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Teach young adults (ages 11 -18) how to be successful entrepreneurs and investors.

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What a privilege to hear Steve Blank, the father of entrepreneurship speak! Such invaluable advice!


Happy Memorial Day! As we kick off Summer, let us remember the brave heroes who gave their lives to protect ours.


Each day is a journey. So start off with a deep breath.


Do you know why Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in history? Because he’s patient.


Tip of the week: set it and forget it! You do not have to be a financial expert to grow your money. Historical averages show that when you leave your money in an investment for the long-term, it grows tremendously over time. Patience is your money friend.


A wise mentor once told me, “don’t try and catch a million little fish, catch a whale”! Keep thinking big, entrepreneurs!


Meet our new team mascot! Say hello to Benjamin Franklin. Our Benjamin was born on the 4th of July in Philadelphia, and just like our founding father, he is wise and patient. Two key traits that will lead to successfully saving and investing.


reminds us that even during financial shadows, like unexpected expenses or market downturns, there’s always a path back to brightness.


What’s your financial risk tolerance? Probably not a question you get asked very often or ever. Finding the right balance in taking financial risks to gain rewards is key in long-term success.


Each April, communities across our nation, celebrate financial literacy month. A time dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and skills necessary to make good financial decisions.


Help us start a new trend. In addition to seeing how many tacos you can eat on a Tuesday, how many dollar bills can you save?


Good debt vs. bad.


Reflect on your budgeting journey. What’s one new habit you’ve adopted?


Today we celebrate women who inspire inclusion. What does that mean?
It means we give thanks to the women who break down barriers, lead by example, , and raise awareness to build communities and advocate for change.


we’re turning our affirmations into “afformations”. Thank you for this life-changing insight/advice. Today’s SSK afformation — why am I so great at budgeting and managing my money?


Start your week with positive energy!


Consider getting your entire involved in a family . This could be a family vacation, a special outing or a large purchase for the household. Let’s get started!


We want to see you do a challenge! What’s one thing that you can do without today?Is it ? a ? Or a bag of chips? Share your challenge with us!!


Inspirational Quote of the Day from Startup Smart Kids!


Why wait to learn about financial literacy? Start learning about financial education through Startup Smart Kids!


Inspirational Quote of the Day this week centers around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


We're celebrating Martin Luther King Jr all week with a piece of history. Robert Pa**lo, Co-Founder of Startup Smart Kids was baptized at Ebenezer Baptist Church by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Robert follows his father’s commitment in fighting , and for all.


Inspirational Quote of the Day from Startup Smart Kids.


Inspirational Quote of the Day from Startup Smart Kids.


In 2024, instilling in our children isn't just valuable; it's an essential gift of . By teaching kids the of , we unlock doors to a future where they can confidently build dreams, make wise choices, and embrace a world of exciting opportunities with financial acumen as their guiding light.


Create 2024 SMART with Startup Smart Kids!
, , , , Time-Bound. For more, sign up to our online course. See our profile for our URL!


Wishing you a joyous holiday seasoned filled with warmth and happiness.


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