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Photos from MotherMinds's post 10/05/2022

Every session is different,

Over these last few weeks, we have been observing some big changes in our Sunflower group. We have absolutely blown away by the growth and development and independence shown by our Sunflowers and today the needs of the group took a different turn.

The focus of Early Childhood learning is to support children in Being, Belonging and Becoming

Exploring, admiring and being within Nature is big part of helping children to make connections to their outsider world as well as be curious and in awe of the intricate ways of creepy crawlies.

Our morning matt session began by reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar which began our enquiry of Lifecycles. We created a life cycle chart using objects from the garden and compared it to our Bug Encycpepdia. The children were all engaged in observing the changes taken by the Butterfly and taking lead in creating their own cycles.

Butterfly also begins with the Letter B- the sound that we have been practicing both identifying as the initial sound of words as well as writing the formation.
Using treasures from the beautiful garden we created our own beautiful Butterflies just like the one in our story. Although, the interest didn’t stay here for long, before the children were drawn to explore or beautiful surroundings with one another using magnifying glasses to see what insects they could find.
It’s important to be careful when searching for insects as we don’t want to damage their home.

After exploring th garden we moved into free play where it became apparent that sometimes it is hard to understand why we need too share, tired bodies and minds make it a little harder to wait and take turns, and sometimes we just need a moment to breath.

Feeling the need for a moment to be slow, and come back to calm. The adults invited the children to take space, find comfort and breathe, regulate with one another.

It gave me goosebumps, feeling the energy change, seeing out little people lay so still, inviting in the calmness that was collectively felt.

What an beautiful morning, where some beautiful learning moments happened that exceeded typical acadmic parameters, but instead encompassed needs that were much more deeper and important in the being, belonging, becoming of our future generations.


Hello Families
Our new Theme for Term 2 for both Sunflower and Seedlings will be a flow of Minibeasts, Seasons/ Weather and Appreciation of Nature and the world around us!

So many beautiful and important concepts can be pulled from these topics and I am s excited to explore them with our community!

Week 5 onwards is left open to observe the interests of the children based on these topics and I will reflect on the areas that may be needed within the groups.

Much love, Paige

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‘The working mum’

The who Mums who

Go to work
Work from home
Create their own work
Child work
Inner work
Self work

I am a worker, that’s apart of my identity and I realise now that I can be a worker and a mother and a good one at that, all at the same time. Definitely, not all the time, but there’s not this ONE or the OTHER, down the line, be-all end-all. There’s no ONE story, right or wrong way.
We are constantly shapeshifting and flowing into different roles and one doesn’t take away from the other.

Since I was 11, I have enjoyed working, I worked in an Organic Cafe after school in exchange for free food and products, I have worked one job and three jobs, I started a business when I was 18 and find that I am multi-passionate about many different areas of work.

I find JOY in striving to be good at what I do and calmness in a structure that comes with set work time. I felt that once I had my baby, I would need to change, fit into the vision of being ‘just a mum’.

When Layla was born, I finally had my valid excuse to stop, rest, just be a mum. I tried really hard to slow down, ease into staying at home and fitting into ONE story that I had decided to run with. I can tell you within a few days I was going crazy. I was trying to mould myself to the stories I was comparing to of others without feeling into what is going to work FOR ME, for my family.

My circumstances around having Layla were unique to me, and it was when I started understanding that I was the creator of my story and the evidence would come second to the story that feels right for me.

TRUST your own journey. WHATEVER that looks like for you

You are doing an amazing job and you are the perfect mother for your child.
The best thing we can do for our baby shows up as our happiest, most vibrant selves. Sometimes it takes uncomfortable decisions, healing, change and discomfort to get there but YOU, WORKING MUM- are the author.

Get writing-

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I am not just a mum and nor are you.

24th May 2020, 1:05am

The day I birthed not only my girl into this world but also the day I was re-birthed into this new identity of ‘mum’. But it’s only now that I am finding the words to describe the strange feeling we get as ‘who we are’ seems to mesh into this blurred line of stigma and experience and I am showing up to share with anyone who will listen that

I am not just a mum, and nor are you.

‘I got that name much later in life. A badge I wear proudly and gratefully’. I love being a mum but it’s not who I am. It’s a part of who I am. I do believe my life is far richer with Layla in but but is not all of who I am and she is not the centre of my universe.

I am.

I am first, Paige, a women who has so much more learning, creating, living that I am setting a new standard to make a priority. Do I sound selfish? Cold and heartless? Maybe to some, but I believe if I put myself first then I am a far better woman, partner and mother.

Self-care and self-love are on my top priority. In particularly scheduling activities that bring me joy. Sometimes this looks like time alone, asking and accepting help or spending time with others.Sometimes it means taking extra time and setting up a big mediations space with cacao and journaling, sometimes it means putting on Cardi B and dancing. Don’t look outward for what this looks like for you.

Want to improve your relationships? With self, your children, friends, partners.

Re-claim your joy.

This is what is currently working for me anyway. 🙂

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A big, warm, welcoming hello 👋

My name is Paige 💫
I am a passionate qualified early childhood teacher who is passionate about ways we can use connection, community, play, nature, stories and knowledge to support the holistic developments of humans of all ages!

After having my first baby in May, I understand now more than EVER the power of community with like-minded humans and the power connection through our journey into parenthood.

So forth has come this space in which I want to lovingly embed the two of my passions- Early childhood education and holistic wellbeing with an aim to provide a hub for mothers to connect, grow and THRIVE.

Soon to be emailed out is more information about our sessions including term and booking information.

Thank you for being here.


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