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The Divorce Coaching Academy are now enrolling students for the next course starting September 16th. This is the only externally accredited live interactive divorce coach training programme in the UK. We offer comprehensive mentored coach training using adapted case studies, we cover all four phases of divorce in great depth tackling problems in communication, conflict, connection, children, cash, (self)care and challenges at all four stages. In addition we give you business in a box training that will enable you to set up a thriving business from the word go.

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Sue Palmer Conn DCA Conference 24 29/04/2024

Are you, or someone you know, a couple in conflict? Do you know what Discernment coaching is? Last week at the DCA Conference I explained how discernment coaching can help couples learn about themselves as individuals, as a couple, and as a family.It can help them make an informed decision with which they are both confident and comfortable is the right decision based on deeper understanding whether to mend, bend or end their relationship. To see for yourself watch the video yourself on you tube

Sue Palmer Conn DCA Conference 24

Photos from The Divorce Coaching Academy's post 02/04/2024

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Are you going through or coming out of a divorce? Take the Divorce Adjustment Survey to see how you’re doing.
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Just 5 days left to get the 20% reduction on the externally accredited Diploma in Professional Divorce Coaching.
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The Divorce Coaching Academy has encouraged graduates to become mediation champions and wholeheartedly supports Family Mediation Week

Family Mediation Week is organised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and throughout the week the FMC and its member organisations will be promoting family mediation to members of the public and other professionals working with separating families.

The FMC has created an excellent programme of webinars and local in-person networking events that are taking place during Family Mediation Week, for professionals working with separated families such as lawyers, CAFCASS officers, the judiciary and members of local family justice boards.


Wishing all my friends, family, colleagues and clients a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2024


Don’t miss out on the early bird and staged payment plan for the February Professional Divorce Coach Diploma, the only externally accredited specialist divorce coaching programme in the U.K. this course is not a life coach course that mentions divorce and breakup. It covers all four stages of divorce and helps you to help clients navigate the 7 Cs. It is endorsed by several major family law firms. It is run by multi global award winning experts who are serving members of Resolution committees.

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Are you ready for a change in career? Do you want to add skills and knowledge to your professional portfolio?

The next Diploma in Professional Divorce Coaching programme start February 26th 2024. Take advantage of an early bird offer of £1997 if you pay a deposit of £497 before December 1st.

The DCA professional divorce coaching diploma is the only specialist programme to be awarded external accreditation by the Assiciation for Coaching.

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Timeline photos 06/09/2022

The 2022 Enterprise Vision Awards Training and Coaching Award is sponsored by Risk Support Services Ltd

Meet the Finalists

Sue Palmer-Conn - The Divorce Coaching Academy trains the next generation of divorce coaches to support people move from breakup to breakthrough without breaking down. Our global mission is to help a million people to have healthier, more amicable divorces


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Congratulations to our first two Diploma in Organisational Divorce Coaching graduates, Anne Bennett and Michael Baines of Merseyside Police. The Force have embraced the opportunity to give support to their officers and staff facing, going through and recovering from the emotional turmoil that is divorce. This innovative programme is open to all organisations to have in-house divorce coaches because Divorce IS Your Business

Family courts: One fifth of divorces wrongly ending up in court - top judge 24/07/2022

Divorce is a relationship issue and not a legal issue in the vast majority of cases. Parenting issues especially should not end up in the courts, unless there is a strong possibility of illegal abduction, or the possibility of physical or psychological harm. Children see their parents fighting over residency and visitation rights will have long term adverse reactions. Children have the right to love and be loved by both parents. Keep divorce out of court.

Family courts: One fifth of divorces wrongly ending up in court - top judge The language in family courts is also too hostile and often makes things worse, a top judge says.

Sue Palmer-Conn aka The Divorce Doctor on LinkedIn: The Long-Lasting Effects of Having a Mentally Unwell Parent 24/07/2022

The marriages of mentally ill adults are more likely to break down than most due to the stress of living with someone with a mental illness. What happens to the children? Too often they end up staying with the mentally ill parent out of a sense of responsibility. These children then are being subjected to two sources of adverse childhood experience. Read the article below so see the long term effects as these children become adults themselves.

Sue Palmer-Conn aka The Divorce Doctor on LinkedIn: The Long-Lasting Effects of Having a Mentally Unwell Parent The marriages of mentally ill adults are more likely to break down that most due to the stress of living with someone with a mental illness. What happens...


Did you know that there are over 100000 divorces a year in the UK? That means that 200000 people are experiencing one of the greatest periods of stress in their lives and we’re not even talking about cohabiting couples splitting up.
The average age of divorce is 45 for women and 47 for men. The average salary of people 45-55 is £33000. The physical, mental and psychological stress of divorce causes a 40% drop off in productivity for anything up to 5 years.
A rough calculation of the cost to the bottom line in businesses through divorce is £2.64 Billion but the effects are cumulative taking the cost to £13.2 Billion every year. This figure does not even take account of the fact that 5-10% of people going through divorce resign from their jobs due to lack of support. This means that in addition to the cost of divorce, there are the costs of recruitment and retraining, and we all know that at the moment recruitment is extremely difficult.
Despite all these facts, virtually no company has a Family Transition Policy or an internal divorce support mechanism.
The Principal of The Divorce Coaching Academy has co-authored, with an HR consultant, a Family Transition Policy. This policy is not going to cost you money, but save you a considerable amount. We can offer organisations individualised solutions to implement a Family Transitions Policy and transform employee assistance programmes to give 24 hour mental health support, access to professional divorce coaches, or offer training to internal support facilities. This will reduce stress, absenteeism, presenteeism and help employees feel supported and values.
For more details contact [email protected]

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The first course starts july 19th Tuesdays 5-7pm for 7 weeks until august 30th. Please contact me asap for further details

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The Divorce Coaching Academy curriculum covers all four phases of divorce and in each phase we help coaches to support t...

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