Life Skills with Vinutha

Life Skills with Vinutha

I believe Life is all about learning and growing. "Life Skills with Vinutha" is an attempt to learn

Operating as usual


💥The Power of Silence in Communication

💬In today's world, where there is so much noise and overload of information; the power of silence is often overlooked.

🗯️Silence in communication is a valuable tool. Silence does not always mean being passive or timid. Sometimes not saying anything can be more powerful than speaking.

🔲Knowing when to stay quiet can transform your interactions and relationships.

🙊Here are three occasions when keeping quiet is actually better than talking.

1️⃣When you are angry or emotional.😤
🔹 When emotions go high, intelligence goes low. In such situations, silence can be your best friend.
🔹 Being silent allows you to collect your thoughts and prevents you from saying things that you might regret later.

2️⃣When the timing isn't right.⏳
🔹 Speaking at the wrong time can be as damaging as saying the wrong thing.
🔹 Know when to speak - be it giving constructive feedback or sharing exciting news.

3️⃣When listening is more important. 👂🏻
🔹 Words are not always needed, especially when you are listening. When someone is sharing their struggles or story, the least you could do is truly listen.
🔹 Your opinion or advice is not always required. Just be present and listen.

💟Silence is not just absence of words. It's a state of mind which allows for reflection, understanding and empathy.
💟It's a tool that enhances self-awareness, inner calm and transform our interactions and relationships.

❓What else would you like to add to the list? ❓When do you prefer to remain silent?
Do share your thoughts.


💐💐Happy Mother's Day!!

🌹A child will not listen to you but will observe you and absorb everything that you do, much like a sponge absorbing water from all sides.

🌹I consider motherhood an opportunity to grow beyond oneself. An opportunity to spread love and joy, to influence the little minds to healthy & happy life and to better ourselves everyday.

🌹The responsibilities of a mother are countless, but remember with great responsibility comes great power. (Yes, Spiderman said that the other way - "with great power comes great responsibility" - but the other way is true as well, isn't it? Think about it.🙃🤔)

🌹Wishing every mother a very happy mother's day.


✅Today is the day!

📝I have been itching to come back and post here after my break. Today is the day, I finally post.
☘️During my absence here, I got the opportunity to stop, reflect and rejuvenate.

🎭Life's uncertainty keeps me on my toes most of the time.

🤹🏻‍♀️Juggling -
🔴multiple roles and responsibilities everyday, 🔵planning and aligning with future goals,
🟢ensuring holistic growth of self and family ;
👊🏻Life can certainly knock us down if we don't have the right mindset.

🎭Life swings between the two extremes - pleasantness and unpleasantness, in every aspect of life.
🧘🏻‍♀️Developing a calm mind and cultivating the right mindset helps us sail through the troubled waters. 🏆

Here are some habits that help me calm my mind.
(Top three that I practice regularly and are easy to implement):

There are many techniques that are helpful and you can choose what best suits you.

🏃🏻‍♀️Physical activity
Regularly engaging in any physical activity, even something as simple as going for a walk has numerous benefits.

Writing your thoughts, feelings and insights is a powerful tool for self-reflection and growth.

❓What do you practice to calm your mind?
Do share your technique that has worked best for you.


🏞️Being in nature, soaking in all its beauty and sounds(or silence) is something that feeds my soul.

❤️I'm grateful to enjoy this beautiful vacation with family amidst nature.


P.S. - Do you prefer the greenery 🌳 or the water 🌊?


😊I was happy to read the displayed message on the school board.

🔆Today was PTM(Parents Teacher Meeting) for my kid. As I was about to enter the building, my eyes fell on the display board placed at corner with 'Feedback' written on top.

📌What caught my attention was the quote below. It said -
"Communication- the human connection, is the key to personal and career success."

♦️As a Communication Coach, reading this statement at my kid's school got a smile on my face.

⭕Communication affects every part of one's life. It promotes social and emotional development, build strong relationships and express one's individuality.

⭕In educational context, effective communication helps promote positive learning experiences.

⭕Communication is a fundamental skill for successful collaboration and teamwork.

‼️I can't emphasize enough on the importance and impact of effective communication.
So I was happy to learn that some schools are aware of it and implement it.


❓P.S. - Are you conscious of how you communicate?
What are your thoughts? I would love to read them.


