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Crypto TA request by:
Zick, Aril and zalfredosz


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one of the reason why BTC drop

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Crypto Review Request - HELP LIKE AND SHARE PLS..
Feb 2 2022


1. FTT
2. ETH

Happy CNY heng ah ong ah huat ah


Let's Talk About recent BTC drop - 6 Jan 2022


(Help Share) XRP and BTC Buy point and Tips - Should i buy now? what is the entry point? when should i buy? lets discuss there, will give tips.

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Bullish signal coming?
let's see how these few days.
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credits TradingShot


How to spot moon signal and bear signal. (theory only)
this only with 60-70% accuracy.. overall still need to see a lot of factors.
Pls dun simply hamtam when u saw this kind of pattern come out..

credits: pejman_zwin from tradingview
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Where are the perfect buy points and correct support/resistance?
How to buy and where to buy? all answers here..
This review is as of 27 Nov 2021.

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Crypto review of
2. Bake/USDT
2. Sand/USDT
3. Gala/USDT

Help SHare this video.. It motivates us to make more videos like this..

Thanks to requestor of this review:
R2ZA, Maseng, SMF

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Anyone wants to review their crypto..? 📢**limited Only 3 coins... *
I will release them on mon
1. LTC
2. Matic
3. VLX (Velas)
📢limited Only 3 coins... ***1st come 1st serve

as requested.. here's guys support point and resistance,
the answer is there folo it pandai pandai..

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forecast BTC will drop today the white circle area if today candle (day chart) close below EMA50 line..

Should see support at 52.6k area ..
price should stop dropping and decide its direction around this area at 54-52k. if support cannot hold then direct see 40k. area already.

jus personal opinion, not trading tips.. please trade with caution.

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Oct 27 vs Oct 29
reach support bounce up.. no buy rugi only..

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Understand candlestick..


(Closed and all answerd) Will Review your crypto..
Leave on comment section 1 person each.
Will Closing after 5 people.

Review include technical entry point and free technical chart drawing


ETH/USDT - Long Position short term only FIFO
BTC reach 48k resistance already the risk is very high

TP1: $3448
TP2: Wait tp1 reach 1st will update here.
Rmb to like n follow

Technical Entry: $3165, 2950
C/L: 3020 or trendline broken RUN for life
Risk&Reward Ratio:1.82

will expired after support broken or resistance reach.

Durian Crypto does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security. It is just purely for educational purposes only.
You are solely responsible for determining whether any
investment, investment strategy, security or related transaction is appropriate for you based on
your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.


XRP/UDST Good risk and reward ratio. Ratio:3.45
Entrypoint $0.7
Double bottom formed.

TP1: 0.88
TP2: 0.93 Highrisk
TP3: 0.98 Highrisk

Durian Crypto does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security. It is just purely for educational purposes only.

You are solely responsible for determining whether any
investment, investment strategy, security or related transaction is appropriate for you based on
your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

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No financial advice. Trade at own risk.. Only technical analysis EntryPoint given..



🎯Target1: $1.37
🎯Target2: $1.47

Technical Entrypoint:
1. $1.30
2. $1.265

Good luck ..
everything is explained inside the video.
Video date 4Aug2021

*Not financial advice, this is TA education purpose only.


Entrypoint and TP in the video.

*Not financial advice, this is TA education purpose only.



EntryPoint $295-290, $261, do averaging please..

🎯Target Price 3: $349
🎯Target Price 2: $338 Reached.
🎯Target Price 1: $327 Reached.

BNB has side chart for more than 1 month now. it should remain sideway if btc movement not much.
Risk taste: Depend on BTC, Valid for 1week if BTC sudden crash avoid it.

this is not buy and sell advice, this is jus a technical analysis entry point. If you wan to follow and you do not know how to exit then that's your mistake not my responsibility. Invest at ur own risk.


Downtrend Beware. Support broken.
Looks like can short already?

