With the devastating reminders of police brutality and collective trauma from systemic racism impacting our families, communities, & generations, Alliance for Girls wants to uplift and highlight our Black women-led girls' organizations. Here’s a list of Bay Area based Black women and gender non-conforming people led organizations that serve girls and gender expansive youth!

Bay Area Women Against R**e
Betti Ono
Black Girls Brilliance
Black Female Project
Booker T. Washington Community Service Center
Career Girls
Girls For A Change
Girls Inc. of Alameda County
Girls to Women
Go Girls Oakland
The Hamlin School
HG, Inc.
Love Never Fails
Oakland Natives Give Back
Soroptimist International of Oakland
Techbridge Girls
TEA (Transform, Elevate, Achieve) Academy
These two are nothing short of phenomenal. Individually and collaboratively they are phenomenal. I have the honor of witnessing their work (Allison Kenny & Lynn Johnson) in the world via social media from their Spotlight:Girls creation to @LynnJohnson work as Founder and CEO of @HellasocialImpact
In their own words: Hella Social Impact exists to Notice, Name, and Dismantle systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression that marginalize, exclude, exploit, and harm Black and Non-Black People of Color (NBPOC).
In all of our policies, practices, programs, and partnerships, we work to co-create a world where Black and NBPOC can show up as their authentic selves, tell their stories, and be heard.
Want to give your girls the tools they need to be their bravest, boldest self? Check out my IG post with details on the summer camp Aubrey did at home with Spotlight:Girls. #ad #GoGirlsAtHome
You wouldn’t believe all of the things Miss Rosie’s learned during Go Girls! At Home virtual camp! See my post to learn more. ⛺️💕
Spotlight:Girls #GoGirlsatHome #ad
We want to throw a spotlight on this fantastic SVIW alumna & case study participant. Spotlight:Girls is a media and consulting firm that educates, inspires, and activates girls and women to take center stage and become the leaders we have all been waiting for.
Spotlight:Girls una empresa social que educa, inspira y empodera a niñas y mujeres a través de las artes plásticas y escénicas para convertirse en las líderes que el mundo necesita. 👩‍🎨💪
We started #ChampionsRetreat2019 today with Spotlight:Girls Lynn Johnson sharing ground rules and what it means to treat people and planet with care; and talks on equity, barriers, and taking political action with Fairware Denise Taschereau, Guayakí Yerba Mate and Anti-Recidivism Coalition James Anderson, and Sweet Livity LLC Diana Marie Lee. Ready to get comfortable with discomfort as we commit to collective action.
Tales of our Humanity #29 - 29/52

Today, we are in the midst of Black History month, it is the anniversary of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, and Valentines Day.

This image of Naomi Wadler, shared by Spotlight:Girls, touched me as a symbol of action, love, and the importance of centering black girl leaders.

Naomi was only 11 years old when she took to the stage at the March for our Lives, commanded our attention and captured our hearts. If you didn't see that speech, take a look at the link in the comments.

On this day, I choose to focus on young people like Naomi and amplify their voices.

For more goodness along these lines, check out this incredible project that SF Bay Area mother Shauna Mullins and her 9 year daughter Georgia have put together in honor of Black History Month - Her Story: Women Making History. Link also in the comments
Love that our friends at Spotlight:Girls are celebrating Black History everyday!
Maame immigrated to the United States from Ghana when she was 5. At 17, she qualified for the Olympic Games, only the second African born athlete to represent the US. Maame and teammate Erin Jackson were the first ever black women to represent the US in speed skating.
#TakeCenterStage #SheLectricity #2BFREE
We are proud investors in Jenny Kassan Crowdfund Mainstreet, Spotlight:Girls and Kai Brown Nortey Kube Nice Cream! Love that they are featured here in Forbes. Devin D. Thorpe #socent #impinv
@forbes just released an article about @crowdfundmainstreet, an innovative investment regulation crowdfunding platform, for entrepreneurs. Crowdfund Mainstreet is empowering entrepreneurs to raise capital on their own terms. Finally, the movement to democratize finance and capital is getting some press.

