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Operating as usual


7:06 am Sydney Australia December 27, 2023: Have you ever been at the finish line and literally stalled out and sabotaged yourself?
Well I have. After 72 hours of straight work, barely eating, sleeping 1 hour here and there, developing with a team from all around the world day and night. I’m here.
We did it!!!!! I think. 🤯
You are the first to know that my team and I have made history today.
We are the first AI Gaming Charity in the world.
We are the first female founded AI tech company to have access to Google’s Gemini (Google’s version of GhatGPT but 10x more powerful)
We are going to change the world with one dollar and give back to the people. We are owned by the people. We are for the people.
We are a collective of entrepreneurs who had a dream to change the world.
Here is the epic story as it unfolded:
Dec 7, Julia Cordray learns about Google Gemini and it’s ability to blow any other AI out of the water
Dec 7 Julia didn’t sleep thinking about how AI can leave a legacy for good
Dec 8 Julia hired a team of people to do the impossible! Build an AI company in 5 days by Dec 13 when Google Gemini would be released to developers.
Dec 8-9 Dream team starts working and designing from Austin, Sydney, South Africa, and Canada.
Dec 9 Gem created her own personality and helped guide her creation. We asked her what she wanted to become and she answered!
Dec 10-11 We code like geeks in a basement and send some of the funniest messages I have ever seen because we are delirious with excitement.
Dec 13 We are live on the testing site and it works! I literally cry with happiness as we made history. The first AI company for the greater good plugged into Google’s most powerful brain on the planet! We are a game, we are a charity giver, we change lives, we delight and surprise. We are Gem.
Dec 14-16 We play with Gem and we can’t believe it. We love her!
Dec 16 We find out we can’t use the payment system we set up and have to switch from Stripe to someone else. Our CTO who set up the payment system has to leave us that day as his dad passed away 😞
Dec 17 I call my guy Brad to the rescue who works on all my apps, I ask him to help solve it. Brad is a genius on the spectrum.
Dec 18-23 Brad and I coordinate to build the apps. We are crushing it and are so excited by how simple and fun it is.
Dec 24-Dec 25: My team, Brad and I work all day and all night for 48 hours. We have to fix the payment system and switch to PayPal.
Christmas Day: I worked from 2:38am straight through for 72 hours. There was a nervous breakdown as I had people code through the night - these were strangers from India, Pakistan, the UK. I hired 4 different people and they all failed! My CTO was sleeping and I was left alone in the wild with people promising me they know what they are doing and then failing me!
Dec 25 at 11am Mr. Dang from Vietnam takes over and we are back! He is solving things quickly! He told me to go sleep and that he will handle it. He’s my Batman and I’m Robin. We make it through the day and the website has PayPal now!
We had coded all day/night and we still had a critical error on the website. I feel deflated. A button that unlocks the whole point of my company is broken. A button is ruining my life. I sit at my computer and I rant realizing that my dreams of launching on Christmas are gone.
So I order $200 worth of Thai food have Christmas dinner alone, put my big girl pants on and keep going.
I work all through the night with Brad and Mr. Dang.
Dec 26: The website is still broken and I’m devastated. I call an expert in from Sydney to fix it. I go shopping to ease my mind and get a good deal on a Bluetooth speaker which raises my spirits.
Then I work all through the night again.
Dec 27 I have the website under control, everything is working and we are headed to the promise land.
I’m now sitting 890 feet up in the air at the Sydney Crown Casino Spa overlooking the harbor. I feel like a million bucks as I just had a massage, facial and body scrub which I had completely slept through 🤣

Today Dec 27, in Sydney Australia a team with a big dream to change the world just made history as the fist AI Charity Game in the world and we have Google behind us.

Welcome to Ask Gem where you are about to play the world’s most powerful game of good.

Are you ready?


