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Our purpose is to improve the quality of leaders, globally. Your CEO Mentor's purpose is to improve the quality and capability of business leaders globally.

Our platform offers mentoring by Martin Moore, a successful corporate CEO who took an unconventional path to the top. If you want to accelerate your career, Your CEO Mentor provides access to real, practical experience that few people have, and even fewer receive. Become one of Marty's mentees to maximise your career potential.


Managers, are you feeling disillusioned with your job hunt?

I get it.

You're not just looking for any role – you're eyeing your next big leap – the move that will propel you to the next level of your career.

So, you’re meticulously scrolling through job sites…

Attending networking events…

Researching your dream companies…

Crafting tailored cover letters and resumes…

Preparing and sitting for numerous interviews…

And yet... your best efforts are met with silence – or even the dreaded:

"Thanks, but no thanks."

It's more than just tiring; it feels like you’re running a marathon with no finish line in sight.

Maybe you’re at the point where even the thought of sitting in another interview room fills you with dread.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Perhaps all you need at this moment is a structured and methodical approach to job hunting: from tapping into your networks, researching the market, interviewing, and negotiating your contract.

This is exactly why I created the Landing Your Dream Job program – to help you find your next big role using a systematic process.

It's my brand new 6-step, self-paced, online short course.

When you enroll, you won't just be taking a step towards a new job—you'll be equipping yourself with a toolkit that you can use for a lifetime of career success!

Ready to land your dream job?

➡️ Comment ‘DREAM’ for more info about this step-by-step framework, and how to enroll so you can be one step closer to your next dream role!


Looking to take the next step in your career this year?


It's my brand new 6-step, self-paced, online short course.

Each lesson takes you through my proven step-by-step framework that will help you identify your next big role, showcase your capability and potential, and launch you on a new career trajectory!

It's designed to deliver maximum value in manageable chunks – because learning should propel your career forward, not hold you back!

In 6 lessons, you’ll learn how to:

1️⃣ Target the right opportunities
2️⃣ Mobilize your network
3️⃣ Prepare for interviews
4️⃣ Ask the right questions
5️⃣ Evaluate the role
6️⃣ Negotiate your package

When you enroll, you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the 6 self-paced lessons, with videos and detailed PDF concept worksheets that provide a framework for you to supercharge your career progression 🚀

Landing Your Dream Job will be your go-to job-hunting toolkit for your entire career!

Want to learn more? Comment ‘DREAM’ for more info about this step-by-step framework, and how to enroll so you can be one step closer to your dream job!


➡️ Comment “CAREER” to join the Crush Your Career Challenge and get access to your free Habit Tracker Spreadsheet!

Most leaders set career goals, but real success is achieved by those who develop habits that they consistently follow, day after day and year after year.

On the flip side, leaders who follow habits inconsistently still wonder why they don’t achieve the same success.

It’s not rocket science.

After my own successful career where the same daily habits saw me achieve the position as CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, I developed the Crush Your Career Challenge.

Delivered in 5 short daily lessons, the challenge offers a framework to help you set your career on the path of effective leadership and real success.

Of course, helping you to develop your own daily habits is a key focus!

➡️ Comment “CAREER” to get access to the same framework I used to unlock real success.

You’ll also get access to my free Habit Tracker Spreadsheet! 🚀



Our first episode of No Bullsh!t Leadership was produced in August 2018.

This week, we achieved a major milestone - 5 million downloads of the podcast, thanks to you!

To be perfectly honest, Emma and I are pretty ordinary when it comes to celebrating success… and I often cringe at the thinly-veiled, self-congratulatory posts that seem to dominate LinkedIn and some of the other social media platforms.

But I think it’s important to mark this milestone by standing back, and reflecting on what this really means, in the context of our purpose: to improve the quality of leaders, globally!

So, instead of just pumping up our own tyres, in this week's episode of No Bullsh!t Leadership, Em and I have distilled a number of success principles that we learned on our path to 5 million.

We want this behind-the-scenes look to inspire you in your own leadership journey – it’s amazing what you can achieve with a blank sheet of paper and some ridiculously bold aspirations!

🎧🎙️ Listen now on your favorite podcast player, or right here:

Lastly, a big thank you to:

👉 Any leader out there who has ever downloaded an episode
👉 Leaders in our community who listen every single week
👉 Anyone who has shared the podcast with their colleagues, friends and family
👉 All listeners who have the courage to be better by implementing what they've learned each week

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Are you struggling to boost your team's morale despite your best efforts? 😓

You've been giving it your all, but the enthusiasm and energy levels in your team just don't seem to be improving. It's a tough spot to be in, isn't it?

