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Operating as usual


Tomorrow it’s back to the boards for the next series of Surf HIIT Flow! Last round was full of laughter and I can’t wait to meet you and sweet puppy Piya for a ruthlessly good time! Take 30m in your morning to reconnect, even if the ground bends. Letting go and finding fun is a skill just like GO MODE is. See you in flow!

Signup with Mindbody for the whole series, or drop-in when you can.

🌸 Surf’s up, Hula! 🌸

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GET CONFIDENT, look good and feel great in this program! Join me each week for a 60 min workout with varying intensities, styles of movement and nod to your mental self. You see me in videos and coaching others to embrace working hard, but do you know that fitness is just the door?

I’m here because stress management and your mindset is what I’m about. How you apply yourself, take on challenges and reach for a goal with me is the training ground for building the life of your dreams! I’d even bet your fitness goals have less to do with a scale, and more to do with being happy and satisfied in life. Am I getting close?

So here just 1 of the 3 ways you can join me online. Once a week for 60 minutes of hard effort but a straight up good time!! Be ready for a before and after assessment that’s going to knock your socks off. There is nothing more amazing than living free in your skin with confidence.

Workout with me Friday mornings at 10a (EST) or go along with the recording. Sign up with a friend for more accountability and you *both* spend less! AND DID I MENTION if you get going before Friday, we’ll schedule a 30 minute coaching call around your limiting beliefs? Let me give it all because I believe in your ultimate happiness!! You deserve it. Message, email, ping me to get going. Here’s to your Health in Effect!

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Dear Melissa, Congratulations on a year dedicated with me!! Which is to say a year invested in your happiest self. When we started you were focused on losing weight and now you’re satisfied with your body confidence (literally your words). It’s beautiful to see you exploring the relationship to yourself without that tension!

For all the times you allow me to correct body form or challenge something on a call, you teach me compassion for seeing how lionhearted you are. Yes, “coaching” calls, but I’m always in gratitude to how genuine and introspective you are. When you sense something you go and never look back!!

Melissa has big plans and what’s most impressive is her healthy objectivity to letting them play out. Life has it’s way and how you handle yourself body, mind and spirit is something to be proud of.

I’m excited for our call today, for the one last week and how you rolled into my Vinyasa flow directly after!! Forever pleased to see you and thanks for doing the drive.

One year down feels like mountains moved with forever beyond it ☀️ and I’m happy to share our time on the long trail.

Boxing + TRX yoga on Friday?? See you soon! 🥊🤍🌸

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When Kyla asked me to host a journey dance I immediately thought, “Why me??” Despite throwing a secret dance party in a stuffy workplace. But why not? My life’s dedicated to helping people reconnect body, mind and spirit.
🤘so let’s GO! 🎸Journey through the 7 chakras and release expectations of every day life! Craft space to be free with your body, and let go of what dance should look like. Ground yourself in the natural space amongst the lights of our highest selves. Let’s experience the healing of community grooving together in nature. Be free to Be True! I can’t wait.

Ticket options and more details on their site. See you there! 😎


Join me for a ruthless but fun interval workout that builds strength, endurance and core stability. Elevate your mood with this 6-week series!
Sign up with Fortify, and if you’re a Hula member like I am this is a great way to start the work day. Surf’s up, Hula!

Have we met before? My name’s Joanna (she/hers), and I’m a health and movement teacher. After losing 100lbs and reframing my relationship to stress, I help people reconnect to their bodies. I have an MPH, 200hr RYT and coached fitness over 10 years from Iowa to San Francisco and now Burlington Vermont. I value the focus needed for precise movement and conditioning as a path to happier living. As flexibility is a marker of strength, expect to meet my coaching with blended styles of work in and outside the gym. I’ve got experience programming, managing and leading for brands like ilovekickboxing, Les Mills, SurfSet Fitness, Levi Strauss, Cybex, the YMCA, SoulShine Yoga and more. I maintain my own approach to movement in classes like this one coming to Fortify Fitness on July 6! Health in Effect is how you treat yourself, body, mind and spirit.
Let’s flow!


Playing after class, this space inspires flow 🤩 not this day but some day I’ll get the camera right 🤩


Joins coworking space, immediately sets up outside. 👋Hieee Hula! I’m bringing Health in Effect to the building, from inside Fortify Fitness and to your desk. I help people use health, stress management and leadership skills for better business - but it’s really about happier living. 😎 come say hi, send a slack and keep eyes peeled for my 30m Surf HIIT Flow!!🏄‍♀️Surf’s up July 6 🤙

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Happy Monday, and how sweet it is!! First yoga on the dock was a smash, and I’m brimming with joy!

Y’all make me blush. You see a confident, established teacher - but do you know the pride is from tortured hours? Years of repetitions, tears, sweat, redirects and trying once again for what I believe in?

