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Custody Service - Looking Glass Education 07/04/2024

Custody Service - Looking Glass Education CODL – the overprotective approach to self-custody Are you looking to step into the driver’s seat on your Bitcoin journey… but taking self-custody of your bitcoin seems overwhelming? If you answered yes to the above question, you’re not alone. Self-custody is, arguably, the cornerstone of wh...

The Looking Glass Education 12/04/2022

Money = Time + Energy

By viewing money as a store of time and energy, we can better understand that money is essentially a battery– a store of energy that can be used at a later date.

With this analogy in mind, the evolution of money, in theory, is this constant search for the most efficient battery to store time and energy.

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The Looking Glass Education Helping you to navigate your financial future through the power of Bitcoin

The Looking Glass Education 10/04/2022

The first step to building an understanding of the issues we are facing is to answer the question:

What is money?

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The Looking Glass Education Helping you to navigate your financial future through the power of Bitcoin

The Looking Glass Education 04/04/2022

Welcome to the Looking Glass. We're an all-in-one educational platform built to empower individuals to take control of their financial futures. Our focus is on building timeless educational content that is easy to read and jargon-free. https://t.co/yssB6cK1rX

The Looking Glass Education Helping you to navigate your financial future through the power of Bitcoin

Inflation Vs Your Savings 11/03/2022

I've been beating the drum on inflation for quite a while now and we are just about to experience some periods of high volatility.

Inflation is certainly here folks, and it will be here for quite a while.

I hope you have been paying attention and have implemented some inflation hedge strategies to protect yourselves.

Time to revisit one of the very first articles I wrote, near the same time last year. It's still as relevant today as it was then.


Inflation Vs Your Savings I am writing this article for my friends and family in the hope that we can all better understand inflation. By taking a deep dive into…


When a distressed nation state asks for Bitcoin donations....
Probably nothing.

Be Your Own Bank 25/02/2022

Recent developments in Canada where the government froze bank accounts and banned people's access to their money, alongside recent developments in Russia/ Ukraine where sanctions will impact innocent civilians caught in the cross fire by limiting their access to SWIFT and other financial services, all highlight the need for everyone to become more self sovereign over their money.

Time to revisit this article we wrote last year.

Be your own bank.

Having your money in the bank is no longer the safest place. Bank bail-in laws, political motives and zero interest rates all highlight the need for people to get up to speed on alternatives to our banking system. We take significant risk with zero reward, while banks use our deposits to make billions in profits. Not only are we getting no rewards, we are guaranteed to go backwards due to inflation.

Have a read...


Be Your Own Bank The banking system is not designed with your best intentions in mind. There have been numerous examples over the years of banks acting in…


Fact 1. Institutions sell off in December to meet their targets and lock in their performance bonuses.

Fact 2. They have to build back those positions

Fact 3. They don't like buying tops, hell they don't even like buying middle of the range.

Fact 4. They know exactly how to wash out leveraged traders, weak hands and speculators.

Fact 5. On chain confirms early signs they are accumulating again.

Revisit my April article for more examples.


Clear your calendars....
6th Jan 2022 - 9pm-10:30pm
Bitcoin Education Session BTC2
Day 1/3

Who wants to come?


I am excited to announce that we will hold our first Bitcoin, Finance and Macroeconomic Education session.

Please like, share and comment below to reserve your place.

The first session will be limited to 20 people and will be held across 2-3 sessions over the coming weeks. These sessions will be approx 1hr each.

The first session will be held Thu 25th Nov 2021 at 9pm online via zoom.

Details and ticketing will be finalized and sent out soon.

Mastercard Partners with Leading Digital Currency Companies Across Asia Pacific to Launch the Region’s First Crypto-Linked Payment Cards 08/11/2021

Slowly.....then suddenly.

Mastercard Partners with Leading Digital Currency Companies Across Asia Pacific to Launch the Region’s First Crypto-Linked Payment Cards In partnership with Mastercard, three leading cryptocurrency service providers in Asia Pacific will be launching crypto-funded Mastercard payment cards. The trio of partnerships with Amber, Bitkub and CoinJar make it easier for consumers and corporates to spend cryptocurrency on physical or digital....


The banks have had years to do right by their customers. Now that their model is exposed and people have choice, they pivot and pretend they're there for you. The truth is they are terrified......

and they should be.

They are obsolete.

Be your own bank



What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it.

You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.

You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Bitcoin Basics: Wallets — it’s not what you think 25/10/2021

In this article we look at wallets and how they secure your digital assets like bitcoin.

It is a common misconception to think that wallets store these digital coins. Wallets actually store the keys securing your coins, allowing you to spend those funds by signing the transaction with these keys.

We look at the 3 common types of wallets, namely: Exchange wallets, hot wallets and cold wallets. We explain some of the features and risks with each and highlight some tips on when sending and receiving funds between your wallets and addresses.

Happy stacking plebs. Thanks for reading.

