AA Visiting School Toronto

AA Visiting School Toronto

The AAVS_Toronto proposes a research agenda with support from the AUTODESK TECHNOLOGY CENTERS, to be


This summer, the Architectural Association (AA) will be conducting a fully digital 10-day workshop (August 16 - 29, 2021) sponsored by Autodesk Technology Centres in Boston and Toronto. The initiative is part of the AA’s Visiting School Programme where we collaborate with institutions across the world to share the AA’s design culture and research methodologies with like-minded professionals outside of the AA community.

The Visiting School will use computational tooling techniques to simulate the generative models found in nature as a new approach to designing, modelling, and fabricating furniture and products. Students will learn how to simulate optimum load paths, refine their design, and fabricate furniture-scale products using 3D printers. The advantages of integrating such models include reducing material in design, analytical models capable of calculating performance, and novel techniques of fabricating highly complex geometries.

We are making a great effort to cater the programme so that our attendees will gain knowledge that is highly applicable in their professional career.

Furthermore, we have the privilege of being able to use the digital fabrication tools at the Toronto and Boston Autodesk Technology Centres, which will teach architects how these could potentially become a part of their practice. Students will have access to these facilities remotely and can work with an Autodesk professional to fabricate their design output.

Our Visiting School tutors are more than competent in this area and will be joining us from MIT, the Architectural Association and University of Waterloo.

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