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Who do you trust the most?💞✨✨

Ourselves should definitely be the first answer! Sometimes we don’t know if we’re making the right decisions. It could be as simple as which outfit to wear, how to hold our utensils when eating, up to huge decisions like buying a car, making a career change, or shifting gears in our life journey. We are sometimes so indecisive we battle with ourselves, we ask for other people’s opinion, or we just feel stuck. This means we don’t trust ourselves.💞✨✨

You are the only person that can decide the next step for yourself. You have to have confidence in your foundation that you’re aware and willing to accept the outcome of the decision you make. How do we get to a place where we trust ourselves more? It’s not easy. It does take practice. But, we can start with getting more in tune with ourselves so we KNOW the decisions we make are best for us and we feel comfortable to follow through.💞✨✨


What’s the tea?! 💞✨✨

I have none. 🫣 It’s a head down and focused kind of week! Have a lot to do? Stay on task, try not to multitask, set boundaries and small goals.💞✨✨

Oh and if you do happen to take a tea break, practice holding your teacup properly, sip slow, and always look down. Cheers!🫖💞✨✨


This is the year of follow up and feedback!💞✨✨

Sometimes time gets away from us. We get so busy after an interaction that we forget to follow up or ask for feedback to consciously make improvements.💞✨✨

After a professional meeting, interaction, interview, event, presentation, or conversation, it is important and also chic to follow up with that person. We can send a thank you note by email or text message. The follow up shows your appreciation and continued thought about what you experienced or tasks you or the other person may need to complete in a positive and productive way.💞✨✨

Depending on the nature of your interaction, for example if it was an interview, a presentation, a meeting, or a service you provided, after expressing your thanks, ask for any feedback that can be provided, thoughts on what went well, and what can be improved.💞✨✨

Graciously reflect and review on the feedback you were given. Take notes and make changes that were identified and commend yourself on any compliments!💞✨✨

Photos from Chic Situations's post 14/01/2024

The perfect pattern!🖤🤍✨✨

Oh holiday time, we had a chic time!! This black and white houndstooth pattern dress with black satin trim and gold buttons was the perfect pattern pop against The Plaza Hotel’s Christmas tree lights! It is now one of my favorite chic dresses from ! I can’t wait to style it for spring!💞✨✨


Positive energy is chic!💞✨✨

Positive words, behaviors, actions, and thoughts have soooo much power! We sometimes forget the ripple effect of positive actions. We wouldn’t be able to even think about bettering our lives, making self improvements, show kindness and love, look or be chic in our everyday life if we weren’t incorporating positive aspects to our life.💞✨✨

Let’s change our thought process to not only be more chic, but be more positive. Keep it going! Practice sending and giving those positive vibes, intentionally. And practice self positivity. The power of positivity is strong, discerning, pure, humble, encouraging, enlightening, and energizing!💞✨✨

Are you like me? All I want is more positivity in my life.💞✨✨😁


What will you stop doing in 2024?💞✨✨

I will share that I am working on this.☝🏽
Over the years I’ve developed and maintained various types of relationships, met all types of people, and I’ve come to the realization that the more I expect “me” or what “I” would do from other people the more I get disappointed. 💞✨✨

We are different people, we live in our own bubbles of reality, and we process and practice ways of life that are not identical to others. So why would I expect a mirror image from the people I know?💞✨✨

I’m saying all this to say that living chic is a continuous inside communication with one self and being in a place where you accept people for who and where they are. Sharing a few reminders to keep us all in a chic mindset:

💞Be authentically you without any expectations.
💞Keep your standards by saying hello, how are you, thank you and excuse me even if others don’t.
💞Do things because YOU want to.
💞Let other people be. Avoid unsolicited advice or critique.
💞Accept that everyone’s etiquette knowledge is different, avoid correcting behaviors or etiquette mistakes made by others.
💞Choose your words carefully and think before we react knowing that our words and actions to situations won’t match other people’s perspectives.
💞Take the time to truly understand others.

