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Operating as usual


This May, we are going INTERNATIONAL.

CALLING ALL CREATIVES - Join Namarah in an exclusive masterclass for the aspiring artists and creatives in the Philippines. We have a master class for you to step into your artistry the way you dreamed. This is your Creative Launch.

Take 2 hours to learn with Namarah how…

- How to market your art,
- set up and build your online store
- Utilitze your skills and unique talents to show up like YOU

Claim your seat today! Link in the comments.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 09/03/2023

I drew myself before I knew myself.

The journey of finding your artistry is a lifelong process. This drawing is a picture of imaging “me” as an adult 👩🏾. At the time, I was a freshman in high school, doodling in my chemistry class.

I never had locs, I only had a picture in my mind. Now I’m 5 years into my natural hair journey but it’s so much more than hair.

You see, even though I had an idea of how I wanted to show up - there needed to be stories in between 14 year old me and the 29 year old you’re hearing from now.

It took choices to do and be different. It took time and patience to accept all of who I am.

And the funny thing is, art is like this. Having an idea to start and embracing the not unknowing aspects of “you” as you go along the way.

What are the visions you saw of yourself earlier in life that are now beginning to bloom?


Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 08/03/2023

Artists, you are unique, trustworthy, and destined for fulfillment when you live as your true self.

But sometimes, even the most creative minds need guidance and support to reach their full potential.

If you are ready to take your artistry to the next level, I invite you to DM me today to learn more about Artist Awakening.

Together, we can unlock your full potential, overcome your challenges, and turn your vision into a reality.

Don't wait another day to start living the life you've always dreamed of. Let's work together to make it happen. DM me now to get started.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 06/03/2023

This weekend join our next CREATIVE TUNE-UP!

We have been hosting PRIVATE conversations within our artist community to inspire and empower you on the journey towards your authentic artistry.

Last month we featured for black history month focused chat.

This month? It’s all about the WOMEN ❤️🥰

We’re bringing the one and only to our private community of artists. Want to be in the room? Comment “I need to know more” and we will send you the link to RSVP.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 22/02/2023

FYI. AI isn’t a threat to artists. It is a threat to creatives who do not produce.

If you create just for $$ you’re in danger.

Oh you create for the oohs and ahs you’re in a hot spot.

But the artist who creates from spirit and vulnerability will always be safe, because the work you do is the journey ai can never replicate.


There is a science to your artistry. A way. A method. You create the perfect flow for you, a system that’s unique to how you see the world.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 27/01/2023

Thoughts from your coach. ❤️‍🔥

Artists, you’ll always have me in your corner.

If you’re looking for a pep talk, let’s connect! Send a DM. 2023 is your blooming year, but only if you choose it.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 21/01/2023

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there.

Time to get up and bloom. ❤️

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 11/01/2023


Are you looking for the platforms or preparing for them?

If you stay ready you won’t have to get ready.

What are you doing today to master your artistry?

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 09/01/2023

Look. Artists get this when I say this.

I’m going to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m gonna push your buttons. I’m going to challenge your perception.

The purpose is not to entertain you only, but to show you where the light is… where the darkness is… and how to see the spaces between.

I feel like creative people are always under criticism and yet they are the boldest ones. They criticize while you fantasize. And we need the voice of creatives.

History was changed because of boldness, it is that very boldness that makes a dancer move to a song you never thought to listen to. Or sing in a style you deemed too much.

Protect them.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 06/01/2023

Fear not.

Fear is not your friend. Faith is.

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 29/04/2022

It’s time you begin the authentic path to your creative genius. Take a look at what to of the artists I’ve been coaching have to say about their journey.


Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 30/12/2021

Start the year with the right intentions. As you look into your next, are you ready to show the world EXACTLY who you are? Authenticity requires you to know yourself well and to express YOU masterfully.

Next Saturday we will do this together. Are you ready to make the investment on you? It’s time.

Learning the competencies you need to show up at your next speaking engagement, audition, gig or showcase.

Click the link to sign up for the Creative Tune up! The world wants you to show up and show out, and you will not disappoint. ♥️


Your artistry has no limits. At times, we forget the truth, that everything we actually need to become is waiting to be unlocked within you.

That’s why we need teachers, not just to introduce new skills and tools but to guide us back home to the authenticity of your own genius.

At the top of the month, we had our first cohort of Artist Awakening. These creatives took the next step in handling who they are and how to show up. Are you ready to take the same journey?

January 8th launches the next cohort! We have shifted from 4 days with a one hour session to one BIG intensive.

What does that mean? I take the time with you on one day dedicated to unlocking you. The next cycle is live and available now - sign up before the slots are full. 💥

Photos from Artist Awakening Coaching's post 26/11/2021

It’s Black Friday! A perfect day to claim your seat in my Creative Tune Up. Use the code BF2021 to get $40 off this class!

What is it?
- 4 Days (12-1pm EST) group coaching on the four competencies of artistry with creatives and artists online. 🌱🌬💧🔥
- Developing your creative FLOW and artistry.
- 1 hour complimentary one on one coaching.

This program will be available and live on Zoom and you’ll have access to these sessions after they are live. Click the link in my bio for the Creative Tune-Up

This class is $97 but pay $57 with your BF2021 Discount!

Love you 😘 it’s time to stop hiding your artistry.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?