The truth is that elevating team morale is difficult: it requires strength and commitment.

But don't worry, I've got something that will help!

➡️ Swipe to get a glimpse of some practical do's and don'ts that could completely transform how you approach team morale.

In Episode #281 of No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast, I expose the fallacy of conventional wisdom about team performance, and flesh out what it really takes to build team morale!

🎙️🎧 Listen to this week's podcast episode on your favorite podcast player or comment '281' and I'll send you the link.

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What does leading in 2024 look like? 🤔

At the end of each year, I spend time analyzing a variety of sources to come up with a view on the range of possible outcomes for the year ahead—across business, politics, and society in general.

Without trying to make any fearless predictions, I like to have some sense of how the world is trending. Remember: Trend is your friend!

Using sources as diverse as The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the Australian Financial Review, The Atlantic, Fast Company, and even Wikipedia, this week's episode of No Bullsh!t Leadership provides a consolidated view of what awaits us, as leaders.

This is more than just an invaluable, curated guide to help you navigate the coming year... It’s also guaranteed to make you the most interesting person at any dinner party!

🎙️🎧 Listen to Episode #280 of the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast now on your favorite podcast player.


Forget the New Year’s resolutions… they rarely breed long-term success!

If you really want to start the New Year off on the right foot, here’s a better alternative:

Spend an hour or two taking on the free Crush Your Career Challenge ✅

🎧🎙️ Listen to Episode #279 on your favorite podcast player to find out more about the challenge.

OR if you’re ready to dive straight into the challenge right now, comment ‘CAREER’ to sign up for free!


What makes you stand out when you’re job hunting?

The harsh reality is… “not much.”

Are you the only ambitious person in the room? Are you the only person who’s working hard?

Say it with me… “No!”

But people DO stand out and DO get ahead.

What’s different about them?

I learned to stand out and I got promoted into more senior leadership roles. Each time I went up, I turned my focus to hiring the next standouts.

How I learned to stand out – and what saw me rise to become CEO of a multi-billion dollar energy company – was to ask high-quality questions.

It’s also what I looked for in the people I hired. If they asked quality questions, it separated them from the pack.

Learn how to ask better questions with my free training, The Art of Asking: Networking, Interviewing and Negotiating with Precision.

Comment below with the word “ASK” and I’ll get you registered for the next session!


How much do you value time with the people who matter most?

Do you constantly promise yourself that you’ll make more time for them?

How’s that working out for you…?

If you’re like I was, you’ll keep trying to fit more into each day, constantly wishing you had ‘more time’..

But this just pushes you into a dangerous cycle of burnout, which ultimately leaves you with even LESS time...

I faced several points in my executive career where I needed to reset my focus on the life demands I was juggling. It’s likely you do too.

My experience taught me that becoming a better leader was the secret sauce to spending less time at work.

Don’t wait to learn the hard way. Learn from me with my free PDF, Breaking the Burnout Cycle - A Leader’s Guide to Regaining Control of Your Workload!

Using the same techniques in this document, I became a more productive leader, improved my health, AND spent more time with the people I love.

Comment below with the word “BURNOUT” and I’ll send you a link to help you break the burnout cycle.

Included are instructions on doing a “time audit” – a critical leadership process for knowing what you should do and what you should ditch!

COMMENT “BURNOUT” to get access!

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Christmas party season is upon us 🎄

If you’re a leader trying to navigate the vagaries of the office Christmas party, there are a few considerations that will help you make good decisions.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be staring down the aftermath of a significant incident in the days following an event!

You want everyone to enjoy the celebration appropriately, and at the same time feel as safe and respected as they do in their normal work environment.

👉 Swipe to see the DO'S and DON'TS for Office Christmas parties

Want more?

Listen to Episode #171 of the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast.

In this Q&A episode, Em and I cover all things Christmas parties, from venues to fancy dress to alcohol-free zones...and everything in between.

We hope that this conversation will help you to navigate this year’s Christmas party with confidence!

🎙️🎧 Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast player, or right here:


What’s your ‘why’ for getting up every morning? ☀️

For me, the answer has always been clear: my family – their hopes and dreams fueled my ambition to climb the ladder.

But my career success didn’t just happen because I waited for the right opportunity to come around.

The truth is, dream jobs don’t just appear; they come from hard work, dedication and channeling your efforts in the right direction 💪

Allow me to accompany you on your path to career success.

Every great journey begins with a single step, and yours starts right here 👇

➡️ Comment ‘ASK’ and I’ll give you access to my free training, The Art of Asking, which is my #1 strategy to be the standout candidate in your next job interview!

