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The Michael Cassidy & Friends Legacy Foundation speaks to preservation, education and training, and creates a space where teaching and life lessons can have longevity and impact.

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CLF 29 March 2023 Vishal Mangalwadi The Battle for the Soul of Africa 04/04/2023


This session was very very good. Vishal Mangalwadi shared some groundbreaking thoughts and concepts with us that perhaps we have not considered before. Please do catch up on this session. We will be sending out more information on the Third Education Revolution in due course and info on how one could order the book.

CLF 29 March 2023 Vishal Mangalwadi The Battle for the Soul of Africa CLF 29 March 2023 Vishal Mangalwadi The Battle for the Soul of Africa


Looking forward to our meeting today.

Christian Leaders Forum Prayer Meeting
Today, 29 March 2023 (10h00-11h30 SA time).

Ask for zoom link

Hope to see you there🙂

The Threatened Miracle of South Africa's Democracy 20/03/2023

African Enterprise and Frans Cronje made this fresh and insightful documentary to give South Africans hope, wisdom and constructive direction.

Please watch it and share with others. Spread the hope. Especially on a day like today.


The Threatened Miracle of South Africa's Democracy 'The Threatened Miracle of South Africa’s Democracy' is a highly educational and inspirational historical documentary based on the book 'A Witness For Ever' ...


We would like to invite you to the first of our quarterly online prayer meetings this year on Wednesday, 29 March 2023, (10h00-11h30)

We have the great privilege of having the internationally well-known author, speaker, Christian philosopher and reformer, Vishal Mangalwadi, to address us. He will be speaking on "The Battle for the Soul of Africa."

You might be familiar with his very good "Truth Matters" short series on YouTube or his book, "The Book That Made Your World."

To join please request the link.

Michael Louis The 2024 Elections Update on Electoral Reform (CLF 16 Nov 2022) 22/11/2022


Dear CLF,

This last CLF prayer meeting we had the privilege of having Michael Louis with us, giving us an update on Electoral Reform in South Africa.

What stood out is that Michael Louis encourages people to vote for and stand for something and not to be only motivated to vote and stand against something in elections. To have vision. He is a man of vision who seeks God for constructive solutions in the political arena for South Africa and has pioneered the Electoral Reform Bill which will allow for independent candidates to participate in elections. The idea is that the electorate could choose their 400 best candidates to run the country and not be stifled by the party system. Allowing Independents to run would also challenge political parties to appoint good people and hold them accountable.

He is also involved in training up future leaders for good governance as the Director of the School of Transnational Governance. He is also the Chairman of the Independent Candidate Association.

In this talk Michael Louis explains the challenge they have, with a faulty Minority Recommendation Bill being presented to the President to sign into law on 10 December. There is a Majority Recommendation version of the bill which they say is perfect. He asks us to educate people and pray

Civil society will be petitioning the President not to sign the bill because it is unconstitutional.
This battle can only be won in the courts and voters are encouraged to pray that justice will be achieved and we have a electoral system that is “ one vote is equal to one vote

Please do listen to this recording and send it on to others so that we could educate the electorate and also encourage people to vote for political reform in 2024.

God Bless You,

Michael Louis The 2024 Elections Update on Electoral Reform (CLF 16 Nov 2022) Michael Louis The 2024 Elections Update on Electoral Reform (CLF 16 Nov 2022)

New Economic Solutions for a Time Such As This.- Arno van Niekerk - CLF - 19 Oct 2022 26/10/2022

At this months prayer gathering we had the privilege of hearing Economist, Arno van Niekerk, share regarding his new book "The Inclusive Economy: Criteria, Principles and Ubuntu." His presentation was entitled: "New Economic Solutions For A Time Such As This." https://youtu.be/SLHGKrLcTIs

New Economic Solutions for a Time Such As This.- Arno van Niekerk - CLF - 19 Oct 2022 New Economic Solutions for a Time Such As This.- Arno van Niekerk - CLF - 19 Oct 2022 Prof and Economist Arno van Niekerk speaks about his new book - The In...

Timeline photos 23/09/2022
Evangelism Part 1 Ps Percy Hunter 30/08/2022

Follow us this week as we engage the topic of mobilizing evangelism in our communities: https://youtu.be/lEGO1nVXurs

Evangelism Part 1 Ps Percy Hunter Pastor Percy Hunter shares from his experience how pastors can mobilize the church to evangelize their communities. He says that we are the "Go Generation" b...

