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We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the at the ( ) and Software Quality & Human Computer-Interaction Lab - SQHCILab UPatras of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών University of Patras .
The Summer School took place from June 21st to June 27th and had the participation of students from Arsakeio Patras and 7th Lyceum Patras.
The aim of the Summer School was to provide students with a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology and research projects conducted in our facilities.
During the , students engaged in platoform course Human Robot Interaction. Students were able to discover the basic concepts of and uncover useful tools, like , during the course. The feedback we received from the students upon completion of the course was exceptionally positive, highlighting its effectiveness in fostering an environment for exploration and broadening of horizons. The course not only imparted valuable knowledge but also sparked curiosity, envouraging students to dive deeper into the subject matter and expand their understanding beyond the conventional boundaries.


In the context of CityGo project, on March 16th, 2023 the University of Maia organized a webinar. After the presentation of CityGo’s objectives and outputs, the focus was on strategies and rules for collaborative online communities. The webinar “DISCORD as an educational tool” was facilitated by Thiago Ryo. Thiago works with thousands of young people, helping them to improve their learning processes in a collaborative format in order to ensure autonomy and training for them through the internet. Since 2018 it has focused on creating a committed community that uses Discord as its primary means of interaction. 31 participants, from which 22 external, have assisted the webinar.


On the 23.06.2023 the Europa-Universitat Flensburg (EUF) has carried out Offline Multiplier Event at the university. The students have presented their results from the Erasmus+ project CityGo to the public. They carried out the module "Resource-efficient 3D printing" last semester and show their diverse results in the rooms of FabLab IDEENREICH. The openly posed project tasks had the claim to be designed in the context of sustainability, which motivated the participants very much and led to diverse implementations. For around a third of the participating (international) students, it was the first independent 3D print they had created. Others - especially biat students with more previous experience - learned no less and sought their specific challenge, e.g. to create specific spare parts in the automotive sector or for other defective devices and appliances. Another group developed specific clips to enable better cable routing. Erasmus students from France and Spain also participated in the module, so the presentation was in English. In the afternoon, the special organisational framework of the project, which was carried out in an online learning community, was presented and critically discussed. This was followed by joint reflections on how this teaching-learning format could be used for future scenarios - also across institutes. Further information on the project is available online at

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📣 We are thrilled to announce the successful Multiplier Event of the CityGo project organized by UPatras! 🌍

The Multiplier Event aimed at presenting and disseminating the innovative CityGo project.

During this half-day offline event, organized by the University of Patras, participants were introduced to the Guidelines for HEIs. These guidelines encompass essential aspects of running collaborative online learning communities. Topics discussed included selecting suitable platforms, preparing community facilitators, developing tailored guidelines and governance, and raising awareness about cultural differences.
The participants of the event was including representatives from Greek higher education institutes, local/national authorities, and teachers from various sectors. It provided a platform for networking, sharing best practices, and discussing opportunities for future collaborations.

The Arsakeia Schools of Patras hosted a captivating event at their Science Center.
Stay tuned for more updates on our project's progress! 🚀

Project site:

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On Monday 11 November 2022, the Vocational Training Institute for Work and Technology (biat) held a webinar on the Erasmus + project CityGo. Various participants from different institutions were informed about the project. Prof. Dr. Axel Grimm presented the learning approach in the context of online communities. Maik Jepsen presented research results from the survey of students and teachers regarding online learning. The guests were given an insight into the guidelines developed for the design of online learning communities and discussed them. In addition, Nele Tutznik presented the upcoming activities within the project. Flensburg European University will offer a study module on resource-efficient 3D printing in the spring semester 2023. Communication will take place via the Discord platform.

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The presentation of a student project can also look like this. This time on the subject of the Transport solution of the city of Pardubice within a sustainable city.
Theme: The P+R (Park and Ride) project for Pardubice city.

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The member of the CityGo_Project team from the Faculty of Transport Engineering, University of Pardubice (CZE) recruited 43 students, out of which 10 are international, to their teaching module Sustainable Mobility. 🚗🚌🚂🛴🚶🍀
They also managed to motivate more than 15 local and Erasmus+ students to join partners' modules. 👏
The online Multiplier Event took place back in Nov 2022 and the study of the module went live on Feb 27th, 2023. Students have formed teams and thay've started working on projects already.
So far so good, fingers crossed! 🤞

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The CityGo_Project team from the Faculty of Architecture Bialystok (PL) recruited students to the project. The meeting took place on 10th of January 2023, and, as you see on the photos, it met with great interest.
Now, we start with implementing the prepared module on "Sustainable zoning plan" :)

, ,


On Friday, the 11th of November, the team from Vilnius College of Technology and Design conducted a remote seminar-discussion on "Collaborative Online Communities - How can they help organise student-centred learning?" It was organized as a Multiplier Event within the frame of the . Ana Aleknavičienė, the Head of International Relations Department and Project Management, lecturers Vaiva Mickevičienė and Assoc. prof. Andrius Gulbinas shared the students' and lecturers' insights into the field identified by the consortium, and presented the solution that is currently being tested.