Well it's COMING OUT in a big way this summer, which deserves a bit of dance and retreat!!!!! With my tag-team teacher in vibes Jakee, it’s time to let loose on Friday, June 17th for an overnight retreat at North Beach!!! 🏖☀️🏕

🪩Join us for a dance party or stay all night. We’ve go the best spot to camp. We’ll dance like nobody’s watching to high vibe bangers that WILL move you upbeat! 💃

This is that APPLE BOTTOM JEANS, BOOTS WITH THE FUR moment so many of us remember from younger years. A safe space to explore, move and shake it!!

Decompress with a fire circle and sleep under the stars - or head for your next adventure by 10p! We’ll rise for yoga and simple meditation by the beach. Feel free to return if you didn’t stay all night. I’m honored to SHAKE it by the beautiful lake alongside you all.

✨This is Wellness Inspired Nightlife✨
Details on eventbrite, link in bio

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“You do not see your ego in the mirror. You do not see your subconscious. You do not see the inner self in the mirror. These are but terms to express the part of you that cannot be seen or touched. But within the selves that you know is the prime identity, the whole inner self. This whole self has lived many lives. It has adopted many personalities…you do not suddenly acquire a ‘spirit’ at death. You are one, now.”
(Jane Roberts, The Seth Material)

My favorite game, meditate holding a book and open to a random sentence. Extra lol bc I was just talking about detachment and how the term gets diluted or focused on the letting go, when I also see the finding “you” part. Seth , yoga, they say the same to me. About more that’s me, all one.

Workin daily before 6 grinding past 8 to get there. Get this done. It has direction again, movement, my energy. And glow like today? Home, shower the physical day off and immediately get into the summer uniform ☀️ hi
(guess Twitter was right, stop using the front camera 😩)


🎉My 10th summer in fitness, and I’m excited for exercise and life coaching! It’s the best way I know how to support you outside of a workout! Going too hard too fast, not having guidance or lack of direction are hurdles we can fix.

My background is in health education (MPH from u of Iowa in epidemiology and maternal, family health. ACSM certs and YTT @sanghastudio nearly done) I’ve overcome some tough life spots (and 100lb weight loss, we can use the T word, etc), so doing more than showing proper form is a matter of my morality.

The world of fitness and mass media challenge good health, and I’m offering a stake in the sand on what I’ve seen work. To what you want to do.

It’s a rolling start because there’s options! 1-3x weekly, in person at Pomeroy park or by zoom (or both). Tues & Thurs mornings 7:15 and Saturday’s at 10. $35/class drops to $20 if you do more each week. This covers the outside homework portion too, which is at your own pace by private YouTube links and google drive. Oh and did I mention the end-of-summer party??

I want everyone to have a buddy, and I posted a video last explaining why (TLDR: accountability!)

Ping for a survey asking your background for my programming needs, and try a free workout with me and see what you think. The feeling of rebellion wells strong today, and I can’t wait to show you what that means in health.

Happy summer!! 🍉


HOT TAKES on the fitness industry, 10yr in the making! It’s not “just” your average bootcamp y’all 😏

Tuesday kicks off the next strength series, in-person or by zoom. This round we’re using the buddy system! Take 20m to learn why, what and wrap up on a little stress relieving meditation.

I’ve got loads to say outside of how to drop a proper squat, and this cycle I’ve got the format to offer it to you without breaking the bank or distracting the workout. Couldn’t be more proud of this one. Zoom, in-person, tag your buddy! Who’s ready?


Sweat or sweet
No difference to me
Drip drop drip
All summer on repeat.


First time caught in the rain on my bike after a workout, in shorts no less!!! This is the moment the heavens open and shine down, akin to the popsicle dive in icy water, I am me. I am free! 🌱


CHECK THE SCHEDULE I’m subbing heaps of classes at the Y @gbymca, more than 6a slots for once! Excited to see some of you later risers 😂✌️
(Ps singing Bambi little April shower all day)

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I meditate, move, write and read for 10m each morning before getting the day going. Before I have caffeine, check the phone or let the day unwind from a comfy chair. I’m naturally a morning person but intentionally spending my time for self-care isn’t my default mode. Since I want to grow into bigger spaces, I need to do the effort of introspection and creating boundaries around my time! That doesn’t mean hitting snooze, putting on a face mask and watching TV with my coffee for an hour. That sounds a lot like compensation, self-soothing strategies for when I’m overworked, overwhelmed, past the point of self-care.

Effective self-care is done in advance, in preparation of the future self you want to be rather than in reaction to how your life is going.

Building health is not the same as just letting life happen to you

Planting positive seeds takes pattern interruption and recognition of negative patterns or behaviors and choices that serve your survival. It will be uncomfortable, your life up until now is full of distractions, compensations to avoid direct confrontation of your self. This is why we seek that child-like state again, to revert to a time before we were given or developed patterns of thought and behavior. We crave to be free, and to get that sensation after prolonged stress (aka life), we use external stimulation to mimic the sensation.

