UOM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021

UOM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021

Investing ensures present and future long-term financial security. However, not many people know whe

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Photos from UOM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021's post 12/05/2021

After so many weeks of ups and downs but a fantastic journey together, we made it to the end of UoM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021 but it's the first step towards a long journey. Our aim was to educate youngsters, like you, about stock trading and to empower them; help them take the plunge, and we are proud to say that UoM VSEC 2021 accomplished that.

On 72 teams, ONE made it to the Top. Congratulations to the
WINNER of UOM VSEC: Team Econometria Imperium with OT Ibraheem Chady. This team started slowly in the competition and gradually made its way to the top.

We would also like to congratulate the:

1st Runner Up: Team ArtemisX with OT Jyeshtha Gutty

and 2nd Runner Up: Team The Red Aces with OT Thaneswari Sookhur

It was a tough battle of which these three teams got out victorious after a whole month of competition and a final presentation.

Congratulations to all the participants; we are so proud of the way you guys handled your teams, the pressure, and not even once did you let the market discourage you.

On this note, thank you for everything and I hope it was an enriching journey for all of you.

Take Care and Stay Safe


Welcome Everyone.


Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you all to attend the Closing Ceremony of the first edition of the UoM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition to be held tomorrow, Friday 7th of May 2021 as from 10 a.m.

The event will be broadcasted live on fb from this page.

The winner of the Competition will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned friends ❤

Photos from UOM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021's post 10/04/2021

The Top 10 teams for VSEC 2021

Congratulations to all the teams.

More information will be communicated to you soon.

Stay tuned!


Join now!


Top 10


Hello VSEC family,
I hope you are all doing well.

📣 Announcement 📣

The top 10 finalists will be announced live today on the our page.

Stay tuned guys!


Congratulations guys ✨

I am so proud of all of you; you've handled your teams, the pressure very well, and didn't let the market discourage you.

"An investor without investment objectives is like a traveller without a destination. "

But the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself!

The goal of VSEC 2021 was to help you all take the plunge and build a safe environment for you to learn about investing.

It's 2021, we don't settle for one source of income only! 🔥
Harness your investment skills, master them and you shall be .

On this note, I wish to invite VSEC participants and Organising Team members for a Workshop on Sunday the 4th of April 2021. More details will be communicated soon.

A BIG THANKS TO THE ORGANISING TEAM who worked literally day and night- going to sleep at 2am waking up early to help their teams. Thank you all for making a success. ❤

Something's coming and VSEC was just the tip of the iceberg.


Attention to all registered Participants,

An email has been sent to all Team Leaders who have registered for the competition.
Please do check your University mail.

In case of any query, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and regards,
Unrodee Girish


Dear all,

Thanks to all those who registered as participants. We received a high number of participants and we are very happy with the response, Team leaders will soon receive an email with all the details


*More information will be communicated by email soon.


Dear all,

Following several requests from students having received technical issues with the Google Form, the Organising Team has decided to reopen the registration form for another 10 minutes.

The form will close at 13 30. After that we will not entertain any request.

Thank You.


Greetings everyone,

The Registration Form for the UOM VIRTUAL STOCK EXCHANGE IS NOW OUT! 🔥

Kindly note that you have to register as a TEAM using your University Email and that you will mandatorily have to attend a training session on the 29th January 2021.


Google form :


Thank you.
Zaynah B Nuckchedee
[email protected]
(230) 58384972


Investing ensures present and future long-term financial security. However, not many people know where to start and how to invest.

This is why, I, Zaynah Bibi Nuckchedee alongside Girish Unrodee and Balramsing Balgobin in close collaboration with the UoM Students’ Union 2020/21, am coming forward with the first-ever edition of the UOM Virtual Stock Exchange Competition 2021.

The competition has as aim to promote analytical skills, in addition to research skills, critical thinking, numerical skills, interpersonal skills, public speaking, writing skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities, to help you better your investment decisions.

Note: A team shall consist of a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 5 students.
Each team will have one member from the organising team to help them with the software only.

Those interested to participate will have to register as a team on the Google form which will be available soon.

Each team will be given a sum of $100 000 (fictitious capital) and will have approximately 4 weeks to trade. Trading shall start on the 1st of March and end on the 1st of April.

Teams will be required to invest in a portfolio of assets and support their investment decision with facts.

After the trading period, they'll have to submit a report after which 5 teams will be selected by the jury for the final, where they will have to do a presentation based on their portfolio report followed by a Q&A session.

The winning team will be decided not only as per the highest profit but the quality of profit and presentation skills.

The finals will be during the Closing Ceremony which will be held on the 8th of April 2021.

Participants will get certificates and the winning team will get a shield and certificates.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and regards,

Head Organisers
Zaynah B Nuckchedee
(230) 58384972
[email protected]

Unrodee Girish,
Students' Representative,
Faculty of Law and Managment
SU 2020/21
(230) 57824080
[email protected]

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