ABC of Good Parenting

ABC of Good Parenting

This group is to share resources with parents to help them parent well. This page is to share resources that will help with good parenting.

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Onam 2022: Traditional Lip-smacking Desserts from Kerala That You Can Prepare at Home 07/09/2022

Tomorrow 8th Sept 2022 is Thiruvonam and last day of Onam celebrations. } LOVE the Kerala appom.

//This year, the festivities will begin on August 28 and will conclude on September 8, the final day is celebrated as Thiruvonam meaning Sacred Onam Day. The festival involves an elaborate meal as part of Onasadya on the last day of the celebrations. And like any other meal, it’s incomplete without desserts. Here are 5 lip-smacking traditional Kerala sweet dishes you can make at home this Onam.//

Onam 2022: Traditional Lip-smacking Desserts from Kerala That You Can Prepare at Home ONAM 2022: Bring out your best silk Saree and Mundu and get ready for a huge feast with mouth-watering delicacies from Kerala as the festival of Onam is around the corner! Onam is a 10-day-long festival during the harvest season that marks the homecoming of Mahabali, a mythical King whose reign was....


This message is from a young man in Malaysia. He is particularly keen to connect with Indonesians.

Pl pm me if you would like to hv his whatsapp no.

//Hello I am Dermendhra from (Malaysia).

I am participating in Alpha Observatory, a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers, who aim tocontribute to awakening consciousness and building a more harmonious, compassionate and humane society.

We think that inner transformation must be manifested in social commitment and in the care for others. More than ever there is a need to create meaningful relationships, that is why we are creating an international community focused on young people from different countries and formative backgrounds.

We organize meetings to exchange knowledge, experiences and imagine new evolutionary scenarios, in order to create the foundations of a world based on values such as solidarity, non-violence, altruism, knowledge development and the search for meaning.

If you feel the urgency and the need for profound change, starting with yourself, then we have common ground to work together. Would you like to talk about these topics?//

Look into the eyes of a Stone Age woman in this incredibly lifelike facial reconstruction 06/09/2022

//A team of archaeologists from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) discovered the skeleton, which they dubbed the "Penang woman," during a 2017 dig at Guar Kepah, a Neolithic site located in Penang, in northwest Malaysia.

It was one of 41 skeletons exhumed from the site over multiple excavations. Radiocarbon dating of shells found scattered around the woman's remains revealed that she lived during the Neolithic, or New Stone Age, which spanned from 8,000 to 3,300 B.C. in the region.//

Look into the eyes of a Stone Age woman in this incredibly lifelike facial reconstruction The approximation of the 40-year-old "Penang woman" is "significant."

Photos from Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society - SIFAS's post 06/09/2022

I am sharing this to listen to your thoughts as parents or would be parents.

Raised Good 💕

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When children are starting to say "no" they are actually developmentally gaining independence and realising that they have some
choices. This is a positive stage in development although is certainly doesn't feel like it at
times. If we recognise that our children want some control we shouldn't react by taking more
control away from them. This doesn't mean giving in to them, but for example, if they don't
want to have a shower, give them a choice. Do they want to have a shower before dinner or
after? For young children it might be choosing their plate even though they can't choose their dinner. They are still doing what you want but they feel that they have some control over their own life.

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"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
Peggy O’Mara
Focusing on the ways we speak to our little boys.
Society seems to have a problem with raising boys so that they retain the sensitivity they are ALL born with. Since so much of how we shape and bend our children comes from our warm physical nurturing and the communication we send them, maybe it is time to look at the ways in which we speak to our boys while they are working out what it is to BE a boy child. Remember, our looks at them, our comforting of them, our labels for them, our descriptions of them, our expectations of them … this is all the data they have to go on as they construct their own self image, their worth, and their place in the family and society.


Could be a tool for creativity.


I made this bed for my girls 🤩

20 Messages Of Self-Care For Working Moms On Mother's Day 25/06/2022

“Motherhood is not meant to be done alone. I encourage you to join mom groups, reach out to friends with babies and slowly build your tribe who will eventually become your lifeline in the first few years of motherhood. Take time for self-care which will result in self-love. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary and you will be a happier mother, person, partner for it.” — Cristina Facundo, wardrobe stylist

20 Messages Of Self-Care For Working Moms On Mother's Day Because mamas deserve to reclaim a little "me" time year-round.

Timeline photos 16/06/2022

This is important to remember!


I’ve carried a child within my body...


This is a toy.


Fy response.


Centre for Fathering in Singapore has been doing a good job educating and sustaining fathers.

Bravo Edwin, Raymond n Suet the original fathers of this not-for-profit organisation.

Blessed Fathers' Day to all fathers. Your quiet and supportive love is being acknowledged.

Photos from Toy Market's post 25/04/2020

A good item 4 children at present.

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