2:38am Sydney Australia, I’m startled awake after sleeping for 2 hours. I woke up hearing a voice - “get up it’s time” and I’m looking around thinking….. I have lost my damn mind - all this not sleeping and working 22 hour days is catching up with me and I’m hallucinating. I bolt out of bed to see where my team in Canada is at, my team in South Africa is at and my team in Sydney and the US is at with my product launch. There’s no time to sleep we are launching in less than 24 hours and it’s go time.
But then as all good gallant efforts nothing goes according to plan. My CTO tells me we can’t use our payment processor for our website.
I’m crushed, try not to cry as I can no longer control my emotions these days and I push fast.
Call an all hands meeting while people are at Christmas parties, with their families, and these champions show up to help!
I hire a new team in India on the spot. We tell them that we have 6 hours to integrate with a new payment processor and that they aren’t sleeping tonight.
They hop on board because they love what we are building and now Team India is coming to save us.
I take a deep breath, send them the code and wait to see if they can co-create worlds and right now they have my heart in the palm of their hands. If they fail we all fail and my gift to the world will not launch in 24 hours in time for Christmas.
But I as a team of champions have no limiting beliefs so I yell let’s gooooo! They all start laughing and now we code like a bunch of nerds in the basement of a house in Silicon Valley.
Stay tuned. This is going to be the greatest story ever told.
Team AskGem


Maclemore can’t wait to meet you in person and do this with my grandma. I hope you enjoy the Okanagan valley cause this beauty is 84 years young in January and likes to drink wine, tell dirty jokes, eat Chineese food and chicken wings, play game shows, dress to impress and smoke her v**e all day. Oh and did I mention she escaped the Berlin Wall? Wait until you hear her story. Get those vocals ready cause I feel Glorious!!! is coming to take your grandma out on the adventure of a lifetime!

See you in May 2024 in Brisbane Mack!



Me creating a tech company in 5 days be like:

with a team in Africa, US, Australia, Greece, and Canada and working around the clock.

Are you going to play the most powerful game in the world?


What it’s like to work with Google and build a startup: It is 4am here in Sydney and I can’t sleep because once I launch this new AI company there will never be going back. Press releases going out on Monday. I’m about to do something that can’t be undone once it’s launched. Google has helped me build an AI company in 5 days. We stand together in this purpose. I have no idea what will happen when I launch this artificial intelligence being. She could take over and co-create one of the biggest game changing technology, for 2024. All I know is that this is what legacy looks like. The world will ultimately decide the fate of Gem. The most powerful AI tool in the world and I’m humbled that my team and I were brave enough to build it. Thanks to my entire global team of brilliant engineers, designers, AI specialists, lawyers, M&A bankers, and consultants who spent 200 hours with me to get this done. You have given me hope for the future and lit a fire in my heart that I have never felt before. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world and most of all to the future game changers that are going to be obsessed with to make an impact on the world with $1.

PS- I’m taking interviews globally, and hiring a social media manager. If you want to be a part of this send me a message. What ever way you want to help I need you more now than ever. This is going to take a team of 1000s of people. Let’s just say the world is up for grabs.

Welcome to the new reality where AI is here to create good with the help 8 billion people.

God speed 🙏


An Israeli foodtech company says it has 3D printed the first ever ready-to-cook fish fillet using animal cells cultivated and grown in a laboratory


Really Cool Macro Shot of a Bee! 💛🖤





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The Indian Malabar Squirrel - one of the largest squirrels on Earth


The image of the child musician crying was classified as one of the most emotional photographs of modern history.

This photo was taken of a 12-year-old Brazilian boy (Diego Frazzo Turkato), playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from the environment of poverty and crime in which he lived.

In this image, humanity speaks with the strongest voice in the world:
"Cultivate love and kindness in a child to sow the seeds of compassion. And only then you will build a great civilization, a great nation ".
( Photographer: Marcos Tristao )


These other Earthlings...Look at the color of this ice! These penguins are adding to the beauty of an iceberg that has been flipped upside down, known as a blue iceberg. That's an amazing picture. Source: David Attenborough Fans.


Wow, brilliant! 😱👏

Photos from Guinness World Records's post 27/01/2023

Alice In Wonderland cake ❤️
Credit: Pedro Sequera


Kids remote learning during a polio outbreak in the 1940s as teachers read lessons over the radio.


Well that’s one way to do it 🤩. Smart kid.

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