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To tell a woman everything she cannot do
is to tell her what she can! 💜 Happy International Women’s Day 🌷

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This week we continue with love phrases, it's never too late to dedicate them 💕🌹 Do you someone to practice them with? 🐼


Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗

Mr. Panda has a special present for you. Would you accept it? 💕💌🐼💕

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You still don’t know how to impress that special person? 🥸

Mr.Panda gives you some options, choose your favorite gift idea and impress your bae 🐼💕🎈

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"Past Tenses” help us communicate past situations, try these structures 😉💡

Let’s practice these ✅

Save and share! 🐼


Don’t go unnoticed, practice and add these phrases to your vocabulary… 🤓

Show off your speaking skills and start speaking like a native! 😉


Learn English correctly with us 😉✨Know more about our courses 👇🏻

We're waiting for you! Go check the link in our bio 🐼💡


We don't need to mention it, because we know that the answer will always be “Yes” 🤩

Start learning with us!! 😉 go check the link in our bio, We're waiting for you! 🐼

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We leave you the second part of our organization tips 😉💡

Write them down, practice them, and improve your studying routine 🐼📚

This new year you have all these tools to pass your IELTS exam and to improve your English 🤩

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Are you going to keep leaving for later what you can achieve now? 🤔 Take the opportunity! Learn and improve your skills in English 🤩💡

New Year, New goals, make of English one of them! 🐼✏️

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Is it hard to organize your study time? 🤔 Tip #0💡Let’s avoid excuses and start studying‼️

This week we bring some alternatives for you to organize better ✅

Remember that it is not about how many hours you devote to your study, but how productive they are 🐼


Have you already made your New Year’s Resolution list for 2022? 🧐 Make sure that learning English is one of them! ✅
Make 2022 your best year ever. Start being bilingual! 😉✨


From the whole team of B1B2 and IeltsGo, Happy New Year! ✨🥳🎊 To a new year full of new opportunities! Cheers! 🥂🍾✨


Finally! The most fun and special vocabulary of the year, Christmas! 🎄♥️
Use and practice these words with your closest people, have fun with them learning 😉 and remember that it’s always the perfect time to speak English ✨


It’s time to share with friends and family 🎄✨
Recharge your batteries and keep learning English! 😉 We wish you a Merry Christmas! 🎁♥️


This is how we find ourselves right now, excited about these dates! 🤩🎄Do you like Christmas too? ✨🎁

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Let's practice these Christmas Expressions! 🎄♥️ share with family and friends! ✨


Studying English isn’t boring anymore... 🤩

Do you know why? 🧐 Because you’ll learn in the most fun way with us! 😉 we are waiting for you at IeltsGo! 🤓

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Today we bring you the second part of “Common Phrases” 😁💬

Have you already put them into practice? Do you have any other you like to use? Please tell us! 🧐💡

Save this post and let’s keep learning! 🤓


Let’s learn the parts of the hand! 😊🤚🏻

This vocabulary is used more than we think, the hands help us with our daily tasks. That’s why it’s important to learn these new words 😉

Do you know what the missing word is? Leave it in the comments! 🤔💬

Save and share this vocabulary with your friends and colleagues 😄

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Learn these phrases! 🐼💬 Expand your vocabulary and start using them in informal conversations or with friends 😁

Let’s make English easier and more fun to learn, because it is 😉

Save and share!💡

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Do you know what link words are? Link Words help you connect ideas and sentences when you speak English 🐼💬

In this lesson we’ll have a look at some of the most common Link Words and how to use them 😉💡

Save and share! ✅ Do you want to continue learning? Visit our bio in the following link 😄


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We know that you are the student we are looking for 😊 that’s why we want to help you improve your level of English! ✅

Learning English is also useful to start new projects, so this is your opportunity to learn in a fun and easy way with us 😉💡


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Share and practice these simple expressions 😄 you’ll sound a lot more fluent! ✅

Just add English to your daily routine and you’ll see how it starts becoming easier 😉


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Have you ever asked yourself if some of the sentences you use are well structured or if you are saying them correctly? 🤔
Mr. Panda will help you with your doubts, keep in mind the correct way of using these sentences and practice them 🐼📚
It’s time to improve your English! 💡



IeltsGo is the key to learning, improving your English and passing your IELTS exam in the most fun and simple way 😄💡
Every day we work harder to improve your learning experience 🐼❤️

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We know that listening skills are one of the hardest aspects of learning English and the listening area in the Aptis test is no different 😅

That's why we will guide you throughout the test and give some useful tips that will make your learning process easier 😄✅


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Happy Halloween! 🎃🎊 out of all the Red Flags, these are the spookiest ones for us 🚩🚩



Spooky phrases for a scary day! 👻 Are you ready for Halloween? Practice and share these fun phrases with your friends! 🎃🎊



A little humor doesn't hurt anyone 😂 Do you feel the same about that quote? 😜


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In this post, we bring you these simple verbs that will allow you to express easily what you like or what you hate 💡✅

Do you want to practice more? 🤓Visit the link in our bio and learn more! 😃

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For and since have different meanings ❗️

On some occasions when we are telling a story about something that happened (most of the time in past tense) we can confuse these expressions 🤔

This post will help you to differentiate them! 😉


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We are in full fan mode for the Money Heist and it is an excellent moment to learn new vocabulary from the series 😌❗️

Join the fever for this series and learn new words with us. It is time to binge-watch this awesome series on Netflix! 🤩🍿


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It is time for a new lesson with "El Profesor" 🤓

Today we bring for you a list of some of the most popular contractions in English. You should practice them, so your conversations sound more natural 😃

Note: keep in mind that contractions are very common in conversations, but we should avoid using them in scientific and academic texts ❗️

Save this post and share it with your friends! 🤩



Have you already had your money heist marathon yet? 😄🍿

Are you excited as us for this new season? 🤩

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How can we have more natural conversations when we use our phones? 🤔

By using the correct Phrasal Verbs! 😄

This week we have some phrasal verbs for you that you can add to your daily vocabulary so you can sound like a true native speaker 😉💡


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In today's lesson, we will study two of these "confusing words" 🤔 and the differences between them 😁💡


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It is time to admit it! We all have made some of these mistakes 🤯

But, don't worry! 😉 Today we will help you to improve your vocabulary and how to never make the same mistakes! 🤓💡


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Don't let these three words fool you with their resemblance in meaning and appearance 🧐

Even though the three mean "another", it is important to comprehend how they are different and what their functions are, so we can use them in the correct context 💡😄

Today will show you a small guide, that will help you to learn them and not confuse them anymore 🐼✅



Do you know any other words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently? 😉💬

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