Christian Leaders Forum: Come to the Table - 18 May 2022 19/05/2022

We had such a great time together learning about the impact of corporate prayer in South Africa and the world and about Pentecost season and the Come to the Table initiative. Here is the video link for our meeting. Let's ask the Lord to show us how each of us can get involved in gathering His people round His table this Pentecost season. https://youtu.be/cg6RziSDfhw

Christian Leaders Forum: Come to the Table - 18 May 2022 Graham Power, Anja Letsatsi, Steve Flandorp and Daniel Brink share about how God has worked through seasons of corporate prayer in SA and the world and also ...


Dear Friends,

This Freedom Day watch this documentary to learn about the true MIRACLE of South Africa's transition from apartheid to democracy. Let us know if you would like to facilitate a workshop at your church, school or community. We have developed a discussion manual based on the documentary to promote faith building, Nation building, reconciliatory conversations. God Bless You.


Timeline photos 04/04/2022

Please take note of the details for John Tooke's memorial service today at 14h00 at Howick Methodist Church.

The service will be streamed on Zoom. If you are joining remotely, please join before 13h50. When you enter the Zoom room your camera will be turned off and microphone muted - we ask please that you keep both off during the Service. There is a limit to the number of virtual attendees so please join early if you can.


Meeting ID: 829 4376 7318
Passcode: 706679

John Tooke was a long standing AE Colleague, a dear personal friend of Michael and Carol and many on the team and the pioneer for the Michael Cassidy and Friends Legacy Project.

We praise the Lord for the rich blessing John Tooke has been to AE and for having the foresight to preserve its legacy.

As believers we have that great comfort that we don't have to say goodbye but rather "see you later dear friend".

Timeline photos 31/03/2022

Tribute to John Tooke by AE Founder Michael Cassidy, 31 March 2022

It was one of life’s special and treasured privileges yesterday to join John’s family at our nearby hospital and pray for him and anoint him with oil. He had been suddenly struck down just a couple of days ago with an intestinal blockage which resulted in a rupture in his stomach. His beloved wife Christine rushed him to hospital and his devoted boys Larry and Lloyd rallied around him. John’s other son, Lance, comes in today. But most sadly, he will be here too late, because it was only some 45 minutes after I left the hospital, and his family a few minutes later, that my beloved and most precious friend, John, went to be with the Lord.
When Larry messaged me with this news I felt deeply shocked, totally stricken and heart- rent. I found it incomprehensible, and still do less than a day later. By God’s merciful grace, not having wept for a good few years, God gave me the gift of tears last night and I was able to weep over the loss of this beloved man. That was good.
But the tears of his family must be many more than mine. So with everyone in African Enterprise worldwide, Carol and I extend to Christine, Lance, Larry, and Lloyd and the rest of the family and grandchildren our deepest possibly sympathy and condolences. They have lost a prince of a man as husband, father, grandfather, and uncle. May they know that poignant blessedness of “those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4)
For myself I have lost one of life’s dearest, most precious and most loyal friends. John and his first wife Rona, who died a number of years ago, both came to the Lord during our first ever mission which took place in Pietermaritzburg in August 1962, which will be 60 years ago, this August. Hard to believe. As the first AE team returned from the USA to South Africa in late 1964, we quickly took up again with John and Rona, our friendship deepened, and to our everlasting gratitude John and Rona joined the team in 1967 just as we launched on Spearhead, our first full scale youth mission to the southern suburbs of Cape Town. With his background in public relations and graphic art John produced some amazing publicity material for us and was crucial in the formation of the evangelistic youth homegroups which were so central to that mission. We all quickly recognised that we had a Champion in our midst. Later that year came our first of three missions to Wits University in Johannesburg. John’s role was again central, and he was quickly developing into a preacher, teacher, and trainer in his own right.
Then just two years later John had risen to the position of being able to set up our enormous one-year Mission 70 to Johannesburg and Soweto with no less than 300 churches participating. It was truly an achievement of note.
Dear John continued to excel in the ministry on all these different fronts until finally when the AE Christian Leadership Training Centre was established in 1980 he became its Director. This led into two decades of the Centre’s hey-day. During this time John became deeply interested in how churches grow and develop, and this led him to go to Fuller Seminary and take a Theological Degree in Church Growth. When he returned he was the expert on the subject for the whole of South Africa. Not surprisingly our training wing at AESA was named after John, “To honour, salute and remember the inspiring labours at the centre of John Tooke, AE Team Member, 1967 – 1991.”
A time came in 1991 when John felt that he wanted to go into the Methodist ministry and really learn more deeply how to run and grow a local church. This he did successfully in the Cape for a number of years before returning here so we could share the home straight of our lives together while he initiated and set up The Michael Cassidy and Friends Legacy Project, now so ably led and run by Charlene Pauw, wife of AESA Team Leader, Theuns. During these years John also did his PhD at the University of Pretoria and I was overwhelmed and humbled when he told me that he wanted to do it on this poor sinner, MC, and his ministry in the cities of Africa. Imagine my joy being present at John’s doctoral graduation ceremony when he was adorned with that spectacular red gown and cap. For me another wonderful John memory for the ages.
Over all these years, apart from being the most wonderful of friends, John was a deeply committed and involved family man. He adored his first wife Rona, his brilliantly talented sons, and his adoring grandchildren. And when Rona finally got full-on dementia and was institutionalised, and even unable to speak or communicate, John visited her daily for four years and demonstrated spectacularly what the wedding vows were all about in loving for better or worse, in sickness and in health “until death us do part”. As John visited Rona every day for all those years, I was lost in admiration and gratitude for him. He was such an inspiration. By God’s glorious grace a number of years later He brought Christine Jarvis into John’s life, she, being the widow of Ralph, the long time Director of AE Communications. Oh, the joy of seeing this gift of each to the other. And how much we praise God for the four blissful years they had together. Our hearts go out so much to dear, stricken Christine at this time.
So here we are at the end of a journey of one of this era’s special men of God. And this will be registering with me very poignantly tomorrow afternoon (April 1, 2022) when John and I were to have one of our regularly planned meetings together for fellowship, reflection and prayer. If there were no Christ and no Gospel and we all went back to an accidental nothingness out of which we accidentally came, then all would be dust and ashes, despair and disillusionment. But NO, our Jesus “has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light.” (2 Timothy 1:10). If death once thought he was the lethal fast bowler, he now knows that Jesus by his death and resurrection has hit him out of the ground for six! And John is now discovering what the apostle Paul meant when he wrote: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has there entered the heart of man the things God has prepared for them that love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)
As we give deep thanks for John’s great life, we extend again our deepest sympathy to Christine and all the family and assure them of our ongoing prayers.
Aurevoir, dear friend. We will see you in the morning.