Bitcoin Basics: Wallets — it’s not what you think Today we are going to look at bitcoin wallets to try and discern what they are exactly, and perhaps a little counterintuitively, what they…


Owning 0.1Bitcoin (10,000,000sats) is an amazing achievement if you can manage it.

It might seem out of reach for some people, but the important thing is to start your dollar cost average journey to try and get as close as possible.

To put this in perspective.

Buying 0.1 Bitcoin today (for $6500USD) is like buying 1 Bitcoin in 2017 (for $6500USD), or 10 Bitcoin in 2014 (for $6500USD).

See where this is going? 0.1BTC is a lot, just like 1BTC was a lot in 2017 and 10BTC was a lot in 2014.

Be proud of your stack, if you can only get to 0.01BTC, so be it. You have just got to start stacking it.

In 3 years time I'll be reposting this saying buying 0.01 Bitcoin for ($6500USD) will be a great goal.


🚨 Annual Price Increases: 🚨
Steaks: +22.1 %
Bacon: +19.3 %
Pork roasts, ribs, steaks: +19.2 %
Chickens: +17.1 %
Fresh fish: +10.7 %
Eggs: +12.6 %
Peanut Butter: +6.2 %
Apples: + 7.8 %
Baby food: +4.4 %

Good thing is up +400% same period, protecting your purchasing power

Bitcoin Basics: Key’s, Signatures, Addresses and Seed-Phrases — Hug a nerd today! 14/10/2021

In order to obtain a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin as the hardest money, it is important to understand exactly how Bitcoin works.

Put simply, Bitcoin is a distributed ledger. It is a database containing Bitcoin balances, addresses, transaction records and cryptographic hash functions.

A copy of this database is held on thousands of computers called nodes. The nodes are constantly checking each other to ensure one source of truth while miners produce blocks and validate transactions.

This first part in this series pieces together hashing, blocks and demonstrates how hashing keeps the data immutable, unchangeable and secure.

Perhaps you have thought in the past "what the hell is Bitcoin mining anyway?"

Those questions and more answered within.


Bitcoin Basics: Key’s, Signatures, Addresses and Seed-Phrases — Hug a nerd today! Private Key’s, Public Key’s, seed phrases, public addresses, signatures, verification’s……what does it all mean? The inner working of the…


My first finance article was published on 17/06/21 where I spoke about the power of dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin.

The idea being that you buy Bitcoin every single day, as much as you can comfortably afford, using it like your savings account.

Buying every day smooths out the volatility and it means you don't have to time the market.

If you had put $10USD into Bitcoin everyday since that first article, you would have purchased 2,791,832sats for the cost of $1130. Now worth $1501.31 for an increase of $371.31.

That is a 32.86% increase in just a few short months for an annualised return of 106%.

Bitcoin is money, Bitcoin is savings. Bitcoin is hope for wage earners.

There are no guarantees this will continue into the future, however with a fixed supply issuance, you have to prove that demand for Bitcoin will decline.
✅ Institutions, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds are moving to adopt it.
✅ Countries are using it for legal tender, with more signalling their intent.
✅ Companies are accepting it for fast, cheap, final digital payment settlements.
✅ Everyday wage earners like us are waking up to the fact the monetary system is broken.

There is only going to be increased demand.

We are in 1997 of internet adoption by comparison.
Stack it daily and promise yourself you won't touch it for at least 5 years.


I am really excited to be sharing with you the natural progression from the finance, macro and bitcoin articles I have been sharing with you all over the past few months.

I am pleased to introduce you all to QLD Bitcoin an education platform for everyday Aussies.

Over the coming weeks I will be hosting some introductory zoom calls where I will go over the finer points within the articles I've shared looking at finance and the monetary system, and do a deep dive on bitcoin the network and bitcoin the asset.

It will be a great opportunity for you or your friends and family to get online and have the burning questions in your mind answered.

So if you, a relative or someone you know would benefit from getting involved please comment below, like and share this post. You can also DM me on this page.

I will be in contact in the coming weeks with dates, times and details.

QLD Bitcoin also offer a concierge service to help you step by step on your journey into bitcoin. We can offer assistance in how to buy bitcoin and best practices for storing and taking self-custody of your keys.

I really appreciate all the feedback and support I have received in the past few months, I look forward to helping more people in the space of bitcoin education.

NB: This information is general in nature and should not be considered financial advice. I hold no licenses or accreditation. This content is for education and entertainment purposes only.

Bitcoin Basics — Bitcoin is better than Gold. The Difficulty-Adjustment 01/10/2021

In a previous article we introduced Fiat Currency and the history on how currency came to be. We also highlighted when the world operated on a gold standard. To be fair to currencies, they served their place well as a way to exchange value that was a little more user friendly than gold. Gold was heavy and cumbersome and international settlement could take as long as 6-12mths.