Everyday people are realizing that they are investors and can choose where and what to invest their money in, based on their values.

Everyday people, who can be investors should chose to invest in our friends and companies on this platform who are building a sustainable, inclusive, diverse and just economy ----> Invest in Geek Girl Tech The Lei Company RedHen Collective Kubé Spotlight:Girls and others launching soon.…/two-social-entrepreneurs-built-e…/…

#fairtrade #empoweringwomen
#vegan #forbes
Here's a unique shopping guide by Spotlight:Girls designed to support WOC, LGBTQ, immigrant, and women entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Direct links will take you to beautiful handcrafted jewelry, original artwork, custom blended teas and a super cool gift for girls - an online comedy course to help them "find their funny" and confidently share it with the world. #shopwithher

Take. Center. Stage. Spotlight:Girls educates, inspires and activates girls & women. We say yes to challenges and no to keep ourselves safe. We give and take.

We learn from our mistakes. We feel. We take center stage.

Operating as usual


Go Girls! Summer Camp registration OPENS February 1st!!

2-week sessions
*Session #1: June 6-17
*Session #2: June 20-July 1
*Session #3: July 11-22

Say Yes! to keep the fun going!!!


“We got our copy today!”📗🎶

Go Girls! Oakland celebrates the new release of The Alphabet Rockers’ first book, “You Are Not Alone”.

We can’t wait to share this amazing book with Go Girls! at camp this summer.

Registration opens on February 1!

Photos from Spotlight:Girls's post 16/12/2021

FREE Master Class for youth ages 9-12!!

Come move and groove with Destiny Junior Company's Director and Assistant Director for a 1-day only special dance event!

We're having auditions in January 2022 for DJC, so if you know a 9-12 year old that loves to perform and be a voice for positive change in the world, please help spread the word about this FREE Master Class that will help prepare them for auditions and connect them to the DJC community!! We'd love to meet and dance with them this Saturday, Dec. 18th from 10:30am-12pm at Destiny Arts Center!!


Think back to when you were 9 years old. That time in your life when you were interested in everything. You wanted to be a veterinarian, a famous pop star, AND the President of the United States.

Now think back to the classroom teacher, coach, teaching artist, or youth worker who you loved the best at that time. The person who encouraged you to do and be all those things. The grown up who was just the right mixture of fun, creative, powerful, and smart. The grown up you never wanted to disappoint because they never disappointed you.

Okay, we are coming to the end of this reflective exercise. You are holding someone very special in your heart and your memory right now. And, I can guarantee you, the person you are thinking of has everything in common with my friend Mz. Rhonda Crane.

For the past two decades, Rhonda has made thousands of children (of all ages) feel like they could be and do anything. She has sparked joy, healing, and the magic of music in classrooms, families, and on stages all over the world. Her smile alone is life-giving to everyone she comes into contact with.

And, after a lifetime of giving us everything she has...she needs us. The details aren’t important. Just know she needs care for her home, her health, and her well-being. Whatever amount of money you can give is enough. Just do it today.

Timeline photos 27/01/2021

Timeline photos

That JOY... from seeing your fambam in @nytimes... 🙌🏻 🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏾 🙌🏿

Y'all, we take all the good moments and amplify them - cuz when our collective voices are being lifted - we're all better for it.

Today @nytimes featured 7 albums for families - @saulpaul, @123andres, @emoonpark, @piercefreelon, Elliot Park, @wyntonmarsalis, and the Trans Non Binary mix from @antsonalog featuring artists @cfinkbanjo @stormmiguel @okeedokeebros @ryancassata @queerkidstuff @alphabetrockers @alastairmoock @vivekshraya @shawneemusic @jenn_the_fairytransmother @lilcuppatea @chanarothman @wriply

And yes, we're mentioned as we are collaborators with folxs - here to make music that makes change.