☺️As we step into new month today, here's a gentle reminder..

💯Everyone needs help at some point of time.
🙊Don't be shy in asking for help when you need it.
🌟It's better to seek help and back yourself up rather than giving up.

P.S.- As a communication coach and trainer, I help my clients to better articulate themselves and efficiently communicate them.
DM for enquiry.

Pic credit - To the owner.


❗"You made a great speech.. in your head!!"

💥Imagine this...

🎤You are about to step on stage, for your presentation. You are fairly confident.

📃You have prepared for your speech.
🎤You deliver and the audience is quiet.

👏🏻You are happy that the audience listened to you in silence.
🤗You think you made a great presentation!

⁉️But are you sure?
❌Were the audience listening to you or were they lost in their heads, staring at you?

❓How do you know?

‼️The key to finding out is for You to Listen!
✅Listen to your audience, be present.
✅Listen to the words they speak and their non-verbal cues.


❓P.S. - How often do you listen while speaking?
What tells you if your audience is listening to you?

😊Do share your thoughts and I'm interested to know your perspective on this.

Thank you 😊


🎨Life is colourful.

🖍️There are moments of joy and happiness, moments of sadness and heart-breaks.

🖍️There are moments of calm and peace, moments of confusion and frustration.

🖍️There are moments of love and passion,
moments of anger and indifference.

🖌️Every experience and emotion we go through, colours our life uniquely and helps to make the masterpiece that we are. 🖼️

🎨Let's celebrate each colour, for each colour offers something.
Pay attention, Listen..
Learn and Rejoice 😊

😀Wishing everyone celebrating Holi- the festival of colours, a very Happy Holi!


P.S. - Which colour do you identify with the most in this pic?

Pic. credit - To the owner, sourced from Google.


Learning is a game changer!
Or rather, Continuous Learning is a game changer.

🧡For those who know me, it's no secret that I have a passion for learning.
🌟Whether it's acquiring new skills or gaining fresh perspectives, learning has always been my guiding light. ✨

💃🏻Today I'm excited to share my newest accomplishment - another feather to my learning cap! 🪶

Thank you Chinha Raheja and Surendran J for the opportunity. This program has sparked so many changes and shifts within me. ☺️
Thank you for the journey of and .



P.S. - Posting this to celebrate my milestone. I know my friends here celebrate my wins with me 😊
Also, hoping to inspire you to 🌟



⁉️Want to test the power of listening?

❗Try to communicate without listening!
❗Try to negotiate without listening!
❗Try to become self aware without listening!
❗Try to become empathetic without listening!

❓Is that even possible? 🤔

📌The power of listening is crucial in life.

♦️Mark Twain sums it up well as follows-
“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have rather talked.”


✅Let's try to really listen. It helps to understand the unspoken words as well.

P.S. - How good are you at listening?
Do you have to make an effort to listen? If so, what do you do to ensure you are listening?
I am interested to know. 😊

Photos from Life Skills with Vinutha's post 15/03/2024

‼️One key element of communication that is often overlooked or underrated by most people is the power and impact of listening!

⁉️Think about it... When was the last time you actually listened?
Not hearing, not passive listening but actively listening.

♦️Let me share the difference between them.

👂🏻Hearing is a physiological phenomenon. It refers to the act of perceiving sound through the ears.
🔴It is a continuous and involuntary process.
♦️For example - We are accustomed to the sounds of airplanes, traffic or the machines around us.

🔴Passive listening is little more than hearing. 🔴Passive listening is listening without reacting: allowing someone to speak, without interrupting. Not doing anything else at the same time, and yet not really paying attention to what’s being said.
♦️For example - Think of audience sitting quietly and looking at the speaker, without responding.
♦️Or students in a class just staring at their teacher, not actually listening.

🔴Active listening is the ability to focus completely on a speaker, understand their message, comprehend the information and respond thoughtfully.
🔴Active listening is when you not only hear what someone is saying, but also attune to their thoughts and feelings. It turns a conversation into an active, non-competitive, two-way interaction.
♦️For example - Think of an engaged audience, laughing and responding to the speaker.
♦️Or students in a class making notes and asking doubts.


Listening is an essential skill. It drastically improves your communication skills.

