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Friends, here are some ideas that came out from our meeting today on the topic:
- Access neutral information that doesn’t instill fear and other disturbing emotions
- Limit time on Facebook esp. war-related news
- Engage children in positive acts of service: pray, help refugees (sharing their toys), write letters to soldiers
- Engage in social action: offering food, clothes, shelter, holding positive social events, sharing positive experiences
- Find meaningful activities that distract us
- Bring positivity to our students, friends, family, colleagues

Back to school with COVID 29/08/2020

Here are slides from our discussion today. Also, copy-pasted below are key takeaways for parents and teachers:
- Use COVID as a learning opportunity
- Establish home routines: spend more time with kids, increase play time, encourage kids to ask questions & have equal dialogs
- Parents volunteering in school
- We teach our kids to be role-models in following rules
- Be proactive in teacher-parent meetings: airing the classroom, sanitising, mopping, be more lenient if kids don’t follow rules
- Build immune system: positive mood, healthy food (less sweets)
- Adjust expectations for kids
- Help kids be happy not necessarily best in class
- Create online platform/ sessions for parents

Back to school with COVID Back to School With COVID

Strong in body, strong in spirit 01/08/2020

Thanks all for the great discussion. Attached are the slides. Some key takeaways:
- Martial arts or other sports teach spiritual qualities of perseverance, courage, discipline as well as humility, care and compassion. But a lot depends on the mindset of the master or coach.
- A strong spirit also suggests a humble attitude towards others and peaceful ways of conflict resolution.
- Turning your other cheek to the offender shows inner spiritual strength in an effort to absorb violence and stops it from spreading further. However, if violence persists and innocent people are hurt, it should be stopped, if needed, with physical force.

Strong in body, strong in spirit Strong in body, strong in spirit A fireside with Vahid Smith (Tae Kwon Do master) & Shirin Khorsandian-Smith

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