SnakeBros Kids

SnakeBros Kids

Curious kids worldwide yearn to explore the knowledge of ancient and modern mysteries 🐍🔎


Exploring Sogmatar, Turkey with the delightful local kids as our guides! 🌟 They unveiled the enchanting landscapes that they call home, brimming with awe-inspiring historical tales! 🏞️✨


Look at this awesome serpent with a head at both ends! This comes from the ancient Aztec people of Mexico. The Mexican culture considered serpents to be powerful creatures able to do many things. They believed serpents link the underworld, water, and sky. They were also associated with fertility - the ability to have children. Now that's a nice thing - lots of children! 🔎 🐍

Photos from SnakeBros Kids's post 07/07/2023

Calling all SNAKES! 🐍🐍🐍🐍

Why Snakes?

Numerous archaeological sites worldwide feature depictions of serpents. Throughout human history, the serpent holds immense symbolism with diverse interpretations. Serpents are portrayed as both good and evil, beautiful and frightening, associated with water and fire. They are said to originate from space and emerge from beneath the earth. Their significance encompasses medical knowledge, comets, rivers, hurricanes, and tornadoes. In Sumerian texts, the serpent is linked to Enki, a brilliant builder and teacher of humanity. In ancient Hebrew texts, the serpent is portrayed as an adversary of mankind in the Garden of Eden. For the Hopi people of North America, serpents symbolize the umbilical cord connecting all humans to Mother Earth.

Come and join us on an exciting journey as we educate our children with an engaging video series, SnakeBros Kids. Together, we will embark on virtual adventures to various archaeological and geological sites worldwide 🗺️ 🔎 ✈️. Our goal is to explore these sites, delve into the prevailing theories, and examine the scientific evidence supporting or challenging these ideas. Through this captivating quest, our young explorers will actively seek the truth. ⚡️🐍 👧👦

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