The event was a great success, more than 40 participants from different Lithuanian higher education institutions and other stakeholders participated. Thank you to the attendees for their active participation and discussion.

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On Thursday the 10th of November, the team from Sqlab Upatras of University of Patras, conducted the webinar "Online Learning Communities: A Guide for Facilitators" (Διαδικτυακές κοινότητες μάθησης: Οδηγός για εκπαιδευτές), It was organized as a Multiplier Event within the frame of the .
It was a success! More than 20 external stakeholders from different institutions participated!

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On Thursday, November the 3rd, the team from Bialystok University of Technology conducted a webinar "Online communities in improving distance learning" (Spolecznosci online w doskonaleniu ksztalcenia zdalnego). It was organized as a Multiplier Event within the frame of the CityGo_Project.
We consider this webinar a great success - it gathered 30+ external stakeholders from different institutions from Poland - universities, high schools, foundations - all interested in disscussing the issue of online education and the role of online communities in making it better.


We are diligently working on CityGo_Project preparations with colleagues from 🇱🇹🇵🇹🇬🇷🇵🇱🇩🇪 . This time we met at our faculty in Pardubice and discussed the launch of the pilot phase of joint teaching in the summer semester 2023. And what will the CityGo project deal with? A SUSTAINABLE CITY. We look forward to seeing you in the summer semester in a subject in which you will be meeting students from different European countries, both online 💻 and offline🙋🙋‍♀️.


Greetings from Pardubice! CityGo_Project

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The summer holiday season is behind us and the question of the sustainability of the CityGO project is now back on the table.

The next destination of the consortium meeting is the Jan Perner Faculty of Transport Engineering / University of Pardubice, which is already looking forward to seeing you here!


Away from the problems of the cities!
Take some time off at island in Greece!

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Dear Ana, thanks for your challenge 💕 my summer still keeps going around the sustainability. For me its opportunity to visit new places and eat local food-this time was Greece 🙏, to drink my own made drinks Dzenbučia - naminė kombučia at home with beautiful flowers on the table from husbands sister garden Floranta Ĝardeno - laimingų gėlių sodas and let kids play free with goats in town.
So, how much sustainable was your holiday? I pass the challenge on to Nele 💕 and Andrius :)

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The very end of August, the school year is almost there and soon we again will get together to continue our CityGo work. As you remember, already in September we will ask our students to 'hunt' the problems in their cities to be addressed by the teams. So before we dive into the problems, let's refresh ourselves with the bundle of joy, that we can create here by putting our nice summer experiences together. Remember – none of the experiences or ideas is too small to share. A single beautiful moment of your life can become a sparkle for a new cycle to someone. In the end, all that is really beautiful is sustainable – this is my hypothesis. Let's see if you agree with me :-)

And I am sending my greetings from the Lithuanian seaside – absolutely sustainable holiday destination with its sandy and wooded landscape. A place where one can really feel being just a single short note of the majestic orchestra :-).

Looking forward to your summer moments and I nominate Vaiva Stefanija Mickevičienė and Adam Jakimowicz to continue this relay within 24 hours :-)

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Last days with our new project I've been participating in the workshop in Barcelona, organized by EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities. It was actually quite interesting to meet teams of 52 European projects, aiming to strengthen innovation capacity in order. I strongly felt that the meta-message during this workshop was an importance of collaboration and community. Universities, who are striving to become innovation drivers in their regions, do not stop talking about local ecosystems, synergies of partnerships and huge importance of community spirit. Well, it's quite understandable, taking into account that the idea behind the EIT KICs is that innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise. Based on this, I again have a strong feeling that in we are on such a right track building our international online community. I can not wait for students to join us here and on Discord. Let's see what we all can do for our cities in terms of sustainable novel solutions.

CityGO - Erasmus+ Project - a word from Partners 04/05/2022

The CityGO project is an EU Erasmus+ educational project "CityGO - Challenge-Oriented Collaborative Online Communities in the Paradigm of Sustainable City", registered under the number 021-1-LT01-KA220-HED-000023277.
It aims to develop methodology and materials that enable higher education institutions (HEIs) to perform quality and engaging problem-based learning in a digital environment. This will be achieved through applying at HEIs a model of collaborative online communities focused around a particular topic.

The consortium of 6 european universities will develop a methodology of efficient teaching/learning in collaborative online communities, where students will solve particular societal challenges on Sustainable City. The community will offer to their members (students and lecturers) a digital content library on relevant topics and a collaborative online platform, where members will cooperate on solving issues concerning how to make our cities sustainable.

CityGo project consortium:

Stay tuned for more information!

CityGO - Erasmus+ Project - a word from Partners The CityGO project is an EU Erasmus+ educational project "CityGO - Challenge-Oriented Collaborative Online Communities in the Paradigm of Sustainable City", ...

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