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Pay attention those people, who study but can’t perform in exams.

Only preparation is not enough, a strategy is also required to defeat any exam.

- How much should you focus on a topic
- how to analyse the syllabus
- how to decode the question paper and attempt those questions in which sequence
- how to solve obejective questions without any knowledge
-using probability in your question paper.

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With two beautiful creations, one beside me, other in front of me....


Knowledge mangoge, humour denge.

challenge accepted...

Let's continue this trend below in comments..

__________ mangoge, ___________ denge

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ठंड का प्रकोप


It was 3 years ago. I was travelling in a train, on a routine inspection, when I saw a person with a camera, making a travel journey vlog. That caught my attention, as the idea was exciting, and I started my own youtube channel, just for the fun of it.

Here I am, holding a Youtube Silver creator Award in my hands, proudly on the streets of Japan. Who knew at that time, that what started just for fun would bring me to this proud moment.

Glad to share that our Channel The Curious Cobra has crossed 100k subscribers recently, which got us our first Youtube creator award, and by time I am sharing this post, we have grown to a family of 170k subscribers.

Lots of love guys.... Thanks to all of you for your support..


Why we don't see 200 rupee notes anymore


Kya tareeka hai logo ko samjhaane ka .... Haain !!


Happy Diwali!!


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Railways issues timings of special trains to be run from tomorrow.


Celebrating 10k subscribers on YouTube... All possible because of your love and support guys.. thank you so much 🙏🙏


Happy birthday Indian Railways.


The last train to run as on date... It's a record for at least 21 days.


Important announcement by railways... Share with all


Please stay away from trains for a few days

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Ab to samajh jaao, say no to


Share as much as possible... Trains will remain shut down on 22 march 2020. Stay home, stay safe..


All the luxurious personal coaches used by Railway Officers & Ministers will now be surrendered and used for public booking. Guys, this means now common man can also book their personal coach for a luxurious travel experience.

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Share the info to all your loved ones who are planning train travel...



Like if you appreciate the power of women...


Thank you guys for 2000 subscribers...


The famous Dudh Sagar falls observed while train travelling Goa to Castle Rock in Western Ghats.


क्योंकि रिटर्न टिकट तो कन्फर्म है|

सफर है छोटा सा,
जीने का आनंद लीजिए
छोड़िए शिकायते
शुक्रिया अदा कीलिए|

मुसाफिर कोई आए,
तो ज़रा मुस्कुराइए,
लड़ने से क्या होगा
सबसे बात बनाइए|

सामान कम लादिये,
सफर का मज़ा आएगा,
नहीं तो निगरानी में,
समय पूरा बह जाएगा।

मोबाइल ज़रा छोड़कर,
बतियालो जो साथ हो,
दोस्ती गहरी करो,
अनुभावों को बांट लो।

लूट लो मौसम का मज़ा,
खिड़कियों पर बैठ के,
आंखे चार कर लो ज़रा,
ऊपर बर्थ पर लेट के।

उम्र भले कुछ भी हो
सफर है सबका एक ,
मंज़िल ज़रूर आएगी,
कभी जल्दी तो कभी लेट।

जब स्टेशन आए तो,
मुस्कुराकर कहना अलविदा,
हो सके तो छोड़ जाना पीछे
यादों का एक पुलिंदा ।

आज को संवार लो
कल होगा जैसे कर्म है,
इस सफर पर ध्यान दो,
क्योंकि रिटर्न टिकट तो कन्फर्म है।

Rishabh Jain

A very inspiring and beautiful poem by one of my favourite youtubers.


How much salary does a loco pilot get? How tough is his job? does he/she deserves this much salary?

These questions will be answered in this video watch till the end.

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2019-20 is so far declared the safest year with no deaths due to accident in Indian railways. On the contrary, thousands of people die in road accidents. Now which is more safe??

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