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Letters to Artists Film Festival 18/12/2023

This competition was shared by the SC Film Commission.

Letters to Artists Film Festival Letters to Artists Film Festival Sponsored by the Catholic Art Institute, Family Theater Productions, Awe, and the Pauline Center for Media Studies. Th...


Quick Trivia you know the answer?

This week’s question is about preproduction.

Developer Diaries: Dapper Dog Digital ★★★★★ 11/08/2023

Wow, what a amazing game created with Construct!

Developer Diaries: Dapper Dog Digital ★★★★★ It's been a while but Developer Diaries is back and with an incredibly alliterative title! We caught up with the folks at Dapper Dog Digital, the team behind th...


Congratulations to Riley G. of Woolard Technology Center and North Central High School for finishing 2nd Place in the STEM Fuse "Got Game" video game design competition.

Riley represented is a shining example of the great talent that we have here in the Kershaw County School District. We are very proud of him. You can play the latest version of Swashbuckin':

Swashbucklin' Set sail for pirate adventures on the high seas! A young swashbuckler is tasked by a retired pirate captain to retrieve his stolen valuables, and has to defeat a pirate crew in the process.

Game Arcade | STEM Fuse Educate 24/05/2023

Congratulations to Michael D***s (Amulet Adversary) and Riley G. (Swashbucklin') on making STEM Fuse "Got Game" Competition Top Ten. Please visit the link below play their games and vote! Woolard Technology Center North Central High School Camden High School - SC Kershaw County School District

Game Arcade | STEM Fuse Educate


Congratulation to Daisy Vaughan, a Foundations of Animation student here at WTC! Daisy's project "Cards" was selected as a finalist in the 2023 South Carolina’s Young Filmmakers Project. Daisy is one of 10 students from across the state who will have their project screened at the at Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8 in Columbia at 2pm on Saturday, May 20 (201 Columbia Mall Blvd., Columbia, SC). You can watch Daisy's animated short here:
We are proud that Daisy will represent WTC Web Design Program , Woolard Technology Center and Kershaw County School District!!!


AI Bootcamp offered in the fall for all students. If you are interested please apply using the link below. Woolard Technology Center


Animation class was great last quarter! Please check out our Distracted Walking PSA playlist: Woolard Technology Center


Love to see our students, current or past, being recognized for their achievements, hard work, and/or manners! Congratulations Andrew!

Our October 12th grade Top Knight is a conscientious, polite and kind young man who always does his best on all assignments and tests. He has a great sense of humor and is always happy to help anywhere he can. His teachers have truly enjoyed teaching him. His active participation in class adds to the classroom environment. He is a true role model for the other Knights at the Castle. Congratulations to our 12th Grade Top Knight, Andrew Dowlen!

CSS Selector Types – How to Select Elements to Style in CSS 23/09/2022

Good morning! Here is some easy reading to help launch your Web Design Career:

CSS Selector Types – How to Select Elements to Style in CSS When you want to style an element with CSS, you first have to "select" it. In this article, I'll show you seven (7) ways in which you can do that. Here's the syntax for styling elements in CSS: selector { /* styles here */ } You have the


We would like to congratulate Carleton "Trey" Pittman for reaching the Stem Fuse Hall of Fame by placing second in Stem Fuse's Spring 2022 Got Game Competition. The Got Game Competition is a national competition for IT students enrolled in Stem Fuse's IT curriculum. We are very proud of Trey and all of our students for their hard work and creativity this semester in our new Video Game Design and Animation classes. Woolard Technology Center

You can view our Games and Animations with the links below.

What is a Full Stack Developer? 2022 Full Stack Engineer Guide 08/04/2022

With more than 28,000 jobs available Full Stack Developing is the career field of the present and future. Read this article to find out more about Full Stack Development.

What is a Full Stack Developer? 2022 Full Stack Engineer Guide Full-stack developer roles are among the most highly sought after positions in the current job market. But what exactly is full-stack web development, and how do you become a full-stack developer? In this article, you will first learn what the term full-stack means. Then, you will see some suggested...

Photos from WTC Web Design Program's post 04/02/2022

Attention: Woolard Technology Center and Kershaw County School District! We at WTC Web Design Program are proud to announce that we will begin sharing some of our Game Design students' work on our website! Each week we will highlight a student's work and you all will have a chance to play a new game. This week's the game is called CAT & Mouse. Enjoy!

These games are not owned by the Kershaw County School District, it's employees, or students. These games are demos created by our game design curriculum to help our students learn how to design and develop video games. These games were created in Scirra's Construct 3 game engine. Please check them out!


Thursday Thoughts From Construct 3
Template Showcase

This week, we're going to be looking at one of the new examples that came with the latest stable release. Have you seen Challenge Room?

This game spawns traps for the player to avoid, gradually getting more difficult over time. The difficulty is handled using a global variable which is then used to spawn the traps.

The traps themselves are handled using a function, with a random angle passed through a parameter. This allows the traps to spawn randomly on any of the four sides of the arena. It also spawns a set of arrows to show the player where the next trap is coming from.

A separate function then handles the spawning of collectibles to give the player something to aim for. These are animated using some tweens and Z Elevation!

The example file is fully commented and available now on the Start Page. Take a look and see how it works!

Challenge Room Example

Connect With Construct

Learn JavaScript in Construct ★★★★★ 20/01/2022

Woolard Technology Center and Kershaw County School District looking to Learn JavaScript? Try creating a game in Construct 3 while learning

Learn JavaScript in Construct ★★★★★ Ever wanted to learn to code? Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world , with a wide range of applications from browsers to serv...

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