CLF Prayer Meeting 16 March 2016 18/03/2022

Dear Friends, We had a great prayer meeting on Wednesday. Here is the link to the recording https://youtu.be/-SxKnOWe_Qg if you were unable to join. There are great guidelines for prayer for the Ukraine and Russia and South Africa and wisdom regarding the role of the Church in Peace Building. God bless you.

CLF Prayer Meeting 16 March 2016 This month we focussed our prayer time on the theme of Peace Building. Our speakers gave some insight into the role of the church in peacebuilding as we cons...

Timeline photos 27/01/2022

*Tribute to Ebenezer Sikakane by Michael Cassidy - 26 January 2022*

It was with real sadness that we heard of the passing to glory of our very dear friend, and long time colleague Ebenezer Sikakane. But our sadness is overwhelmed by our realisation that he is with his Lord whom he served in a distinguished manner all his life. In this lies the wonderful comfort of those who are left behind.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his second wife, Emlinah whom he married a number of years after his first wife, Emily, had gone to be with the Lord. So to Emlinah and all the family plus grandchildren we extend our deepest sympathy and express our huge gratitude for this great man of God, husband, father and grandfather.

Our original team first met Ebenezer Sikakane when we came to Pietermaritzburg for our very first mission in 1962. Ebenezer, a theologian, musician, writer and lecturer at Union Bible Institute brought to the city-hall the amazing UBI choir which he had trained and which delighted audiences on many occasions. The whole team loved Ebenezer and dearly hoped he would one day join us.

When the team returned to South Africa at the end of 1964 and were to conduct our first mission on return to Ladysmith in Northern Natal, Ebenezer was invited to join the mission as a volunteer. Ebenezer was one of the stars of the show and so loved his ministry with AE that he was ready to respond positively to our invitation to join us.

I personally loved ministering with Ebenezer who proved himself not only the best Zulu interpreter in the country but one of the greatest Zulu preachers in all South Africa. Ebenezer served the ministry with distinction, and I had the privilege of having him accompany me in ministry in a number of schools, in Egypt and then in Latin America (Panama and Nicarugua). In 1970 he and I preached together for three weeks in a mission to Soweto.

In Nicaragua he was always very amused when we were travelling with Bishop Festo Kivengere and a mixed up pastor introduced him to a meeting as “Bishop Sugarcane"!!

Sadly in the late 80’s in South Africa he felt so overwhelmed and depressed by the apartheid system, and fearful of being detained, that he emigrated to Canada where he became a baptist pastor, and our representative in Toronto and remained part of the AE fellowship in North America from that day to this.

