The pursuit of wisdom through history, behavior and education.

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..... Or

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Antecedents, respondent conditioning, operant conditioning, conditioned motivating operations, or all of the above?

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From the Teddy Bear 🧸

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Timeline photos 01/08/2020

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Sit and do nothing? Embrace opportunity? Or forge?... The freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.

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Like the folding of steel to craft a fine sword

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This statement is not to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Bottom line is, only the best for your youth whomever it may be.

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There’s the environment and then there’s your senses, the medium between stimulus and response.

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Keep in mind that the most skilled individual to their craft is not impervious to mistake.

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Pairings upon pairings of stimuli through your senses create an elaborate event that can only be experienced by the individual who is present.

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If you’re going through hell to seek the seek the truth, show em what you’re made of 💪🏼.

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Be bold. Go hard.

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All kinds of functions.

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The power of timing.

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Preference assessments of all shapes and sizes.

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Before behaviorism, the principles have always been there.

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Positive perspectives on teamwork.

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Let’s talk behavioral economics... @ Viera, Florida

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On the topic of social significance and generalization. When looking at specific societies, what’s their operational definition of strong?

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The beauty of both potential and . @ Lake Region Public Library

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Attention to detail and key stakeholders may make or break the probability of success. @ Bemidji, Minnesota

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Knowledge, wisdom, reason and the ability to listen 🔑. @ YYC Calgary International Airport

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Classic nature vs. nature. Time to appreciate both the act of being objective and surrendering to the great unknown.

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Moderation. Succor. Aid. @ Lake Louise, Banff National Park

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There are some things that cannot be measured, however there is a sense of connection that may be established. @ Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Minnesota

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