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She started as just a chica that came to teach in the history department and then quickly became my friend, sister, dance buddy, and accountability partner. We don't get a chance to see each other as often because she got goals 😁🤗❤️, but every time is a good time. I'm so proud of her and wishing nothing but the best. 🥰


Karen White's song, "Superwoman," was one of my favorite songs growing up. Now that I'm grown and have experienced womanhood, I understand the words. Truly, I do. This year, I'll hang up my cape a little more.


They needed a break. I was walking them too much.


game was cool with the girls. #2022 🏀 🗽🏀


My handsome guy, Micah!


The struggle be real when you are a person pleaser. (Yes, I said person because it be that one that can make you second guess every decision. 🤣🤣) Confirming you and your wants does not invalidate anyone else. It just means that there is room for communication, understanding, and growth. Your peace is precious! 🤗


They were my girls before they said I do. ❤️ them to pieces. 🥰


Lunch was delish.




2nd Cousins


She and I. My 💓.


She's taller than me and now more fashionable than I too. 😂 by .kenydi.


Truth be told that it's the for this ♍️ that is 💜. Pray for me. 🤣


Happy Holidays all!


Santa baby.....🤣🤣🤣


Somethings do get better as they age. 👫❤️

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She's a thorn in my side while at the same time blossoming into a flower. However, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe the part with her quick mouth. 🤔😂🤣😂🤣


What do they say when you are going towards your


Showmanship at its finest. Go Kenydi! 🏀


We are back at it! Join me and our partners for a spectacular time for another gifting time in the community. This is a great opportunity for youth to gain community hrs and make connections. Contact me to get your youth involved. Earn 10 hrs between 12/12 - 12/16.FREE FAMILY EVENT FOR ALL!

LOVE IS FREE DAY 6.0 DEC. 16TH @ 2-5:30
QPL & Our Qreations & founder of the 
Love Is Free Day established in 2019.
From the beginning of opening the shop to meeting new amazing creators, which are displayed inside of QPL & Our Qreation shop & my vision of an community love event, Love Is Free Day. I would like to express that this manifestation of spreading love to the community has been an amazing journey!

 It all started off with an idea of  " What if " & from that point that idea grew into a "We did it !!" since 2019. We wanted to be able to help any surrounding communities in some way without involving money. I saw there was a need to help those I encountered, whether that need be food, clothes of any and all kind (for job interviews, or just didn't have enough selection to choose from, shoes people always wanted buy but couldn't afford , toys for the children for holidays, birthdays etc) .
 GOD gave me a vision to go to my family and friends and ask them for help by donating their items they no longer had the need for.
By donating your goods and clothes to us , you can assure the items will be cherished like it new again .
All items will be given to a person or family that needs it for FREE! 
With your help we have helped so many people and families with all these things plus more. 

This year in December will be our 6th Love Is Free Day event!

 I thank you all for your kindness and continued giving efforts with all of my soul!! The love and help we have received and continue to receive will keep the mission strong! We will strive to grow stronger and better with the help of our new partnerships every year! 

A special thank you to all of our wonderful partnerships: 

 We couldn't have done


Ever have a week where you say, "Bump it, I'm giving no F***s?" You straddle the line between who you use to be and that person you've worked so desperately to grow into. Well, this was one for me. Talking, crying, or acting out does no good. Trust I've tried. However, I found myself today exactly in the place where I needed to be. Church. Thank God for his faithful presence! Amen


16pts 5 blocks 4 assists
That's my girl❣️


To all my ladies, gals, and pals, take the step to set yourself towards a peaceful path in life. Whatever that may be. Just do it with purposeful intentions and a kind heart. Give yourself grace to stumble along the way. It's ok. Just remember to pick yourself up, holding your head up high. Lastly, try your best to always do it with a smile. 😀😃😄😁😆😊😉☺️😍🥰


Just because it's Tuesday......

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Even though the past month has tried to set me back, I refuse to go down without a fight. Next on the list is making better food choices. 🤣🤣
👑♍ 💜


Saturday Freshman Basketball 🏀 Tournament Day 3 Yaaay!!

And I thought track with the boys was a lot.🤦🏾‍♀️

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Still filtering through pics from Mystery Party this past weekend. 🤩☺️

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Mystery party at aka sister cuz.

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Happy 🎂 7th Birthday Vanillabean! You're growing so fast!🥰

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