Educate the Unprivileged

Educate the Unprivileged

Educate the Unprivileged is non profit organization which aims to help the public know more about why we should help the needy and unprivileged.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela


One of the questions that were raised for us is the question "why the Philippines doesn't have a good educational system?". According to Imbalife, the cause of the bad educational system here in the Philippines is the lack of the government's budget. The effects of it are surely felt by the students and especially the unprivileged. So let's stand together and let our voices be heard so that the government's ear can hear our plead.

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EDUCATE THE UNPRIVILEGED FEEDBACK FORM: A fight against GLOBAL POVERTY Dear Respondents, The Lord be with you and good day, everyone! We, Nash Wynsjohn Bautista, Jhamier Russel Amores, Julius Ambion, Jason Andrew Siojo, and John Vincent Concepcion, the administrators of the Educate the Unprivileged from Grade 11 - Saint John Berchmans, are now seeking for your response...

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Education is the foundation of our future and everyone, no matter their status in life, has a right to it. Join our initiative and help us give our youth who are deprived of this right what they deserve.

The Effects of Poverty on Education 20/11/2021

Greetings! Here we present to you a video that may give you further information on the effects of poverty on education.

// "Poverty affects a child's school preparedness by causing poor physical health and motor abilities, lowering a child's capacity to concentrate and remember information, and lowering attentiveness, curiosity, and motivation."


(Credits to the owner of the video.)

The Effects of Poverty on Education Created for FHSU AEP 880 by Morgan Keller-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated p...

Group 6 - Infographic 13/11/2021

Hello everyone! Here, we present to you an infographic for our page. We hope that this will serve as something that will help us convey what we want in an easier manner! If you click the link below you will be re-directed to, the site where we uploaded the infographic "Educate the Unprivileged".

~ The picture in the link provided below contains a few things that we considered as something you need to know!

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Group 6 - Infographic Things you need to do that supports our topic "Educate the Unprivileged".

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