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Started stickering my school laptop. I love these from and


We've been learning about nouns and verbs over here in 1st grade! The class made a huge list of them so we could make this rainbow. Verbs are in red, orange, and yellow. Nouns are in green, blue, and purple.


Classroom Organization Idea:
1. Put standards on 3x5 cards into photo keepers
2. Write which assignments, activities, and lessons cover that standard on the back of the card


I got these photo keepers from Michael's for $15 (normally $42)! I just finished putting these standards boxes together! I wrote down all the standards for 1st grade on a 3x5 card. I also included the cross-curricular standards that can go along with each one. Once I'm in my classroom, starting in January, I plan to write which lessons, worksheets, or activities are connected to each standard on the other side of the card.
What do you use these boxes for?
What strategies do you use to stay organized??

Photos from Hedger Heuristics's post 23/11/2020

Mystery Learner got an upgrade!
Mystery Learner is a wonderful concept that motivates students to participate, focus, and put forth their best effort. I used it in a fourth grade classroom this past trimester but it could really be used in any grade! Another great thing is it can be used in any model - face to face, virtual, hybrid, etc.!
To use:
✔Whole-class reward options are chosen and given a space on the poster. Here I chose lunch with the teacher, virtual field trip (thanks 2020), show & tell, and theme day.
✔A random student (I went old-school and used popsicle sticks, but you could use a name generator online) is chosen at the beginning of the day - I intentionally made this a witnessed task so that students were gently reminded of the ordeal.
✔If the chosen student was participatory, focused, etc. then (s)he was allowed to place a vote towards a class reward. I used sticky notes with their names so the poster could be used over and over.
✔If the student was NOT exhibiting the qualities of an active learner, the class was told that we would try again tomorrow - never call the student out!
*if in general that class was well-behaved but your mystery learner was not, you can always say it was someone who WAS exhibiting desired behavior - no one will know that you've chosen someone else!
✔When one option reaches 20 votes, the entire class wins that reward!!
What positive reinforcement do you use in your classroom??

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