You'll notice how much our community of artists collaborate, stretch and share. Victories are never individual, they are always reflective of community movement. And so here's the salute to learning, breaking down the gates and bravely living our best lives.

Thank you @familymusicforward, for amplifying. And Laurel Graeber for writing the piece.

WE GOT WORK TO DO Creative Club (POWER) 25/01/2021


Hey Go Girls! Come join our very own, Mx. Marjorie and the Alphabet Rockers this Friday for a one hour Creative Club!!!

WE GOT WORK TO DO Creative Club (POWER) WE GOT WORK TO DO Creative Club is a one-hour art making and anti-racism event for children in grades 1-7.


We know Go Girls! have something to say right now about what’s happening in their world, they want to talk about it. 🎤

They want to ask questions about what’s going on. 🙋🏽‍♀️

They want to create meaningful art and skits that express their feelings and ideas. 🎬🎭🎨🎹

To play and interact with their friends and family, 🙌🏽👏🏾👋🏽

To share what brings them joy, 🤗

To learn about and practice self-care, 🧸📔🖊🧘🏻

To be the change that we’ve been waiting for. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

Register now for Go Girls! Virtual After-School Clubs

GGAH Creative Geniuses: Aja's PSA 11/06/2020

GGAH Creative Geniuses: Aja's PSA

Aja envisions a future where there is equality, fairness & love!

What do you envision for the future?

GGAH Creative Geniuses: Aja's PSA


Our Razzle-Dazzle Go Girls! share all the ways they SHINE and show Self-Care!!

GGAH SAY Yes! 04/06/2020


Go Girls! At Home ~ Say Yes! through Art, Dance, Drama, Family Art, Music & Media!!

GGAH SAY Yes! This video is about GGAH SAY Yes!


Hey Go Girls!
Hey What?!?
Tomorrow is the last day to enroll for Go Girls! at Home: Session One which starts Tuesday, May 26.
Let's create, connect, and become our boldest, bravest selves.


You likely have a daughter or niece or neighbor or student who has felt confused, bored, afraid, isolated from their friends. They are looking for something important to be part of. Go Girls! at Home is that thing. Enroll now at

"Quarantining Saves the World" by Anisya Lustig-Ellison 26/04/2020

"Quarantining Saves the World" by Anisya Lustig-Ellison

"Quarantining Saves the World" by Anisya Lustig-Ellison Many folks worldwide have been quarantined in their homes for over a month now; outdoor activity limited to dog walking, occasional exercise and social distancing hikes. Being forced to stay in one’s home limits the places to drive to and roads are now scarce and traffic is at an extreme low. Goin...


Step outside your comfort zone and see what happens! Join us this summer at Go Girls! Camp - learn how to make mistakes and use your voice!!


Speak Up~Stand Tall~Spark Change!

Calling all rising 1st - 7th grade to join us for an amazing adventure!!

Photos from Spotlight:Girls's post 22/01/2020

Happy birthday to one of our very special teaching artist, veteran Go Girl!! Hannah Gavagan! We ❤️ U!

Work With Us! — Go Girls! Oakland 22/01/2020

Work With Us! — Go Girls! Oakland

Work With Us! — Go Girls! Oakland You are a teaching artist who believes in the magic and power of art for personal transformation and community change. You are a youth worker who believes in kids. You are a girl advocate who believes that girls are the emotional superheroes who will make our world a better place. You make PLAYS.....

Click here to support Our Beloved Becki McLoughlin organized by Chrissy Mulvihill 19/11/2019

Click here to support Our Beloved Becki McLoughlin organized by Chrissy Mulvihill

Dear Go Girls! Family & Friends,

Our very special Go Girls! teaching artist Kelly Campanella, has recently and unexpectedly lost her mom. Many of you and your daughters have benefited from the love, dedication and support of Kelly as an expressive artist at Go Girls! Camp for the past 2 years. We are calling on our Go Girls! Community to help in whatever way, large or small, that you can.

Below is a link to the GoFundMe page - please consider donating, as any amount will truly help her family during this difficult time.