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Contemplating a career move? 🤔

As an ambitious leader, you may often wonder how you can tell when it's time for a change.

➡️ Swipe for my 4 key indicators that signal it may be time to look for a new role.

If you're interested in advancing your career, listen to this week's podcast episode of No Bullsh!t Leadership:

🎙️🎧 Episode #274: Taking Control of Your Career

In this episode, I cover:
👉 The benefits of a mentor and how they can guide you to career success
👉 My tips on building and nurturing valuable connections to boost your future job prospects
👉 How to make informed decisions when considering a new job opportunity

Comment '274' and I'll send you the link to listen!


Have you ever been challenged to rethink a fundamental belief?

That's what happened to me during a mentoring session with a CEO who questioned the 'Friendly, Not Friends' leadership principle.

This conversation made me think deeply about how I articulate my leadership principles. Being a great leader requires judgment, in order to navigate the subtleties of every situation.

It's not so much black and white as it is 1,000 annoying shades of gray!

In this week's podcast episode, I explore some of the nuances of different leadership principles, and how to apply them amidst the complexities of real-world situations!

Listen to Episode #273: "It's Never Black or White: 1,000 Annoying Shades of Gray" on your favorite podcast player or comment 273 and we’ll DM the listen link to you!


Leaders worldwide are divided. Where do you stand?

Let us know in the comments!

P.S. In tomorrow's podcast episode, Marty takes on this exact question - this episode is a MUST LISTEN!


There's no doubt that systemic bias exists in hiring - but sometimes, even with the best intentions, it's really difficult to improve diversity.

Quite often, you’re simply dealing with a shallow pool of talent.

Entrenched beliefs and attitudes at lower levels of an organization act as a barrier to progress - not just for women, but for any minority group that's not the typical appointee.

The homogenous, safe candidate is effectively ‘green lit’ all the way through the process. It's sometimes hard to find the right candidate, who will improve outcomes by offering greater diversity. But it's even harder to change the mindset of the decision-makers who occupy positions of relative power, at all levels of an organization!

Listen to today's 4 minute Moment on your favourite podcast player or comment ’37’ and we’ll DM you the link for this episode 🚀

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This is important for EVERY level of leader...

Because although few of us are going to end up as CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, we can all create our own version of CEO excellence, and I want to tell you how.

Last year, three partners from McKinsey & Company, the world’s premier consulting firm, released a book titled, CEO Excellence.

The interviews with 67 of the world’s top-performing CEOs included household names like Mary Barra from General Motors, Jamie Diamond from JP Morgan Chase, Herbert Hainer from Adidas, Reed Hastings from Netflix, Kaz Hirai from Sony, and Satya Nadella from Microsoft: the who's who list of modern business excellence, right!?

In this week's podcast episode 'Episode #266 What The Best CEOs Do', I distill the findings into some insights about what the best CEOs actually do!

Take these elements and apply them to wherever you are on your leadership journey.

The 4 tips in the carousel are just the tip of the iceberg, so if you're keen to hear the whole episode, comment '266' below and I'll DM you the direct listen link 🚀


Trust and empathy… accountability and empowerment… self-esteem and job satisfaction…

There are many ingredients to building a team of high performing individuals who deliver results, and love what they do.

And one of the most underrated of these ingredients could be the difference between being a competent leader, and a great leader!

This week’s podcast episode revealed the ingredient which, when added to your repertoire of strong leadership tools and strategies, will turbocharge your team’s performance!

Comment ‘265’ below and I’ll send you the listen link 👇

Photos from Your CEO Mentor's post 28/09/2023

If your people were included in these stats, how would that make you feel?

Comment ‘265’ and I’ll send you the link to this episode on leadership’s most underrated ingredient 🧑‍🍳


I’ve learnt over my career that there are many ways to end up in the C-suite!

One way is working hard, and waiting for your promotions.

But in larger organizations, this can take MANY years. And at each new layer, you're in competition for the next spot above you with a bunch of other smart, ambitious people from both inside and outside your organization.

Even though I’d never hold up my own career path as something you should try to emulate, there are some interesting learnings to take from it.

Interestingly, some of my best career moves were horizontal shifts—they were my springboard to the CEO office.

Comment ‘MOMENT’ below and I’ll DM you the link to this quick 3 minute episode on roadmaps to the c-suite!

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Are you an accidental micromanager? 😳

Here are our 4 ways to ensure that you're NOT micromanaging your people:

1️⃣ Instead of giving directions, ask thought-provoking questions. Empower your team to think and act independently.