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ETH/USDT Binance
🎯TP 1. 1940
🎯TP 2. 2070

Support 1710 (highrisk), 1530, 1300(Good)
Not buy or sell call, purely for educational only.
Downtrend counter beware.. Subject to BTC pricing if BTC drop suddenly should beware.

This Expired in 5days to 1 week.


THIS IS NOT BUY CALL, it's just some review request from our followers.

My Opinion: Trend Support & Line Support Broken at 11.3 **Danger** expect to fall towards yellow line support.

Support 9.02, 6.45(*Please ignore typo error on the chart.)
Resistance around 13.4 to 14.

As you can see overall each uptrend wave is getting weaker and weaker, smaller wave each time.. expect this to be a downtrend base on technical, entry is dangerous.

For me, I wouldn't buy unless at good support Entrypoint. if you really wanted to buy, wait for it, there might be 1 last small short uptrend wave before it turns sideways or downtrend.

Note: Short term only. For Long term still have to see BTC trend. Always buy at support and do averaging. DO NOT ALL IN.

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Photos from Durian Crypto's post 16/07/2021

Trade with care Guys,
here are some technical tips

Some Good support points for you to reference.
if you want to buy or sell using these, do it at your own risk, please.

Recently bitcoin going down slowly but is still within sideway range at the moment, beware of altcoins crashing if BTC falls below sideway range.

Charts are generated at 8pm 16 July 2021.
***once EntryPoints support is broken the chart is void.

Mobile uploads 11/07/2021

Double top pattern


BTC/USDT Technical Analysis review. Day chart.

The above statement is purely technical analysis only. Do not use these support and resistance numbers as your investment decision, you should do your own study. It is purely for technical analysis educational purposes only. Please do your research before any buy & sell activity. Durian Crypto will not be responsible for your capital loss. Thank you


about the btc crash


What happened to the crash?
** below are my opinion not buy and sell call**

https://t.me/joinchat/36iQSyaeCcU3Yjk9 telegram group

Short term wise i don't think it is going to be a bull run as you can see 41-43k area has a big resistance that is nearly impossible to break.
support is at 28.8k to 28.1k area.

if this support is broken we will have to see 25k and 21.8k area.(should be a small rebound when reaching that area.)
if that won't hold long and break we shall see 16.18k instead for the dropping price to stop there..

in my opinion, i think it is best to see BTC can perform a sideways move at the range of 30k to 42k for at least 3 months to have a safe entry, any entry now on my opinion is just for FIFO or super short-term i wouldn't risk it at all.
otherwise, any bull run should be temporary, if it stays above 43k then there is a small chance of a bull run.

once sentiment has stable we can see another pump for now.. all we can do is just wait.

What about my Altcoins such as Shiba, BNB or doge.. etc?
well if BTC crash again and it breaks 30k (again) I shall see another 10-20% of price drop in all alts.


Crypto TA


TA review of yesterday crash


BNB/BUSD few posibility?


1pm 4june. BTC USDT Binance. Day Chart

i believe guys are in panic now since this morning drop due to elons twits. I believe trend support still there. nothing to worry if for long term. However if drop below the trend line I look at 33k-34.5k there should be strong support.

1 thing that hard to predict is elons twits.
P.S: typo error is tmr morning 8am not 8am tonite.

This is my TA opinion, here do not have buy or sell call and is for education only. Please dun use this chart to trade.

Q: what about alt coins? doge, shiba, xrp, matic... all those how?
A: well the reason I review btc is becus all of these alts follow btc. for now you watch btc if btc no stand above certain support alts coins won't look nice in short term.

Q. will it continue to drop?
A: elons has been always twits something when reach certain resistance if you can observe it well. Normally in this case you know wat to do when btc reach resistance.


Doge wanna resistance at 0.475
Trade at ur own risk.
Have news risk and opportunity. so careful


BTC hour chart analysis..

2 Possibility Posted here.
1. Might not Pass R2 and crash down.
2. Pass R2 reach R3 and correction.

Disclaimer: not buy and sell call this is just my personal technical analysis.
i didn't ask you to buy or sell.

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