P.S. - How often do you listen actively and passively? Do you even pay attention to how you listen everyday?


❓"What does Communication Coach mean? Do you teach how to speak?"

❗I find many people having similar questions when I say that's what I do. (To be really honest, that's what my parents face most of the time.) And only a few are brave and curious enough to ask what it means.

❌Most people are exposed to the term "Coach" but think it's for the elite few - like a sports coach or high performance coach in health or business settings.

❌ Many understand the importance of a coach when the game gets bigger.
✅However, only a few realise that a coach is required to help you bigger the game.

So, coming back to what it means to be a communication coach.

📌 Simply put, as a communication coach, I help people to communicate effectively.

📌Communication, in a professional environment, could be speaking to your team, or to higher authorities or to close deals on potential clients or to speak on a stage to a large audience.

✅Communication includes many aspects.
📌As a Communication Coach I help my clients to get better at conversations, aid in their career development, relationship management, confidence building and overall personal growth.


P.S. - Do you think communication coach can make a difference in your conversations?
Do you know someone who could use the help of a communication coach?

Do share your thoughts.


🌟In India, today we are celebrating Mahashivratri and International Women's Day.

💃🏻Women - The Divine Feminine among us.

💚She is Life-Giving, the Mother - Mother Nature
🌍She is Life-Sustaining, the Nurturer - the Earth
🏞️She is Sacred and teaches us to keep going with the flow - the River
📚She is Wise, the Educator - Goddess Saraswathi
🦁She is Fierce, the Protector - Goddess Durga
💰She is Wealth, the Fortune-Giver - Goddess Lakshmi

🌟Our Vedic scriptures have always regarded women to the highest rank.
✨Women play multiple roles and can be gentle yet powerful, nurturing yet fierce, loving yet indifferent!!
✨She is in everyone of us in various forms.

💫To all the women reading this, a very Happy International Women's Day. You are special and don't ever forget it.

💫To all the men reading this, thank you for supporting us as Father/Brother/Husband/Friend/ just being a Gentleman.✨

💫To those celebrating the festival today, Happy Mahashivratri. May Lord bless you and your family 😊🙏🏻


What are you celebrating today and how?
Do share, I am interested to know.

Thank you 😊

Photos from Life Skills with Vinutha's post 27/02/2024

🙇🏻‍♀️If you were wondering -

✨"Where I disappeared for the last few days?"

(If not - you can skip this post.)

♦️Here's my response..

💥The last few days were phenomenal with back to back trainings that I conducted and attending events.
💁🏻‍♀️But I am not here to brag about my work!!

💖I'm here to talk about the amazing people I met. Oh yes! It was the first time I met most of them in real (not online). Some I met intentionally and others we bumped into each other. And we were glad we did.

🙏🏻I am grateful for this experience.. of meeting such amazing individuals who are working on themselves, their growth and trying to make this world a better place with their work.

💥To attend an event of such calibre and watch great coaches and visionaries in action is beyond words.
😍I'm humbled and thank all the wonderful souls for their presence.

❤️A special mention to Chinha Raheja for her love & thoughtful gesture and being the common thread and spark among us.

❤️A special mention to Suren and team at Success Gyan for 2024.

❤️Last but not the least, all the wonderful people - Hetal Bengali Dr.Pratiksha Khot SC Dey Dipti Saraf and many more whose social handles I'm unaware of.
To sum them all in one post is difficult. I will probably make few more posts on my learnings.

Thank you 😊


"Monday Motivation"


❗Do need motivation to do something that you love to do?!
Not really..

😒But sometimes one may not be in the best shape - physically, mentally or emotionally - and Monday arrives.

📌So what does one do then?

1️⃣ Smile 😊
Go ahead.. Smile.

2️⃣ Be Grateful for Today 💚
Sometimes we take so many things for granted, acknowledging and being thankful for the little things helps.

3️⃣ Just Start ✅
Take that first step. 🚶🏻‍♀️Don't worry about the long to-do list.📃 Prioritise and focus.💥

Wishing you all a happy Monday and superb week ahead.