2️⃣ Interrogate the "what" not the "how." Encourage your team to focus on getting to the destination, focus less on how they get there.

3️⃣ Guide your people to solve problems themselves. Offer support, not solutions, to nurture their growth.

4️⃣ Measure success by outcomes, not just effort. Celebrate achievements and foster a results-driven culture.

For more insights on striking the balance between control and micromanagement, listen to Episode #264 of the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast on your favourite player, or comment 264 below and we’ll send you the direct listen link 🚀


Everybody hates micromanagers. Even micromanagers hate micromanagers!

So how do you strike the right balance between micromanagement and control?

If you give your people too much autonomy, you risk wasting a lot of effort doing the wrong things… if you exert too much control, you fall into the trap of micromanaging, which introduces inefficiencies and demotivates your people in the process.

I learned throughout my career that balancing autonomy and control isn’t just an esoteric discussion: understanding and executing the principle is a critical leadership imperative that will either enhance or degrade the results you achieve.

In this podcast episode, I look at the fundamental trade-offs between autonomy and control; I share a little about my journey to increasing control, without becoming a micromanager; and I give some really practical tips for striking the right balance with each individual in your team!

Listen to episode #264 on your favourite podcast player or right here:


Congratulations to the hundreds of No Bullsh!t leaders who committed to joining us for the September 2023 cohort of Leadership Beyond the Theory!

We're thrilled to kick off with Module 1: Deliver Value today, and can't wait to watch your confidence and skills develop over the next 2 months.

It’s been a long month of promotions, and thank you to everyone in our LinkedIn community who watched as we shared our passion for this incredible program.

We’ll likely be running the next cohort in September 2024, so for now, it’s time to dig in with our new cohort - let's get into it! 🎉



🚀 Comment ‘LBT’ to learn more or to enroll now!

Before we close enrollments, I'll leave you with this:

When it comes to leadership, there are no silver bullets.

But if you work hard on doing the difficult things, the things that most leaders don't challenge themselves to do, I guarantee that you will rise to the top as a confident, respected, value delivering leader.

My practical, implementable strategies will help you to boost your leadership capability so that you can become a leader who stands out from the pack!

As you would have heard me say many times, it doesn't matter what you think, what you believe or what you know.

It matters what you do! 👊

Don't spend the next 12-months wishing that you'd taken the leap and joined Leadership Beyond the Theory.

📍 Lifetime access to our 8-module proven leadership system
📍 2 hours of live webinar access to me each week (that’s 16 hours over the entire program)
📍 A guarantee that EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you submit is answered personally by me
📍 12+ hours of video lessons, 3 hours of bonus content and 60+ supporting PDF resources
📍 Our 125-page Leadership Beyond the Theory Implementation Playbook and Post-Program Implementation Plan to help you nail the strategies long after you finish the program
📍 Access to the private Leadership Beyond the Theory Slack community
📍 Opportunity to join an Accountability Pod to stay on track
📍 Our 100% money-back guarantee

Comment ‘LBT’ to learn more or to enroll now 👊🚀

See you when class starts on the 18th September (MONDAY)! 👋


This is my ‘why’ for investing time and energy into increasing my leadership capability ❤️

When I reflect on my career, it’s the times when I’ve been leading my best that I’ve been the happiest and most present for my family.

And this is a rarely spoken about by product of exceptional leadership.

If you’re an effective, confident leader who is working to their fullest potential, you’ll be gifted more time and more energy to spend on the people that mean the most to you.

What's your 'why'?

Enrollments for Leadership Beyond the Theory close today 🙌

This is the no regrets way to improve your leadership capability and confidence, fast!

🚀 Comment "LBT" to enroll in the September 2023 cohort.

Or learn more here:

Even if you don’t join us, please keep working on strengthening your leadership so that you always have the energy and space you need for the most important people in your life!



The Burnout Fix: A Practical Roadmap to Taking Control of Your Workload.

Why should you come?

When leadership burnout strikes:

👉 You'll feel overwhelmed, cynical and exhausted
👉 You won’t be performing as the effective leader that you know your team deserves
👉 You’ll be slow and indecisive when faced with important decisions
👉 You’ll lose self-confidence

Eventually, this will lead to:

👉 Declining team morale and productivity
👉 A high employee turnover rate
👉 A toxic, micromanaging culture
👉 A loss of passion for your role and career
👉 Mediocre results

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it?

Well here’s the good news…

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are strategies that you can use in order to take control, reduce your workload, and feel like your leadership is actually making a difference to your team.

Now I want to share these with you in my FREE training that I'm holding tomorrow!

👉 Comment "BURNOUT" to find out more and to save your spot.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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