But that’s not genuine freedom! Like a plug in a dam, that holds back your stress or relieve the moment.
What would you do if you chose to thrive instead of plugging effort into survival?

"If you plant tomato seeds in your gardens, tomatoes will grow. Just so, if you water a seed of peace in your mind, peace will grow. When the seeds of happiness in you are watered, you will become happy. When the seed of anger in you is watered, you will become angry.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

You plant the seeds of your future self every day. 🌎
What do you grow in your mind’s garden? 🌱
Spring is coming, let’s prune your branches to frustration and sow new directions this year 🌷 🌷 🌷

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Were you a gifted kid? A self-starter type who’s way independent?
I bet you’re crushing it in life. Career path, maybe a family, there are accomplishments you stand by.

How about your emotional self? Your body? Remember fun? Keeping up with the demands of life can make anyone burnout. How many of us are Numb? Have let go of hobbies? On top of starting junior year of this pandemic and political tensions…to say it’s a lot is an understatement.

You’ve tried to diet, New Years resolutions, but here’s the secret:
Resolutions don’t work.
The goal of most fitness products is to sell more! Sure the aesthetic results matter, but when was the last time you were taught how and why to exercise specific ways, with your body in mind?

I get it. I stopped looking at the scale completely by 236lbs, but it wasn’t my heaviest. I used resolutions and verbal commitments to “make” myself lose weight. But it didn’t work! Instead I fizzled out and felt like a sack of potatoes. Shame is powerful, but not as a motivator. We think we deserve the stick, when what helps is to find the carrots. To shift from an outward-focused and pressured mindset, to one that’s rooted and internally tuned.

It’s tempting to fall into! I’m reminded this life is more like a game than a stiff boardroom. I could focus on adhering to some fake normal, some standard no one reaches but everyone thinks is real…or I could tune in to what makes me inherently me!

SHOW NOT TELL. Since elementary creative writing class, the mantra I’ve repeated more than any others. I can talk about changes I want, what will come, the ideal person I’ll be one day. Or I can refocus that energy, that almost nostalgic desire to “get there” into the practical steps needed to do it. When I show with my action, through results, I don’t need to tell you what will come. I don’t need to convince of my skills, or the help I can offer. It’s written in the smile, the accomplished face in front of you!

I’ve been where you’re at and our only difference is that I found the right guidance to get here! I can help, but you’ve got to be ready.
I’ve got room for 2 more private clients, let me show you how to get it done!!!!

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Strawberry banana protein cookies with white chocolate drizzle!!!!
Vegan, gluten free, nut-free
4 ingredients too!
- 2 Mashed 🍌 bananas
- 2 scoops protein (we used @innosupps clean vegan strawberry shortcake)
- 2 big tbs sunflower / other butter
- Add water and mix like wild
- 10m in the oven @375°😌😌😌

We drizzled white chocolate on top for extra treat, but it doesn’t need it! Next time adding macadamias or walnuts 💪 I’m 😵 these are so freaking tasty 😭😭

Photos from Health in Effect's post 23/02/2022

I use the enneagram to help deal with burnout, for nearly everyone! Much like MTBI, the enneagram is a personality indicator to understand someone’s motivations. I find it gently uncovers the blind spots we keep from ourselves.

I’ve used the enneagram for leadership and team development, as it’s a useful way to improve communication skills. Because it’s a way to understand yourself better, it gives space and a sense of permission to let people be themselves while allowing our differences to thrive. Humans are complex, and the enneagram gives leeway to the varieties of ways we respond to life - including how different personalities interact with each other.

Simply said, the enneagram is a journey through your inner world, and is meant as a template to guide towards what helps you thrive. It’s only natural to pair this self- exploration with movement, as we all have different needs! What motivates one person, absolutely turns someone else off. Even physically, regardless of fitness level there are styles or modes of movement that some benefit from that others might not need.

For example, the mind-based types often seek restorative and repetitive practice. They’re the type of person who probably doesn’t enjoy a bootcamp instructor getting up close with DROP AND GIVE ME 20!! Sound familiar? Knowing you need the push without that style of motivation can change the game entirely! When we better understand ourselves, we gravitate to what feels good!

It’s ok if you don’t know your type, we’ll explore each type and find what suits you best. Our mindset is patterns and repetitions, based on what we learned from childhood on up. What makes us feel safe? Loved? Scolded? They inform our sense of self-worth. So how about we flip the tables and utilize those patterns for a healthier you?? To function less on survival, and with a fu*k ton more fun!!!!

I love a HIIT Flow combination - uniting the focus of yoga and conditioning for one therapeutic workout! Push your body and check your mind with activities to challenge what holds you back from your best.

Ping me for details!
🧩This is gonna be a great one 🌸

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Playing after class, this space inspires flow 🤩 not this day but some day I’ll get the camera right 🤩
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