P.S. - I'm excited to train multiple batches this week, starting today. All set for action.☺️


📣Free Give Away!!📣

🎁Things we give away without even thinking... 😮

🟪Coach : "If I let loose an air balloon,🎈 what will come out?"
🟨Coachee : "Air"

🟪Coach : "What if I let loose a water balloon?💧"
🟨Coachee (rolling her eyes) : "Water"

🟪Coach : "Very good!! Now if I squeeze a lemon, 🍋 what..."
🟨Coachee (interrupts and answers) : "Lemon juice"

🟪Coach (smiling) : "Now, think and tell me - What comes out of you, when life squeezes you, pushes you or throws a challenge at you?"
🟨Coachee : 😯

🟪Coach : "You can only give away what you have inside.💥 Be it anger & frustration, stress & anxiety OR happiness & love, joy & peace.🧡
💫So working on yourself is not just for your good, but for the good of everyone around you.🌟 It becomes your responsibility." 😇


Agree? Do share your thoughts.
Thank you 😊

P.S.- I train and coach people to work on their inside and to optimise their communication skills for their needs. DM for enquiry. 😊


"What happened Ma!?"

My elder child asked me as I froze, staring at the food splattered on floor.😦

It was Sunday and my family decided to have a day out. 🕑By lunch time we were all hungry. We went to the only decent place there that served food. It was a small self-service food outlet that served few snacks .
🪑We sat at the table patiently waiting for the ordered food.

⌛Finally, food was ready. 🍜I took it from their counter top, walked to our table and just as I was placing the hot bowl of food on the table, it slipped and toppled!! 😧
The entire bowl fell under the table inverted, hot food on floor. 😟
I stood there perplexed, staring at the food spilled on floor. 🙇🏻‍♀️

👧🏻Seeing this, my elder daughter asked gently, "What happened Ma!?"

Right there, I had an epiphany! 😇

✅She seemed genuinely interested in knowing what happened.. How did I drop it?

♥️There was no tone of judgement or remarks, no gasps or mocking.. Just pure concern mixed with curiosity.
❌She didn't ask Why or How?


💜 Lessons learnt -

1️⃣ Next time someone errs, don't be in a haste to judge or snort.
Instead genuinely ask, "What happened?"
Afterall, everyone makes a mistake.

2️⃣ Words do matter. How you say it, also matters.
I can't emphasize enough on this.


How do you respond to mistakes?
Do share your thoughts.


Do you agree??

Comment if you agree!


❌"You are never on time."
❌"You are always falling short of achieving your targets."
❌"You never listen to me!'
❌"She always does this."
❌"He never helps."

🔴Have you heard these statements in everyday life?
🔴Do you say them?
(You don't have to tell me. I'm not here to judge.)

❗I want you to pay a little more attention to the words you use. Especially when you are feeling anger and disappointment.

🛑People often criticize and find faults in such situations. Criticizing and complaining is easy. Many people can do it effortlessly.

⭕However, it's counterproductive.
⭕Remember, criticizing and condemning people never works. It puts the other person down creating feelings of anger and defensiveness, further lowering their self-efficacy.

⁉️How can you expect good quality work when the person feels down and works from that state of mind?
🔺Most psychologists agree that criticism does not lead people to change behavior.

❓Then how do you convey your thoughts?
✅To communicate effectively, it's important to give constructive feedback.

✅Good constructive feedback should focus on the work rather than being a personal negative attack against an individual.
✅It involves skillfully addressing negative behaviors and redirecting them to positive outcomes.

📌Being conscious of your words and how you say it makes all the difference. 😇

Do you criticize or give constructive feedback?
What are your thoughts on this?


➡️Do you know what stuck me when I recently saw the below live performance?

➡️It was the same thing that stood out, when I witnessed a tribal dance performance last month.

💥The magic of simple rhythmic beats!

💥The simple act of repetition - one instrument, one beat repeated in different tempos - resulting in powerful music!

🌟I was reminded:
"We are what we repeatedly do."
- Aristotle

❓How many of us repeat the same thoughts and actions everyday, without thinking much about it?
❓How conscious or mindful are you of your thoughts and actions?

➡️If we are what we repeatedly do - isn't it wiser to pay a little more attention to them?

📌Remember the power of repetition and habits.
💥"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."
- Aristotle


"How ready are you?"

I was asked this question in a conversation.
The conversation closed but this question lingered on in my mind.

Monday Motivation -

How ready are you?

Is that something you really want?
If yes, why the hesitation?