Cheers to being me, to being you, and living chic without comparisons or compromise.🥂💞✨✨


Consistency is key!💞✨✨

That’s always the hard part right? We have this goal in mind, we change behaviors, we make life alterations, we develop some sort of plan, we DO make the intention, but ultimately things change, we forget, or we just don’t have the energy anymore to keep doing what we said we were going to do.💞✨✨

I think the missing part between intention and consistency is “showing up.” Showing up not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Showing up by being fully present in that moment to learn, immerse yourself and live through that journey….giving the improvement that you promised yourself your undivided attention so that it sticks. Whether it’s:

💞Giving someone you love quality time
💞Actually calendaring and acting on a future plan
💞Going to the gym the same days of the week
💞Turning off devices in order to focus on a task
💞Reading and enjoying a good book
💞Listening during a conversation
💞Sit in your emotions to process your feelings
💞Pay attention to your manners and etiquette
💞Speak positively to yourself and others
💞Heighten your awareness in order to be observant
💞Truly enjoying and giving your energy to the moment you are in

Cheers to yes, setting the intention, being consistent, but also showing up in between!💞✨✨


Call me optimistic!💞✨✨

But I do feel lots of chic coming on for 2024! With new energy to keep progressing and producing beautiful spaces and situations…intentionally, you never know how you just might surprise yourself! 😉💞✨✨


Cheers my chic friends, to 2023! 🥂💞✨✨

May your year end with peace knowing you gave your best, you tried new things, and cultivated for yourself beautiful chic memories!💞✨✨

For the new year, I hope you keep your eyes, mind, spirit and glass open to new opportunities, experiences and plenty more “chic situations” filled with family, friends, fragrant flowers, heart felt love, lots of laughter, positivity, self-improvement, self-care, beautifully set tables, slow afternoon tea, culture, and creativity.💞✨✨

May we all continue to be mindful of our manners by practicing kindness and respect as life’s foundation. May we emphasize the importance of etiquette everyday not for ourselves, but out of care and consideration for others. May we all embrace our capabilities to live and enjoy a chic life!💞✨✨

Now let’s say cheers again and toast to 2024!! 🥂💞✨✨


It’s about that time!💞✨✨

As the new year approaches, instead of making a resolution list of what we should change let’s take inventory of our life and truly think about what we may need to add to it to be and feel more chic. Appreciation of what we have, how far we’ve grown, and what we’ve learned is key to maintaining our chic.💞✨✨

Here are a few chic tips to start our inventory list:

💞More rest, peace and sleep.
💞Consistent exercise and movement.
💞Healthier eating habits.
💞Sustainable self-care.
💞Polishing our poise and overall presentation.
💞Re-evaluate complimentary wardrobe ideas.
💞Minding manners and practicing etiquette everyday.
💞Showing kindness and support in our speech to others.
💞Plan and prioritize opportunities or goals.
💞Rearrange some physical, spiritual or mental aspects of our life.
💞Cultivate a new experience to explore.

Cheers to taking inventory of what makes us happy and even more chic!💞🥂✨✨ #2024


Chic is not meant to be compared.💞✨✨

Chic is what we individually describe as something beautiful and unique, or a situation created in our life that has a touch of something special and stylish. My chic is not your chic. Your chic is not their chic.💞✨✨

Be okay with being different and creating different situations that have your element of chic. Avoid comparing lifestyles, understand that chic doesn’t have a price point, and that chic can be cultivated with anyone and at any place. Each person has the capability to create their own chic situations. Shift into this thought for 2024.💞✨✨

Live, love and share yourself in your own chic way.💞✨✨


What type of guest are you?💞✨✨

Let’s make it the norm to be gracious, grateful guests:

💞Show up on time. Each party is different. Consider the type of party or event, and be courteous to advise the host of your tardiness if you are late.
💞Bring a host gift. A good host/hostess gift never goes out of style. They will appreciate your gratitude for being invited.
💞Respect their home. Follow any rules they set and be mindful of surroundings, where to eat, taking pictures and asking first for certain things.
💞Don’t spend all your time on your phone. Enjoy the moment. A lot of time went into planning, preparing and entertaining.
💞Be sensitive about conversation. Don’t gossip or say anything negative about a person or situation. Speak positively and give genuine compliments.
💞Offer to help. It’s always gracious to extend your help to serve or clean up. Be ok as well if the hostess declines and just wants you to have a good time!
💞Say “Thank You.”

