Story, Former SB Member, Educator, FOIA Advocate

Story, Former SB Member, Educator, FOIA Advocate

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Universal School Choice Program Expected to Become Law in Arkansas 01/03/2023

Do not think that SPA students will get back on track anytime soon without some Radical Changes.

Universal School Choice Program Expected to Become Law in Arkansas Arkansas parents are expected to soon be able to choose the best education possible for their children through Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new education reform bill that’s predicted to become law. Newly-elected Sanders, who has declared education to be her “top priority,” was ecstatic t...


Citizens and Parents - take time to FOIA the Superintendent’s current contract from SPS. Stay informed- You work hard for the money and benefits you give him. Find out.

Bredemeyer campaign worker Dana Cooper charged with 17 counts of election fraud - The Suffolk News-Herald 26/02/2023

Who else did Dana Cooper work for in past Suffolk campaigns?
Wouldn’t that be a good rabbit trail to follow!! 🤨🤨

Bredemeyer campaign worker Dana Cooper charged with 17 counts of election fraud - The Suffolk News-Herald A campaign worker for a 2022 candidate for Suffolk City Council who was removed from the ballot faces 17 counts of election fraud. Suffolk Circuit Court Grand Jury handed down the felony indictments Wednesday, Feb. 22 against Dana Marie Cooper of Hampton, who was working on the campaign of Suffolk B...

Seth Dillon on Twitter 24/02/2023

What classroom posters are up at KFHS? Curious? Hey kids, share some pictures.

Seth Dillon on Twitter “This kid has more courage, conviction, and clarity of thought than most adults today. Powerful stuff. I can’t imagine how proud his parents are. ”



Best thing happening in politics this week... 14 WOKE School Board Members have been identified by Governor Ron DeSantis & Speaker Paul Renner for removal in 2024.

Now the Republican Party of Florida is going to get to work alongside the Governor, Speaker, Moms for Liberty and other Pro-Parent, Pro-Kids Floridians!

Gonna be a fun cycle!


SMH. Still wondering how Okema Branch was HIRED by Dr Brown without an endorsement in supervision and administration preK-12 on her license???! -

Dr Brown presented her to the full Board without the endorsement on her license. She knew! Brown knew! JBG knew!who else on the board knew- I didn’t until a citizen looked it up! We trusted people were doing their job in HR!

This stuff is why SPS is on the bottom right next to Portsmouth! Suffolk puts admin in places that they aren’t qualified for or don’t have experience for.

What are the qualifications these days for HR director? I remember when Dr Rice
got the promotion to the “downtown” HR position and she laughingly told the KFHS staff she would be learning it on the job -


PS. Hey Mr. Riddick- did you know at the time? Just wondering


Why have all the emails of SAO administrators and Superintendent been removed in the SPS website?? Correction. - found them buried - see if you can find?

School choice gives parents the power to break teachers unions' chokeholds on students: Corey DeAngelis 17/02/2023

- constant reports of fighting throughout the day in many of our schools
- staying silent, parents, is probably not a good option
- how many years will you tolerate the academic scores being so low?
- will you be the last to understand that your WOKE leadership does not have student achievement as it’s goal?

School choice gives parents the power to break teachers unions' chokeholds on students: Corey DeAngelis School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis said teachers unions aim to maintain power over people's kids by fighting against letting families have educational options.

Washington school district considers closures as student enrollment plummets 12/02/2023

Truth and love for their children will prevail - even here as we pray and expose the truth of the warped ideology that the VSBA, VASS, and VEA /AFT pushed into our public schools!

Washington school district considers closures as student enrollment plummets Seattle education officials are considering closing some public schools as student enrollment rates continue to plummet, forecasting big budget issues to come.


Thank you Delegate Brewer for your constant support of parents and common sense governance.

Last Friday, I began my morning in prayer with pastors from the district. Pastor Greg Gray of Calvary Baptist Church, Dr. Byron Foxx and a number of pastors from other areas of the Commonwealth.


When it rains, it pours! Yesterday, I presided over the Senate for just shy of 10 hours (!) with the opportunity to cast three tie-breaking votes and rule an amendment not germane.

- SB1459 - I voted in favor of prohibiting TikTok from state-owned devices due to national security concerns
- SB1379 - I voted against removing sovereign immunity for jail medical professionals, which would impair their ability to provide the best care possible
- SJ276 - I voted against the amendment that would have removed one of the Governor's qualified appointees

Parliamentary Inquiry Ruling:
- SB903 - I ruled an amendment not germane to the bill, meaning it didn't meet the qualifications for consideration. The ruling was challenged, which resulted in a tie., so the ruling stood and the amendment was not included as the bill moved forward.

Bills have now "crossed over", and House bills will be heard in the Senate, and Senate bills will be heard in the House.

Pickering v. Board of Education 07/02/2023

Employees. Speak up when you need to!

You have the weight of the Supreme Court of the United States behind you.

Pickering v. Board of Education Pickering v. Board of Education (1968), the seminal case on public employees' First Amendment rights, said they do not give up their right to speak on matters of public importance.


Where, oh where, is all that sport, ticket sales money?? Oh, where - oh where can it be?


Paying a CPA firm for cables?
Lack of line item reporting!!
A Mess ! Spend less. Smile more. 07/02/2023 Spend less. Smile more. Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, b...


Melt one’s heart ❤️


No, Mr Mayor. It is NOT PERCEPTION of good schools that Suffolk needs, it should be REALITY, grounded in student achievement!
“Branding” is only concerned with perception!


How does BB look into the camera and say she tried over and over to have these joint meetings!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ She was THEE OBSTRUCTIONIST every single time!! 😎

Photos from Governor of Virginia's post 01/02/2023
Photos from Delegate Emily Brewer, 64th District's post 01/02/2023



Mr Fawcett- I asked repeatedly for DRIVER to be returned - it isn’t the storage - it’s the NRHS wrestling team using the gym that blocks you - but they won’t say that in public!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?