Bitcoin is often cited as being a digital form of gold. But this 6th article in the series looks at ways that bitcoin is actually much much better than gold. Bitcoin can be settled quickly with immutable finality, it's cheap to transact, but what makes bitcoin really special is the difficulty adjustment.

Gold suffers from a self-cannibalistic nature whereby an increase in the gold price incentivises more production (mining) of the gold. As we flood the market with new issuance of gold, this increase in supply puts downwards pressure on the price. The bitcoin protocol has fixed this through the difficulty adjustment. Jump in and read how the bitcoin protocol enforces a strict supply and rate of release of coins right up to the very last coin circa 2140.

Bitcoin Basics — Bitcoin is better than Gold. The Difficulty-Adjustment In previous articles we have made the case that hard money should form part of any investment portfolio. We also highlight that hard money…

Be Your Own Bank 01/10/2021

Did you know that in 2018 the Australian Government passed laws giving banks the powers to seize your savings deposits to save them from failing? But don't worry, they'll issue you a share in this failing institution as compensation!

Banks have been involved in some of the most deplorable and scandalous actions, yet we as depositors hold all the risk. It would stand to reason then that we get compensated for this risk right? How does an interest rate of 0.1% sound? What?

This 5th article in the series looks into these actions by the banks and the bank-bail-in-laws. It also looks at how bitcoin is empowering people across the globe to be their own banks through digital bearer instrument settlement.

Jump in and see how you can start to take control of your savings yourself.

6. Be Your Own Bank

Be Your Own Bank The banking system is not designed with your best intentions in mind. There have been numerous examples over the years of banks acting in…


As a natural progression from the finance articles I have been writing, we are please to introduced QLD Bitcoin, an education platform.

Over the coming weeks I'll be hosting some free introductory live zoom calls where I will be running through the key takeaways from the articles going over the monetary system, fiat currency, inflation and asset valuations and of course I will teach you the ins and outs of Bitcoin.

If you are interested in taking part in the first few sessions, or you know someone who would be interested, please comment below, like this post and share with your friends and family. You can also DM me or the page.

I will be forwarding details and dates once I can determine how many are interested in coming.

NB: This is not financial advice, this information is general in nature and is intended for education and entertainment purposes only.

How to blow an asset bubble in 3 easy steps. 01/10/2021

From our previous article we introduced the fact that bonds form the foundation of how every other asset in the world is valued.
In this fourth article in the series we look at 3 ways in which equitiy market bubbles are created.

1. Artificially low treasury yields (US Government Bonds) are used as an input into the equations for equity valuations. As the yield trends to 0, valuations trend to infinity.

2. The Search for Yield. Where we were once able to get decent interest rates on bonds, funds like pension funds are now forced further and further into equities, looking for returns sufficient enough to remain solvent.

3. Passive Inflows. It is VERY popular to now use passive investment vehicles such as index ETF's, the problem here, nearly half of the capital inflows into financial markets are not doing ANY price discovery, meaning they will buy stocks at ANY price.

These 3 concepts help to explain why we are experiencing massive asset bubbles globally.

Do you want to be the person paying top dollar for stocks? I don't, but many people don't even realise that's exactly what they are doing when they invest in passive investment vehicles.

4. How to Blow an Asset Bubble in 3 easy steps:

How to blow an asset bubble in 3 easy steps. When I started my investment journey, I followed a path walked by many a retail investor. I read a heap of the recommended books on…

Bonds: What are they and how do they underpin finance. 01/10/2021

For most investors bonds are boring. At their core, they are nothing more than loans made to corporations and governments, but what many people don't realise is that bonds are THE fundamental building block of the entire financial system.

US treasury bonds and their rates form the basis by which every other asset on the planet is valued. Often called the Risk-Free-Rate-Of-Return, US treasury yields are considered just that, the quintessential risk free asset. Why? Because the US can and will always print new money to meet their obligations.

In this, the 3rd article in our series we dive deep into the weeds on bonds, interest rates and explain how real yields are calculated. This one is a little heavy, grab a coffee and dive in.


Bonds: What are they and how do they underpin finance. An introductory look at bonds, rates and yields. Why interest rated will remain low and the impacts on lower/income earners.

Fiat Currency — Why it is making you poor. 01/10/2021

In the second article of this series we look at Fiat Currency. It's a funny term and not everyone is really aware of what it means exactly.

To explain what a Fiat Currency is, we look at the history of money and highlight the differences between money and currency, no they are not the same thing.

Globally, we have been on a fiat currency standard since 1971. Fiat currency isn't backed by anything but the promise you can exchange it for goods and services. The problem with fiat currencies is they dramatically lose their purchasing power over time. The longer you save in fiat, the worse off you become, particularly in low interest rate environements.

Having a good understanding of Fiat Currency is fundamental to getting a firm grasp on the monetary system and finance in general.

2. Fiat Currency:

Fiat Currency — Why it is making you poor. Have you ever heard of the term Fiat Currency? Do you really have a good understanding of what it is, how it works and how this came to be?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?