Cheers to being chic this holiday season!🥂💞✨✨


It’s the seven days of “Chic-Mas!”🎄💞✨✨

Have you been following my Insta-Stories!!? Each day a new chic lifestyle and etiquette tip is shared on how you can cultivate and create a chic experience for yourself and others this holiday season!🎄💞✨✨

Chic starts with us and how we treat others and what moments we take to share with those we love, how we treat strangers, and how we treat ourselves. What does being chic mean to you this holiday season?🎄💞

Is it important to you keep traditions? Do you find pride and fun in getting dressed? Are you gracious to those hosting you? Do you give from the kindness of your heart? Are you aware of others while holiday shopping? Are you pleasant and considerate to people in stores or wait staff at restaurants?🎄💞

I hope one of the tips shared resonates with you, or that you share with others for an “Oh So Chic”Christmas, or, “Chic-Mas!”🎄💞✨✨

*STAY TUNED ALL 7 DAYS for a chance to win a chic gift!!🙌🏽🎄💞✨✨


Hosting a party this holiday season?💞✨✨

Remember these chic tips to host with hospitality and humility:

💞Send save the dates and invitations at least two weeks in advance. Holiday time can be the most busiest time and you want to give people enough time to plan to attend. When invitations are sent the week of or close to the date it will be challenging to acquire the attendance of all guests.
💞Depending on the type of party be thoughtful and clear in your invitation. Send a proper invitation by mail, Evite or text message with all details. A phone call is also chic and best if inviting on short notice.
💞Be welcoming and attentive to your guests upon arrival and throughout the party. Converse and show concern for all guests, no matter the situation.
💞Be humble in your hosting. Don’t use that time to brag or boast about personal information. Direct the party, but also go with the flow of your guests.
💞Don’t be quick to offer expensive beverages to guests, instead ask them what they prefer to drink, provide your options, and offer your best at a more intimate time or setting.
💞Accept help if offered or politely decline in a gracious way. Simply say, “Oh thank you! I appreciate your offer, we will clean up later.” Never say, “It’s okay, I like to load my own dishwasher.” Avoid any comments that can sound dismissive.

The way we host can make all the “chic” this holiday season! You’re inviting people over to celebrate and enjoy a good time. People forget what you say, but remember how you make them feel. Cheers!💞✨✨


Know how to use your knife and fork?💞✨✨

That’s great! But, etiquette is so much more than that! Etiquette is knowing when, where and how to utilize certain skills that make you and others around you feel comfortable. Etiquette is confidence in knowing what is acceptable to do. Etiquette is following a set of rules in any situation that creates culture, civility and courtesy.💞✨✨

Want to learn more than just how to use your knife and fork? Hello my name is Tiffany Kerr, you chic etiquette instructor! Follow along for more chic tips! Or, contact me for your personal etiquette experience!💞✨✨

Email: [email protected]


Set your chic priorities. Period.💞✨✨✨

You know what makes you feel chic. Chic is when you feel your best, you feel beautiful, energetic, confident, positive and enthusiastic. You feel at ease and comfortable within yourself, no stress, and put together, mentally and physically. Set those things as your priorities in order to live your best life.💞✨✨

Here are some examples of some chic priorities you may need to set:

💞Wake up early.
💞Clean, rearrange, or organize your space.
💞Meal plan and prep for a healthy week.
💞Be on time to school, work, meetings and events.
💞Set aside time for grooming and self-care.
💞Make a to do list and check off when complete.
💞Set the table before you eat.
💞Speak positively into others.
💞Think of a way to show kindness to someone each day.