We love you ~ Kelly!

Click here to support Our Beloved Becki McLoughlin organized by Chrissy Mulvihill Chrissy Mulvihill Our Beloved Becki McLoughlin On November 18, 2019, Becki McLoughlin unexpectedly passed away in her home in Gilroy, California. She left be


THIS!!!!!! Calling all Go Girls! Get this podcast today for your family and listen to this amazing rockstars sing about their power to shine.


Did you know our Co-Founder, Allison Kenny produced a podcast with the Alphabet Rockers? Tune in wherever you get your podcasts and get a conversation started with your family!

Timeline photos 20/06/2019

This just in! Our Go-To Go Girl and creative genius, @hannahgavagan just won this award for her first ever film!!!! A film that she wrote, directed, produced and starred in, btw. SO thrilled she's directing plays and media with your daughters this summer, so they can learn from how Hannah lives the Go Girls Culture Code in her REAL BIG artist life.

Timeline photos 24/05/2019

Go Girls! Camp staff training weekend is here!!! Excited to see all of our amazing returning teacher, new teachers and GGLT!!

Timeline photos 24/05/2019

Go Girls! Camp staff training weekend is here!!! Excited to see all of our amazing returning teacher, new teachers and GGLT!!


Eliana is a Go Girl!

There are a few spots left in this summer's camp! Get in there.


*I make bold & brave choices
*I have the power of my voice, body & imagination
*I am part of the whole play

Photos from Spotlight:Girls's post 27/03/2019

Guess who turns 16 years old today?? Go Girls! Assistant teacher, Ellie!!! Ellie is a very talented artist, beautiful singer and plays 3 different instruments. Her favorite flowers are Orchids and Lillies! Happy Birthday, Ellie!


Happy birthday to a veteran Go Girls! Expressive Art teacher, Kat! We have been very grateful to have her as part of our program - she inspires our girls and helps them to realize that "Mistakes are okay!".


You know you have been to Go Girls! Camp if . . . You believe that mistakes are a part of learning!

Photos from Spotlight:Girls's post 22/03/2019

You know you have been to Go Girls! Camp if . . .You stand up for others!


You know you have been to Go Girls! Camp if . . . You say yes to keep the fun going and no to keep yourself safe.

Photos from Spotlight:Girls's post 21/03/2019

You know you have been to Go Girls! Camp if . . . You throw your mistakes in the Tower of Oops.

The Tower of Oops is where our mistakes, whoops, uh-oh’s and ughs go.” We acknowledge our mistakes, toss them in the tower of oops, and appreciate the opportunity to learn and do better.

Go Girls! Take. Center. Stage


Spotlight: Girls educates, inspires and activates girls and women to take center stage, step into your light and become the leaders we’ve all been waiting for. A "Best for the World" certified B Corp based in Oakland, CA, Spotlight: Girls is a consulting firm that creates and produces programs, media, events, and campaigns focused on gender and racial justice.

Co-Founders, Allison Kenny and Lynn Johnson met in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002. They fell in love while singing show tunes, hiking in the redwoods, and directing kids in plays. One summer, 18 girls showed up to a church basement in Oakland, CA where Lynn & Allison would be their Play Directors. The play was all about the magic and power of being a girl. At that point, Go Girls! - our super popular program for elementary and middle-school age girls - was born.

Go Girls! is more than just a summer camp. It’s a movement. In Go Girls! summer camps and Afterschool Clubs, girls learn and practice social-emotional skills through the arts and media. And now, after many years, thousands of kids and hundreds of plays later, Allison and Lynn work with Girl Advocates all over the country to help them create programs in their own communities for the girls they love.

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What Character Will You Be?
INTRODUCING....the Go Girls! Leadership Team
Go Girls! Camp Staff stepping into...MY LIGHT
INTRODUCING...Go Girls! Camp Staff Summer 2018


Go Girls! at Home - a virtual summer camp for girls and gender non-conforming kids ages 6-14.

Become a Go Girls! Licensed Provider