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Quiz #1.Choose the correct modal verb for each of these sentences.
1. ________ you go already? You only arrived an hour ago!

Must should can

2. When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals and championships!

had to can could

3. The company ________ go bankrupt if they don't find a lot of money quickly!

Should shouldn't might

4. You look very confused by the homework, Clive. ________ I help you?

Will can must

5. I left my purse at home. Lily, ________ you lend me ten dollars?

May could shouldn't

6. It's wet and windy outside today. You ________ go out without an umbrella.

shouldn't won't don't have to

7. I think that sign means we ________ enter the building. Look, there's a security guard too.

won't have to mustn't

8. Lindsay watched the movie in French and ________ understand very much of it.

didn't have to can't couldn't

9. I was using my pencil a minute ago. It ________be here somewhere!

Can could must

10. You ..... look at me when I am talking to you.

Could should would
11. I didn’t feel very well yesterday. I __________eat anything.
Cannot couldn’t mustn’t

12. You really ________be late again.
must not don’t have to be

13. Already as a child Mozart ..... play the piano beautifully.
Could should would

14. Which sign are you more likely to see at an airport: Bags ..... not be left unattended.
Can must may

15. I really ..... try to get fit.
May must would

16. Whose is this bag? - I don’t know, but it ..... belong to Yuta.
Could may should would

17. ..... I go to the bathroom, please?
May Must Would

18. His excuse ..... be true, but I don’t believe.
Can may could

19. It’s very important to ..... speak more than one language.
Can be able to may

20. ..... you speak French? - Only a few words, but my Russian is pretty good.
Can Could will

II. Think about these situations and create a sentence using modals.

Example . We are going to Paris for a weekend. (Make suggestions about things to
Answer: We could visit the Louvre.
We should go up the Eiffel Tower.

21.. We start school in September. (Talk about necessity)
22.. Margaret is a very talented sportswoman. (Talk about ability)
23.. You have just won the lottery! (Talk about possibility)
24. Peter has got a headache and a congested nose. (Give him some advice)
25.. You want to borrow your uncle’s Mercedes Benz. (Ask for permissionPolitely)

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