And those are just a few! Cheers and let’s make it a chic week!💞✨✨


Find the chic in the little things!🎄💞✨✨

J Crew’s adult velvet hair bows are perfect for a holiday half-up, half-down, bun, or ponytail look!


Tis’ the season of giving!🎄💞✨✨

As I observe and share the gifting season, I was reminded of the true reason we give gifts to each other this time of year, to show love and appreciation to those we know.💞✨✨

When we gift, we think about the other person. We give something thoughtful and meaningful related to them, not ourselves, that they can use or need. We give wholeheartedly because we want to, not because we want something. We give with no expectations, acknowledgment, boast, or favors. We give simply because we want to make the other person happy.💞✨✨

So, here’s a chic reminder during this holiday season, if you choose to give, do so with love and kindness, within your means, consider the other person, receive the “Thank You” when it comes, and don’t expect a gift in return. On the other hand, if you receive a gift, don’t feel pressured or obligated to return the gesture with a gift. And, appreciate the gift you’re given, whatever it may be.💞✨✨



It’s Holiday Card Time!!🎄💞✨✨

Here are few tips to help make your holiday card season chic:

💞First, I want to say that it is not a requirement to send holiday cards. But, it is nice to send and receive greetings during the holidays the good old fashioned way.
💞Plan ahead and decide at least a month in advance what type of card you want to send, a photo card, boxed cards, custom cards, or handwritten.
💞Purchase your cards to receive in enough time to sign, package and mail the first week of December. You want your card to be enjoyed by those you love all month long. Cards go away usually after New Year’s Day.
💞Sign your cards with the father’s name first, mother and children’s names.
💞Create your holiday list and addresses early, even update throughout the year of family and friends.
💞Address your card to the entire family when mailing. For example, “The Kerr Family.”
💞Check your spelling & grammar and write addresses neatly. Have labels printed or addresses printed on envelopes for you. I personally like to sit and write each address on our cards.
💞Order and save a couple of extra cards in case you get a card from someone and you’d like to return the greeting.



One thing I’ve learned about being chic is that it’s all about being kind.💞✨✨

Kind to yourself, kind to others in our everyday journey, and being so kind that we make an effort to make experiences memorable and nice.

It’s a certain “kind” of person that can naturally be attentive, caring, sweet, stylish, fun, supportive and beautiful in their own way. Kindness is the foundation to being and living chic. 💞✨✨


Don’t forget your chic!💞✨✨

Hello new day and new opportunity to be and share our chic! We can’t see it, but we exude it, we live it, and we share it.

Here are some tips on how to carry your chic wherever you go:

💞Get dressed. Make sure your clothes look presentable and you are properly groomed.
💞Ladies, carry an appropriate handbag.
💞Be polite. Use your manners and practice good etiquette.
💞Smile! That’s your best asset!
💞Think of others, hold the door, elevator, or allow someone to go ahead of you.
💞Give a genuine compliment, not to satisfy the person, but to truly share what you admire about them.
💞Say, “Thank You.” It goes a long way!
💞Be patient and calm. Chic is having the ability to be comfortable and confident in any situation.
💞Speak positively. Use your words as tools to uplift, understand and communicate truth.
💞Be YOU! We are all unique and share different qualities.

Cheers to carrying and sharing your chic!💞✨✨


Need a gift idea!?🥂💞✨✨

What’s free, takes two seconds to give, doesn’t need to be wrapped and can be given to anyone at anytime and any place?

Your SMILE! 😁💞✨✨

Don’t underestimate the power of a warm genuine smile. Add that to a friendly greeting, conversation, a wave, or hug. The holiday season can be a time when some people feel the most uptight, stressed out, or in a hurry.

Slow down and offer the gift of your smile. Your presence and acknowledgment may be just what someone needs to feel merry & chic!💞✨✨ Tuckernuck


Books are the perfect gift to give!💞

On this “Giving Tuesday,” purchase a copy of my book, “Chic Situations: Create, Embrace & Enjoy Life’s Chic Situations” to give to a special friend, family member, or colleague!

