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Photos from Kanika Chadha's post 25/10/2023

Highlights from a session given at the Nanak Training Institute in Shahdara, a skill centre that trains college students in areas such as textile design, fashion design, computer language, IT skills, beauty & skin care, English speaking, and so on.
Through techniques such as role plays, energizers, activities, audio/video quizzes, and case studies, the session focused on Customer service, appearance & grooming and communication skills.

Overall, delivering this session along with my co-trainer to aspiring professionals was a fantastic experience!

DM or mail at [email protected] to book a session✨

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An image consultant is not just about creating attractive looks but also about presentability, portraying confidence and putting up leveling up the way you come across to people around you. ❤️✨

DM or mail at [email protected] to book a session✨


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Welcome to BeU - Your Ultimate Image Makeover Hub! 🌟

At BeU, we don't just create images; we sculpt, refine, and amplify the essence of who you truly want to be. *Whether you're a budding entrepreneur facing challenges like time management, a student preparing for a tough interview, or an individual professionals wanting to present themselves as a confident and skilled person*.BeU is your steadfast partner in crafting the image that defines YOU.🫵🏻🫂

✨ Why BeU?

*Tailored Transformation*✂️👨‍💼: Your journey with BeU is unique, just like you. We tailor our services to ensure that your image reflects your individuality and aspirations.
*Expert Guidance*👩‍💼: Our team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the nuances and challenges of personal and professional image development, offering expert guidance every step of the way.

*End-to-End Solutions*: Be it refining your wardrobe, honing your communication skills, or women homemakers 👩‍👦‍👦wanting to start their career again and be out there as a confident professional again while also maintaining their role as a family member, BeU provides comprehensive solutions for a 360-degree image makeover.


For the GODS celebrated Teachers Day much before us 😀🎈

⭐In a dialogue between Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, Shiva assumes the role of a Guru and engages in a conversation with his ‘student’- Parvati.

⭐He explains the meaning of the word ‘Guru’. The syllable ‘Gu’ in Guru is indicative of darkness, while ‘Ru’ indicates its removal. Thus, the Guru is an individual who negates darkness from one’s life and fills it with the brilliance of knowledge.

⭐The role of the teacher is not solely imparting education rather, it is a responsibility to enable the student in such a manner, that she/he is able to look beyond the conventional and stereotypical.

My heartfelt gratitude to all those who taught me about life in ways beyond education ... 🙏

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Today, when we talk about the essential skills required whether at workplace, for school projects, college assignments, public speaking, social meet-ups and even for running a household we all say it is time management, goal setting, self-care, decision making, collaboration, delegation, communicating efficiently. However, what is it that sits at the bottom of all these? The base ingredient for all these mixed concoctions is ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS. After all, it is what leads to prioritizing tasks, maximizing efficiency, and maintaining structure throughout the day.

I recently got an opportunity to conduct a session on Organizational Skills with AAYOM Welfare Society which is a non-govt. organization that aims at the upliftment of the necessitous citizens of our country in rural and urban areas. The program was conducted Online for their Trainers as a TTT Project wherein aspects such as the need, importance, action, steps to be taken along with DIYs were discussed. It was a complete interactive session with participants engaged totally in activities, story display and fun facts sharing.

Learning Outcomes- Knowledge sharing and instruct further batches of people in the organisation

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Mode: Case studies, interactive discussion, video-based

What I learned from the session: Planning is successful if we consider adversity as a blessing while having fun.

I would to express my gratitude to the patient and much enthusiastic Trainers at AAYOM for being such a wonderful and participative audience. I also would like to thank ICBI and Delhi Chapter Head & Secretaries – Renu Mam, Chitrakshi and Maneesha for extending their support and guidance throughout the whole process. A big shout out to my fellow trainer Ms Kanica Tyagi with whom the whole planning and ex*****on of the session seemed like a cakewalk.

What is your biggest achievement so far? Hold onto to that answer with the above in mind and share in the box below.

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During my teaching days at the school, I recognized how soft skills can enhance my ability as an educator in determining if the role is right for me, what I can do to improve in my delivery and ways in which I can use them in the workplace. These skills are different from teacher hard skills, which are teachable, quantifiable and typically specific.

If you too are hoping to become an educator, there are certain soft skills you may benefit by being aware and knowing that they can be developed over a period of time, allowing you to succeed in your role.


So very Thankful 🙏

Incredibly Grateful 💖

Unbelievably Blessed 😇

Thank you 2022 for making me realise and help in changing my focus and recognizing all the gifts in life.


"I have been working the whole day, yet I feel so unproductive."
Have you heard yourself saying this ? Well, you're not alone !
Often trying to balance between our personal, professional and social life we burn ourselves out feeling nothing fruitful has been achieved and the day has passed 😒

So, turn around your day by taking these tested actions (I am struggling on few but not giving up) to make progress and overcome daily blockages.

⭐Prioritize at least one task for completion
Helps you feel a sense of accomplishment while keeping your goals simple and manageable.
Eg- finalizing the weekly production report for team and sending it to your supervisor OR packing essentials followed by fancy stuff for a holiday.

⭐Plan for a productive day tomorrow
Helps you start your next day efficiently and without spending time organizing your tasks.
Eg- timeline your household chores / office work / time with family without aiming for perfection (I am too in process of learning this !)

⭐ Optimize your work environment
Remove any potential for distractions, including office clutter, text message or email notifications, phone calls and interruptions from coworkers.
Eg- for me, getting rid of sweets & chocolates is a MUST (they are so inviting 😋)

⭐Batch your tasks for efficiency
Helps you organize similar tasks into certain categories.
Eg- replying to emails and sending out memos to your team OR dropping kids to school followed by grocery shopping

⭐Distinguish between ‘busy’ and ‘productive’
Feel more productive by establishing boundaries by saying NO to those non-urgent and unimportant ‘tasks and asks'.
Eg- NO to yet another meeting on discussing updates OR delegate tasks to someone you can trust OR refusing to mid week parties as they disrupt your routine.

⭐Take one action toward your goal, however small
Instead of chasing instant success, focus your efforts on the long game, taking one small action every day to move closer to your goals.
Eg- Finish that pending assignment OR clear the clutter from one drawer OR clear the clutter from one drawer at a time OR exercise 10minutes a day.

Have a wonderful & fruitful day !

Please DM for consultation/suggestions/tips.

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