Youths Against Bad Governance

Youths Against Bad Governance

Fight Against bad governance.


We say no to bad governance.


Up date: Bandits that kidnapped the Bethel College Students called today to inform parents that they will not kill any student but that they will die of hunger. To avoid that, parents should deliver the following food items to them tomorrow at a location they will direct:
1. 30 bags of rice.
2. 20 bags of beans.
3. 15 Jerricans of palm oil.
4. 20 cartoons of maggi
5. 10 bags of salt.
Ransom negotiation will only begin after this delivery.
Keep praying for this children.


Say no to bad governance.


*Security Report*

Sabon Gayan in Kakau Ward was attacked on 11/06/21 at around 8:15pm.

The following persons were abducted:

1. Mallam Hudu Wanzam
2. Okasha Bala
3. Jaaru Sabo
4. Abba Ja’afaru
5. Ahmadu Ja’afaru
6. Abdurrahman Adamu
7. Hayatu m. Tasi'u
8. Sani M. Tasi'u
9. Adamu Dauda
10. Sabi'u Umar
11. Nura Bako
12. Danjuma
13. Blessing
14. Clement
15. Malam Abubakar
16. Zainab Abubakar
17. Anas Abubakar

Two persons were shot and taken for treatment.

On 14/06/2021 at about 2:00am, bandits attacked Unguwar Fulani of Sabon Gayan, and abducted the following four (4):

1. Maman Rafi'a Alfa Abdullatif
2. Basira Abdullatif
3. Maryam Abdullatif
4. Rashida Abdullatif

On 14/06/2021 at about 7:00am, one Nasara, a resident of Kankomi was killed on his way to farm.

On15/06/21 at about 5am, 16 were reported to have been abducted at Unguwar Siman Quarry, Kakau, near Sarkin Kakau Residence.

List of Abductees:

1. Ishaku Daudu
2. Yahaya Ishaku
3. Hanatu Ishaku (F)
4. Solomon Ishaku
5. Precious Obadiah (F)
6. Istifanus Bala
7. Margret Istifanus (F)
8. Gladys Istifanus (F)
9. Ezekiel Iliya
10. Alheri Yusuf (F)
11. Mary Abednego (F)
12. Shekwolo Abednego
13. Deborah Agama (F)
14. Lancy Agama (F)
15. Salama Caleb (F)
16. Laitu Caleb (F)

On 17/06/21at about 1am armed men came to U/Sarki, Kakau again and abducted people.

List of Abductees:

1. Bathsheba Bitrus (F)
2. Blessing Ayuba (F)
3. Victoria Bulus (F)
4. Isaac Danjuma
5. Pastor Paul

Yesterday, 18/06/21 another set of 17 persons were abducted and 3 killed in U/Dogo, adjacent U/Siman, Kakau.

List of Abductees:

1. Lami Thomas (F)
2. James Elihsa
3. Miracle Emmanuel (F)
4. Biyyaya Emmanuel (F)
5. Rifkatu Garba (F)
6. Lydia Garba (F)
7. Na'allah Irimiya
8. Tani Bala (F)
9. Felicia Irimiya (F)
10. Mata Bala (F)
11. Jummai Bala (F)
12. Zamani Bala
13. Rejoice Bala (F)
14. Justina Bala (F)
15. Wo'azagbaynilo Bala (F)
16. Ayinya Alh. Jeli (F)
17. Mr. Samson Ali

2 killed along


Tuko & Blondy!


No to bad governance.


Say no to bad governance.


MAkE Use Of yOuR hEaD.

Politics is divide & rule, politics tells you that someone can do something for you; but we knows God does everything.
So the best man to deal with is God.

The bigger man now was once a small man so I don't know where these guys got this big ideas of wanting to be ruler of our people and help enforce devilism.

A political strength of the people's constituents & a giant ☂️ umbrella with rains of no help.

Remember that we were all bitten by the king Cobra & we all endured the pains but after sometimes the king Cobra will got dead.

We all internal fight's & external defend ourselves so don't interfere.

Say no to bad governance..


All lives matters, end insecurity & bad governance in Nigeria now.


All in Nigeria, we say no to bad governance.


Say no to bad governance.

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