He was a lovely man of deep godliness with the gifts of friendship and laughter and he won people to Christ wherever he went. We do indeed bless the Lord for his life and again send our deep sympathies to the beautiful Christian family he has left behind.

Timeline photos 26/12/2021

Tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu by Michael Cassidy, Founder of African Enterprise.(26.Dec.2021)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of South Africa's greatest ever luminaries, both ecclesiastical & national, has gone to be with His Lord. People from every race, sector & background will mourn his passing, because he was a man for all who stood without fear or favour for the human rights of all.

Perhaps it is as an almost unequaled African champion for human rights that he will be most fondly & universally remembered. And it was for this that he justly became a Nobel Laureate .

In South Africa his immensely courageous fight against Apartheid earned him the fearsome approbrium of the National Party Government, the settled hostility of most whites, but the thankful adoration of all people of colour, as well as more liberal whites. In fact from the church, his voice during those dread years, was by far the most audible, & his persona by far the most visible. This audibility & visibility constituted a true achievement of note, & contributed powerfully to the final fall of Apartheid.

As far as we were concerned in African Enterprise, Desmond was a friend to our work & contributed powerfully in conferences we organized or helped organize such as SACLA (South African Christian Leadership Assembly), the NIR (National Initiative for Reconciliation), & the Rustenberg Conference which represented the whole church spectrum & spoke to the whole range of political leadership from far left to far right.

At a personal level I also counted Desmond a good friend. He commended numbers of my books, including my recent Memoirs, & wrote the Foreword to my book The Politics of Love. We also shared in significant ministry together in AE's city-wide mission to Kigali, Rwanda, a year after the genocide. That was very moving. I especially remember ministering with him in terrifying cells of pitifully jammed together prisoners. And then being with him as he collapsed in tears in one church filled with skeletal remains of murdered victims. There I saw his profound compassion poured out. Even as we tried to hold him up. Such shared moments one can never forget, culminating in our sharing the evangelistic preaching to a packed stadium in our final service.

And all this Desmond could do inspite of the fact that we had strong theological differences on certain issues such as Universalism & Gay Marriage. But he never allowed those to damage our friendship. And neither did I.

Thankfully in our recently produced documentary, The Threatened Miracle of South Africa's Democracy, Desmond features strongly, both during the Apartheid years, but even afterwards when he severely scolded the ANC of Zuma's time saying " I'm warning you; I'm WARNING you; you are a disgrace ". No one else had that truly prophetic courage, credibility & ability to speak to all sides, all the time, AND be heard!

Yes, we will miss him--- the Arch, as he was affectionately known, even by the media. But his legacy of prophetic witness will live on wherever South Africa's story is told, & wherever racial justice & the Human Rights struggle are in purview.

To his dear, always supportive wife Leah, to his family, to his ministry colleagues, especially in the Anglican Church, we in African Enterprise world -wide extend our deepest sympathies, & assurances of heart-felt prayers at this time.

Dear Desmond---- Beloved Arch-----thank you for blessing us with your life. Aurevoir. We will see you in the Morning.

The Threatened Miracle of South Africa's Democracy 12/12/2021

Today is the state funeral of F W de Klerk. During the making of our documentary our film crew could interview him. We have been working with this material for 2 years and what struck me about FW de Klerk is his ability to stick to principles and his sincere care for the wellbeing of our nation. Also that he saw it as his calling to lead SA out of apartheid. I was only 13 in 1994. I only realised many years later that they said South Africa was on the brink of civil war and the bloodbath would have been the worst Africa had ever seen. I am grateful that our country was not devastated by full blown civil war. I am grateful that we came out of aparheid because it was wrong. I am grateful to raise my family in the country that I love. I am grateful to God and I am also today very grateful to FW de Klerk and all the others that played their part in bringing us through.May we never throw our miracle away. Charlene Pauw MC&F Legacy Co-ordinator

The Threatened Miracle of South Africa's Democracy 'The Threatened Miracle of South Africa’s Democracy' is a highly educational and inspirational historical documentary based on the book 'A Witness For Ever' ...

Christian Leaders Forum - Thanksgiving - 17 November 2021 18/11/2021

Here is the recording of the faith building Thanksgiving session we had on 17 November. 1 Chron 16:34 says, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!" https://youtu.be/juV5z7vFkW4

Christian Leaders Forum - Thanksgiving - 17 November 2021 Our theme for this month of November 2021 was the theme of Thanksgiving to God for prayers that He has answered and the ways we have experienced His faithful...

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