy seeing familiar faces over the last few weeks at my usual haunts as well as online, so keep it up and see ya soon 💗

6pm (book via me)

8am Battersea Yoga
6pm Lost in Yoga

6pm (book via me)

10am yogahaven London (Clapham)

8.30am yogahaven London (Clapham)
10.45am Lost in Yoga

11am Battersea Yoga


Devon, you lil beauty. First decent stint outta London for 6 months and boy did the rugged south west deliver. As an urban dweller, getting out and about in nature is as important to my well-being as a regular yoga practice. This photo was taken in Dartmoor National Park.

Classes resume this weekend at yogahaven London (Clapham), Lost in Yoga and Battersea Yoga and I'm looking forward to teaching. All classes will be live-streamed from the studio. Full details on my website. Hope to see you in-person or online.

Photos from Matt Mulcahy Yoga's post 25/07/2020

A little about today...

After nearly 5 months of doors closed, some yoga studios are opening. I know your feed is probably awash with "OMG I'm teaching in-person again" but it's a pretty big moment in 2020's narrative.

I was pretty nervous this morning - not because I don't know how to teach people in front of me, but because this is new territory for all of us. Stoked it went smoothly and thanks for those who tuned in online and in-person. Some of you in the studio this morning spoke of the importance of "community" and the feeling part of something collective - a shared yoga practice offers this. For now, we adapt to the needs of ourselves and others when it comes to choosing to step back into studio life, but it really was a blessing seeing so many familiar faces today.

Timeline photos 22/07/2020

yogahaven London is re-opening their doors this Saturday, and I've the pleasure of teaching the first class in over 4 months at the Clapham studio (and also my first in-studio class).

Join me at 8.30am for Strengthening Flow. If you're unable to join in the physical space, no worries - it'll be streamed online, like all their classes for the foreseeable. Those of you joining me in person, follow the guidelines, look out for each other and use common sense. Bookings ESSENTIAL.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon, can't wait 🌈

Our studios are reopening on the 25th July!! 🙌

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we’re ready, and we can’t wait to welcome you back!🤸💓

Stay tuned for more info on our timetable, and procedures and processes that are in place to keep everyone safe 🙏⭐️

A HUGE thank you for your continued support and patience 💫


Some news, some changes. As the yoga studios I teach for in London prepare to open, with it comes changes to my weekly teaching schedule.

All the info in my latest newsletter. DM me if you'd like me to add you to my mailing list. If you're ready to come back to a physical practice space, I'm looking forward to welcoming you 😘


If you need a chuckle this morning 😂

Blue skies, yoga events + a springtime recipe 19/04/2020

Blue sky reflections, my online yoga schedule and a tasty springtime recipe. All of that plus more in my newsletter. DM me your email to be added to my mailing list.

Here's a quick round up of my teaching schedule going forward, all via ZOOM 🚀

THURSDAY | 8.15am + 6pm
FRIDAY | 5.30pm

Plus weekend classes with yogahaven London, Lost in Yoga + Battersea Yoga.

Blue skies, yoga events + a springtime recipe

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