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Today is World Hearing Day, and it was a great honour to provide screening to the Gr R learners at Gillitts Primary School. What an honour to share our resources with others and ensure early identification and intervention for hearing loss for more young children.


DEAFinition is a leading provider of diversity and inclusion solutions for the wholesale and retail sector, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace through offering a talented pool of Deaf individuals for hire.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to successfully integrate Deaf individuals into your team. Our comprehensive approach to integration sets us apart from the competition and ensures the seamless integration of Deaf talent into your workplace.

We'd love to hear from you. Looking forward to connecting with you soon 087 063 8920 | [email protected]


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A massive congratulations to the Class of 2022!! You have done yourselves, your family and your school proud! We can't wait to see you start the next chapter of your lives!!!
Thank you to all the staff members who cared for and taught these learners in so many different ways over the 15 years that 3 of these learners have been at Fulton. It certainly takes a village to raise a child. Well done and thank you!


"Pay forward your talents and skills by reaching out to marginalised communities and integrating them into mainline society. Global deaf awareness highlights the deaf cause; bridging the communication gap through learning sign language, and enhancing socially cohesive environments,” stressed Ebrahim.


EBRAHIM EXPLORES MEDITATIVE ARTS AS A MODE OF DEVELOPING CONNECTIVITY AND HARMONY WITH PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT Part-time lecturer for the Language Practice programme, Department of Media, Language and Communication, Faculty of Arts and Design, Ms Sana Ebrahim speaks of her passion for lecturing and nurturing students taking her academic classes at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). “I lecture two G...


Congratulations To Class 2022 , Top South African Sign Language (SASL) HL Achievers Award.

Bongiwe Mkhatshwa - Filadeifia Secondary School For The Deaf Gauteng
2️⃣ Sithokozile Luthuli - Kwathintwa School For The Deaf KZN.
3️⃣ Chukwudi IIoka - Kwathintwa School For The Deaf KZN.

Ending the spiral of silence around deaf issues 16/01/2023

Durban University of Technology (DUT) Sign Language and Community Engagement featured in the 'Daily News', 4 January 2023

Ending the spiral of silence around deaf issues

Ending the spiral of silence around deaf issues South Africa has a well-established deaf community with more than 4 million deaf and hard-of-hearing people. South African sign language (SASL) is en route to being declared the 12th official language of South Africa.


Great strides for SASL

Featured in the 'Independent on Saturday' 14 January 2023, pp 2.

Talk Sign Day ahoy!

KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society
Talk Sign



Wishes for an amazing 2023


Colours in South African Sign Language | The Sign Tutors 23/12/2022

Ismael Mansoor Sign and Shine On!

Colours in South African Sign Language | The Sign Tutors

Colours in South African Sign Language | The Sign Tutors In this lesson, our SASL-fluent Deaf tutor is teaching you 'Colours' in South African Sign Language! If you would like the video to be slower, you can change...

For December 2022 only, get the course for only R99! 17/12/2022

For December 2022 only, get the course for only R99! Included:
Conversation Skills (Part 1 & 2)
Communication with Deaf | Hard of Hearing people
Conversations including other people
Provide and ask for information
Working with Interpreters
Includes certificate of completion

Silent Love - A Short Film 10/11/2022

Because libraries and bookstores make for romantic hotspots

Silent Love - A Short Film

Silent Love - A Short Film We were assigned a task to create a short film and this was our creation. Hope you enjoy!DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT MAKE AND / OR OWN THE MUSIC USED. THE SONG BEL...


'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.' - Oscar Wilde

I notice that several students sport fancy hats, headwraps or bows in their hair for the Practical Test - SASL Live Demos.

I am beginning to wonder whether that is their everyday dress sense, or whether I might have had some influence.

I recall a French woman once sending the director of Alliance Française de Durban an email message enquiring as to my name and describing me as the 'lady in the bonnet'



'Somewhere in the liminal space between silence and sound, that's where humanity intersects.' - Sana Ebrahim

Al-Qalam September National Issue 2022

Durban University of Technology

Antique Cafe


Pan South African Language Board

KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society


DEAFinition NPC

Photos from ArtSigns Visual's post 14/10/2022

Spotted at Bean Tree Cafe, Queensmead Mall, Umbilo

I asked a staff what inspired the Coffee Sign Language Menu board. She tells me that one day two Deaf people walked into the coffee shop and were communicating in sign language. So they decided to spotlight Deaf awareness.