What is it, that you are scared of?
What is it, that is holding you back?
Are those reasons or excuses
that you say to yourself and others?

Why are you just dipping your toes?
Come on, get both feet in it..
There's no other way..
You already have dreamed it.
Go on.. Dare to do it.
Own It.

Give your best, take the test.
Nobody knows the results..
But you will certainly regret,
if you don't do it with zest.
Go on.. Dare to do it.
Own It.
It's a part of you.

- Vinutha Raj Girish



"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"
- John F. Kennedy

On this Republic Day, let's think how we can better impact our country.

When we chose to do our work with a bigger vision and think in terms of how we can impact the society with the work we are doing, things change for better.

To all Indians, Happy Republic Day.


⚜️Today is a historic day in India.

⚜️ There are crackers bursting 🎆
⚜️I see lights everywhere 🪔
⚜️Streets, school, temple, neighbourhood decorated with lights and orange.
⚜️Small camps with photo of Lord Sri Ram, adored in flowers.
⚜️People dressed in orange colour distributing "Prasad" to passersby.
✴️There is celebrations in the air.

⚜️Today is a historic day in many ways.
I witnessed -
⚜️People immersed in devotion and joy.
⚜️The whole nation united as one..
⚜️Emotions running high.
✴️There is celebrations in the air.

✴️To all those celebrating today - Jai Sri Ram 🙏🏻


"The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
- Robert H. Schuller

No explanations this time 🙃
You are free to comment your interpretations 😊


I didn't make it! 😔

It took me some time for this to sink in.

Being Super 500 I was hoping to get in Super100 - Yes, this is the Super Speaker competition I participated in and some of you voted for me. (Thank you for your support 😊).

When the results were announced yesterday, I checked it twice - just to be sure. But I didn't make it. As time passed, my heart grew heavier. 💔

I had decided to post about the results here - be it my success or failure. But I couldn't get myself to do it yesterday. 😔

So here I'm posting it today. You guys have been part of my journey - cheering me on all along the way. ❣️So you ought to know.

As I reflect on my journey so far, I have realised that I have gained more by participating in the competition. The most beautiful being the connections made with you here. ✨

I truly thank each and every one of you who has stood by me during this time and continue to do so. 💖
Thank you for your support, wishes and love. 🥰


"Failure is Success if we learn from it."
- Malcolm Forbes



Be in the Now.

The thing that you are thinking about,
is either past or future.
But you are in the Present
So bring your mind to the Now.

The now which you thought,
has also passed on..
Making way for a new moment,
a new chance, to a fresh start.

Be in the Now,
Where else can you be?
Be Present, not just physically.
Be Aware, Be Mindful
Be Here, Be Now,
Life is Now.

- Vinutha Raj Girish.



8️⃣Today's 8th Jan 2024.
The start of second week of this year.

◀️Looking back, how do you feel about the first week of new year 2024?
✴️Most of the new year excitement would be out of the window by now, isn't it?

❓Do you feel you are doing "things" better or different than last year?

❓Or are you doing the same old "things"? - The very things you wanted to change this year!!

🔴And are those "things" aligned with your life goals or purpose?

‼️If yes - that's fantastic!!

❗If no - it's alright. Atleast you are aware of it now. Awareness is the first step.
You can make the necessary changes.

❤️Just a friendly reminder that "change" need not always be big or noticeable.
The tiny little changes, when done right, gives amazing results over time. 😊


P.S. - I have started taking baby steps towards my holistic health. I'm happy with the tiny tweaks that I am making.

What are the tiny changes that you are willing to make?
I would like to read them.


🌈Let's Expand our Horizons!

💥This year...

✨Let's resolve to try something new which will expand our horizons.

🤗Be willing to fail. It's alright to make mistakes while learning. Learn from them.

❤️Be compassionate to yourself and others. A little Kindness goes a long way.

🎯Set your goals, plan and execute them.. in your own pace.

🛤️Remember, success is a journey and a team sport. 🤝🏻
❤️Live, Love, Laugh & Learn. 🤓

P.S. -
🌈There is always something beautiful on the horizon.

P.P.S. -
🌟You are the one who can stretch your own horizon.


Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🎊🎉🎉

May this new year bring you good health, wealth, success and abundance 😊

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