East Union High 50-year Reunion

East Union High 50-year Reunion

50-year reunion

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Photos from East Union High 50-year Reunion's post 11/11/2023

EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion … such a lovely note of thanks from just one of our teachers and wives. The note speaks for itself.

Dear Ben (Garcia) & Committee:

Dan and I want to thank you for inviting us to the 52nd class reunion for class of 1971. Hard to believe 52 years and gone by but the memories are all so still very clear. Our meal was delicious and the fellowship with delightful. Seeing all was an eye-opener as we still remember you as kids, LOL.

Sharing the tough times, knowing it is what kept us as a tightknit for the school is what we remember the most, and it was truly as what Jose Barron said your parents were a big part of that foundation. Dan was so happy to see his former students. As for me being the choir teacher for those only two years, never kept me far from that camaraderie . We have always felt that true loyalty to each of you at EUHS. It’s staff students and parents … we were and are truly family! Maybe years ahead be good and healthy for all. And we look forward to another gathering. Make them often as our ages being closer to looking up at the daisies than down at the daisies.

With fond thanks
Nancy and Dan laurenti.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion … Whew! What a great time was had by all. We have had many other reunions, but this one was very special to us. We had alumni from out-of-state including Chuck Dimas, Sharon Witty Gonzales and Marshall “Tupper” Carpenter with their significant others. I hadn’t seen Sharon in 52 years … talk about teary-eyed. Hopefully you’ve seen my other pictures of the reunion. John Burgess was there with his lovely girlfriend Joanie, Diane Phillips with her lovely smile, Diane McConnell with that laugh, Marco Galeazzi, Alice Enos Smith and her husband Art, Janice Izosaki Snyder lovely as always, Lindy Miller Cross and many more. We had teachers! We had Vern Gebhardt (Sharon) talk about being in Sly and the Family Stone. We had Dino Cunial (Sharon) talk about the bare bones EUHS in the beginning and what a special group we were. We had Jose Barron (Mrs. Barron) play the fight song on the bugle and talked about how great the students were. We had Coach Lee (Sandy). We had Ed Almaas talk about growing with us as a teacher at East Union. We had Coach Laurenti (Janice) with us as well. We talked about funny times during our years and EU … passing the microphone around the room to several of whom spoke mostly putting all of us into laughter.

Priceless … our Master of Ceremonies was Phil Box! He welcomed all to the gathering while singing keeping us all entertained. Thank you Phil for your commitment to our reunion. We had a raffle where several alumni won money! A very special gift was given to our teachers … wine donated from Delicato Vineyards. Las Consuelas Mexican Restaurant gets high marks of excellence for their food and service.

Perhaps the most important and priceless part of the reunion was taking the last one and one half hours to talk to each other. We were able to have conversations with most everyone who came. These were people from our past of whom we will most likely never see again. There was a lot of laughing and hugging. There were a few that couldn’t come because of Covid, physical pain and loss. Remember now, we are all 70 years old … or most of us.

Lastly, the committee would like to thank our class for being there through all our reunions. There is so much work behind anyone of these reunions. We did the 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and now 52 year reunions. This will be our last reunion done as this committee. Please know we love you all.
Kathie Karim Medeiros
Michelle Lewis Branson
Ben Garcia
Phil Box
Tom Nolen


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Kathy Hopkins Garcia, Chuck and Pat Dimas.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... John Burgess, Phil Box and Sharon Witty Gonzales.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Samantha Kitchens Towne, Lindy Miller Cross and Sharon Witty Gonzales.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Ben Garcia (committee) and his lovely wife Kathy Hopkins Garcia.


EUHS Class of 1971 Class Reunion ... Chuck Dimas with his lovely wife Pat and Don Peoples.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Marshall "Tupper" Carpenter with his lovely wife Lorraine.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Jose Barron and his lovely wife ... Mr. Barron played the EUHS fight song on his bugle ... what a kick!


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... My love George and myself.


EUHS Class o 1971 Reunion ... Alice Enos Smith and Art Smith. One of my very best friends in high school.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion ... Chuck Dimas ... so handsome!


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion … Marco Galeazzi, Sam Kitchens Towne, Alice Enos Smith, Louie Ortega, Janice Izosaki Snyder and Andy Rodriguez. A picture for the ages.


EUHS Class of 1971 Reunion weekend. Meet the reunion committee …

Photos from East Union High 50-year Reunion's post 15/10/2023

The EUHS Class of 1971 52-Year Reunion is coming fast. The RSVP deadline is October 27th. The invite is below if you have not seen it. Please share to other alumni.

Photos from East Union High 50-year Reunion's post 04/08/2023

EUHS Class of 1971 … Here is the invite which is being mailed as we speak. I am also sending this invite as an attachment in an email for the addresses I have. We have several teachers of whom will be attending our reunion. Please share.


Welcome EUHS Class of 1971 to your 52-year class reunion! The time, place and details are below. We are inviting ALL teachers of our years (at no charge) to attend our reunion. Please help us invite them! If you would like to help, we can use it. The dress code for the reunion is upscale casual. You can reserve your place by check, but if you would prefer paying through Zelle … contact me through messaging. Please share far and wide please!


EUHS Class of 1971 ... 50-year Reunion moved to 2022 because of pandemic. More to come. Contact Kathie Karim Medeiros, Bennie Garcia or Michelle Lewis Branson for more information.


EUHS 50-year reunion planning coming soon for mid-2021 celebration .... to be updated.

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