Every splendid weekender wish ☕🙌🍀

Photos Sana-Bella Ebrahim


Time to Celebrate!

7 Reasons Sign Language is Awesome 20/09/2022

'Sign language is commonly used as the main form of communication for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, but sign languages also have a lot to offer for everyone. Check out this list of why sign languages are awesome!'

7 Reasons Sign Language is Awesome

Written by Gemma Matheson

7 Reasons Sign Language is Awesome Sign language is a visual language that uses hand, facial and body movements as a means of communication.


Phenomenal Woman - Divashya Kanaye

My name is Divashya Kanaye. I am a former student of the V N Naik School for the Deaf, a school that was set up by the KZN Blind and Deaf Society, when they saw that a large number of Indian Deaf children could not be accommodated at the only school for Deaf children in Durban. This was the Durban School for the Hearing Impaired and it was the first school for Deaf children, also set up by this organization.
My early schooling years were a struggle for many of us, as not much was known about Deaf education. However, our teachers faced the challenge, learnt Sign Language as this was very new in schools for the Deaf, and taught us through the medium of Sign Language. Even this was difficult for all of us, the commitment of our teachers towards our education was what helped us as students to learn and expand our knowledge. I also would like to thank my parents as they made sure that we had extra tuition so that we could have a strong education.

In those early years there was no access to university education for Deaf students. We had very little to look forward to as there was no support services for Deaf students at the universities here, but my parents wanted us to have a strong education and wanted us to be able to graduate with degrees from a university.
They knew that, provided there was the right support available, we would be able to succeed. After much research, and help from our former principal, the late Mr R R Pillay, my parents came to know about the Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, USA. This became a goal for our family, that we would travel to the USA for our higher education and we left South Africa in June of 1994.
It was a really great experience to attend a University that was focused on Deaf students and the main communication method was Sign Language. Although there was a little bit of a culture shock we settled in very quickly.
Life at this University was an enjoyable experience and I made many lifelong friends. I chose Accounting as my major, even though I was unsure at first as to what I would graduate in. I excelled in Accounting but was unsure for a while if I should pursue this career. Once I made the decision that this was my chosen career, I did very well in my studies. I was on the Dean’s List of Awards every year of my studies and I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

On my return to South Africa, it was a struggle to get a job but I was fortunate to find a job and I am presently employed at HVM Accounting in Glenashley as an accountant. I am proud to also say that I have completed my professional board exams run by SAIPA and I am a now Professional Accountant.

Music video Despite That 13/07/2022

For Mr Vanesh Gokal (13 July 1964 - 14 January 2021), stellar educationist and music aficionado.

'Somewhere at the intersection of the five parameters of a visual language, the perfect sign resonates with the lyrical musicality of song.' - Sana-Bella Ebrahim

Music video Despite That

Music video Despite That Youth from Durban, ARROWSA and Cape Town, South Roots Int. collaborated with Beyond Face in the UK on the co-creative project Despite That... This video is o...

ARROWSA: Art, Culture and Heritage for Peace (Reg 088-058 NPO) 08/07/2022

Such a delight working with the super-talented ARROWSA Durban, South Roots Int. CT and Beyond Face, UK creatives in celebrating the process of their co-creation project Despite That!

Sana-Bella Ebrahim makes her screen debut as a South African Sign Language (SASL) instructor signing the 'Despite That!' song chorus with ARROWSA Durban youth 42:52 and 44:18 minutes into the production.

This one's for my grandaunt, Mrs Sarah Essop (1930-2020), fondly known to us as Ma, who was the biggest fan of my sisters and I at school concerts.

Fisher Lange Ngema Dlamini

1 Bechet Secondary School

Bergtheil Museum Westville

With thanks to the British Council

Despite That Film


Every splendid fortune

Sana-Bella Ebrahim

Founder-Director, ArtSigns Visual

ARROWSA: Art, Culture and Heritage for Peace (Reg 088-058 NPO) ARROWSA Alumni having fun filming towards the Despite That... film as part of the co-creative project with UK partner Beyond Face and national creatives from South Roots International. The project is supported by British Council. 

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