Timeless information on lifestyle and etiquette is shared and related to real life. Together, we explore practical and simple ways to cultivate a chic life from the inside, out, single, married, as a mother, or friend.

Go to to give the gift of chic today! Thank you!🙏🏽💞✨✨


Continental Dining💞🍽️ ✨✨

What is your utensil resting position?

💞In a top triangle shape with your knife and fork on your plate.
💞Fork is faced upside down.
💞Knife ridges are turned inward.
💞Knife and fork are not in your hands while you talk.
💞Your wrists are resting at the edge of the table or in your lap.

Cheers to dining the chic continental way! Happy Holidays!🥂💞✨✨


Happy Thanksgiving!🥂💞✨✨

💞Cheers to finding time to rest after you’ve cooked or just rest because you need it!
💞Cheers to a healthy reset. Quality time with those you love or time you need to reset your mind and spirit away from the noise of the world!
💞Cheers to counting each and every blessing. Why? Because they are there, all around us, waiting to be recognized and appreciated, the big and the small, the people, the things and alllll the feelings you allow to flow through and in you this thanksgiving!

Rest, reset and recognize what’s good in YOUR life. Your blessings are yours and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!🥂💞✨✨


Conversation Chic!💞✨✨

Let’s have the conversation. It is perfectly ok to start and participate in interesting, engaging conversations.

💞Listen and allow the person to speak without interrupting.
💞Ask questions to understand in a nonjudgmental way.
💞Never argue. Agree to disagree.
💞Share knowledge in a helpful, enlightening way.
💞Religion and politics can be sensitive.
💞Pay attention to social cues to know what someone feels comfortable or not comfortable talking about.
💞Change the topic if you feel uncomfortable.
💞Share your point your view.

Cheers to many chic conversations, especially around this holiday time!🥂💞✨✨


Don’t forget to say “Thank You.”💞✨

Say thank you:
💞To the cook(s) for preparing your thanksgiving meal.
💞To your host for inviting you over.
💞To the family and friends who support you.
💞To someone who offers a kind gesture.
💞For your home, health and happiness.
💞For the things you already have.
💞For the small things like breakfast, lunch, dinner, a hug, a smile, a text or thoughtful phone call.

Sending a friendly reminder to be chic and not only give thanks this thanksgiving, but actually SAY “Thank You” to verbally express your thanks.💞✨✨

Photos from Chic Situations's post 18/11/2023

Thank you Rachel Sibella of Neiman Marcus Garden State Plaza for helping us get holiday ready at the Holiday Chic Etiquette Lunch!🥂💞✨✨

Rachel helped me curate and explain various ideas for every type of guest this holiday season, from chic at home for thanksgiving to the most sparkly for new years! With every option in between, colors, texture and pattern, the ladies left feeling inspired to shop the second floor and brainstorm their next holiday party outfit!

THANK YOU Rachel for this added and exclusive experience!💞✨


Get ready chic friends! It’s the most wonderful ‘etiquette’ time of the year!!🙌🏽💞✨✨

So many gatherings! So many parties!
Stay chic by practicing your etiquette!

💞RSVP within a timely manner and commit to your response.
💞Respond in the same way the invitation was sent.
💞Bring a hostess gift to show your appreciation.
💞Bring a dish only if asked to do so. If the hostess says no thank you, just go.
💞Abide by the dress code. Don’t be the only one that doesn’t wear an ugly sweater or sequins!
💞Do not arrive early. Arrive 10-15 minutes after the party start time.
💞Respect the hostess’s home, venue or theme by following the rules set forth for the party. For example, some may not want cell phones at the table or pictures taken, some may ask you to remove your shoes, some may say to use a certain restroom, or play games. Have fun. Participate.
💞Only say positive things or don’t say anything at all.
💞Leave at the appropriate time, don’t linger.

With every party this holiday season etiquette is still expected no matter how well you know the host or guests, or not. 💞✨✨

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