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Who else knows this great man?!
One of my heros and has definitely impacted humanity!
Ill drop a link in comments.
Much Love & Respect!



All is Well ❤️



Cold showers: a scientist explains if they are as good for you as Wim Hof (the 'Iceman') suggests 26/04/2022

I have a love hate relationship with Cold Showers!
EXHILARATING is the best way to describe it.
Try it! If you dont like it you can always turn hot back on.
Try a regular hot shower and at the end turn on cold on you back, when you get used to it, slowly turn around till you have everything cold. Lastly do your face.
Lean into the cold, embrace the suck until it becomes a rush!
So many benefits!!!


Cold showers: a scientist explains if they are as good for you as Wim Hof (the 'Iceman') suggests Dutch cold water enthusiast Wim Hof has advocated chilly showers, but a scientist examines if their benefits are as good as he suggests.


Are you selfish or do you serve others?


Be grateful for your catalyst…
One of mine was tremendous suffering, mostly self imposed or all created in my mind…


This man has impacted millions!!!


What an Amazing study!
Breathing is life and controlled breathing has changed my life!
Get HIGH on your own supply!


The time is now...
Life is now!


This man is AMAZING!

When you ask me how I’m doing, I’m going to lie and say that I am AMAZING! There is no reason to focus on anything except positivity. It defeats the purpose of feeling mentally tough.

Our team puts a huge emphasis on making an effort to focus on being amazing. That’s how greatness is accomplished. Be careful where you put your focus and attention. It matters!!

PS: stop asking because ‘everything is awesome.’ Quote Lego Movie.


❤️this will change your life if you do it!


Amazing Science and Incredible message! Fall in Love with the present.


❤️❤️❤️ try it, powerful amazing feeling

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy 06/11/2020

Balancing, Grounding, Earthing, just get the app called “OUTSIDE” take your socks and shoes off and bathe in nature! It’s exactly what you need.

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy Soil microbes have been found to have similar effects on the brain as Prozac without side effects and chemical dependency. Learn how to harness the natural antidepressant in soil and make yourself happier and healthier in this article.


Life is Now!
Today is Now!


Thinking is creating, thinking is making up this and making up that?
What are you giving your attention and energy to?
Are you perpetuating the endless cycle and loop living in the past worrying carrying guilt and shame?
Are you constantly paralyzed by what could happen in the future, living in stress and anxiety?
95% of what you think and feel is one of those two things. 5% is spent in the present. Free yourself from the familiar past that will become the predictable future and be in the now. Stay in the Present 🎁 it is truly the real Gift called Heaven on earth.
Silence is all possibilities.
Look within not wothout.
Much Love ❤️

Wim Hof Ice Bath Therapy 19/09/2020

This is a great friend of mine, coach and a athlete that is using the WIm Hof Method to aid in his high intensity work out recovery program. Cant wait to hear the results he has been getting! Thanks Brotha for sharing and spreading awareness to those who do not know, they had to rewrite the medical journals to include this method as it can influence the ANS (autonomic nervous system) Meaning you can control and influence your immune system. Do some research there is nothing else out there that is proven to be able to heal you and protect you like this will!!! Im 24 weeks in and the benefits are astounding!
Much Love to Jeremy and his awesome family!

Wim Hof Ice Bath Therapy This was about my fourth time in the last week to do the Wim Hof ice bath treatment. I have been reading more into the benefits of this especially after high...


Are you choosing Lack or Abundance? What do you perceive and feel? Do you feel Love or do you feel Fear? Where are you placing your attention and intentions?
You are a mirror of your world, you are attracting to you not what you want but what you are. Are you reflecting Love into the world? What frequency are you resonating in? The Law of Attraction, or the Law of Reflection, or the Law of the Harvest. The seeds you plant in thought AND feelings, will grow. You will get more of what your thinking and feeling so make sure thats what you want. Much Love sent to all of you! Smile and make a ripple in the Universe that can be felt.

Photos from Tethergy's post 26/06/2020

Book Review: What if you died and were granted a return to Earth if you spread some knowledge and wrote a book? Insightful and Inspiring! What if you could pull the curtain back and see whats going on behind the scenes of this Reality? “Ultimately, our families, our relationships, and how we are able to serve others matter in the hereafter. It is not who we are, but how we love that counts in the world to come.” WOW thats powerful!!! Ill repeat this.. ITS NOT WHO WE ARE, but HOW WE LOVE that counts in the world to come...So I submit to you a question to ponder, How do you love? You have been searching for who you are for so long, why not get lost in the service of loving others. Much Love and thoughts my friends.

Thank you Tammy Anderson Ward for turning me on to this gift!

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I have always hated the cold.The benefits outweigh the discomfort and it becomes fun!Cold water therapy, meditation, and...