Communicate Surpurphalis

Communicate Surpurphalis

Are there ways to explain things that incorporate multiple interacting lines of evidence. So that a


in poor housing
i faced health crisis.
sewer gase leaks, methane poisoning


inside out two

Wishing a Happy Birthday to actor Hayley McFarland (aka Emily Lightman) from Lie to Me! The main character of Lie to Me, Cal Lightman, was loosely based off our very own Dr. Paul Ekman.

Here's a side-by-side of the fictitious Cal and Emily Lightman and the real-life Drs. Paul and Eve Ekman. Learn more about the inspiration behind the show and separate fact from fiction here:

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The great robin williams had
neuro degenerative brain disease.
His friends remember,
The level of severity, was like 6 months lethality.
Across his whole brain, was this disease, 'like a fire cracker'

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Within the past decade, studies of artifacts have confirmed that some civilizations used iron from meteorites to craft weapons and jewelry—long before smelted iron was available.


Not a scelasious obsevation...

In the movie "Blind Date"ing 2007 that stars the same actor from the Marvel Wonderwoman franchise, a blind man growing up asks in a group of teenagers watching a tv program, (not disimilar from Meg Ryans diner scene) "is that woman dying" a referance that a shakespeare audience would know to be s*x, the boys mom covers her blind teens eyes, 《a blind inside joke cause adaptive audio cd's feature female actors 'plantive cries' 》


In order to continue my education,
I had to be willing to relocate to an internship in Germany.
In that country, there is a 13th year of high school.
To accomplish the same in the states, i had to take ROP classes.
Regional Occupation Program a us department of labor thing.
And go to community college at the same time.

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Yeah, how did i know that.
"All night Long"
PC muscle & kegel
Example: could not hold my bladder when I was youger, now I know the excersize my pubo cocix.

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