The 70 Nations, Noahides and Gerim

The 70 Nations, Noahides and Gerim

The code of the nations of the world. Jews, non-Jews and the redemption of all humanity.


The 70 nations are very important to HaShem/Adam. Originally, there wasn't meant to be a separate 70 nations, but Adamic consciousness collapsed somewhat, and fell down many dimensions and levels. Fast-forward, the result is that we now have Israel and the 70 archetypal nations. The holy part of the nations will eventually go back inside of Israel and then back inside of the Adamic Messiah, making one huge, unified field of Adamic consciousness. This is great news for the holy Noachites/Gerim etc. Instead of being on the outside, in the Messianic future, they will be on the inside. They were part of Adam to begin with, and they "fell out" of Adamic consciousness when it collapsed, so, they will all be part of Adam again. The Adamic Messiah wants to take all of His parts back inside of Himself again, so they will not then be separate from Him.


Teaching from Rabbi Joel David Bakst on:


Kabbalah means literally "that which has been received”, ie, the esoteric traditions which are transmitted from master to disciple by word of mouth. Yet the word Kabbalah also has a deeper meaning. Etymologically it derives from the Hebrew root, k-b-l, which also signifies the process of comparing, correlating, and interrelating varied and even opposing subjects. The implication is that Kabbalah, aside from containing elements of all mystical systems, is additionally a system of coordinating and integrating these different religions, mystical schools, and philosophical systems. Adamic Kabbalah supplies the operating system and the language to achieve this universal goal.

Adamic Kabbalah functions as an advanced operating system replete with its own terminology that can systematically define and present virtually every idea, thought, and experience throughout the history of humanity. Furthermore, it is capable of uniting the scientific "vessels" with the "lights" of religion, as well as suiting the secular "garment" with its appropriate holy "body." Thus, when the Torah functions in its universal mode, it no longer serves only the Jewish nation. It now also becomes a universal meta-system with which to correlate all rivers of religions and streams of thought into one organic whole, while maintaining and validating the unique character of each separate belief system.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel in the beginning of the twentieth century, emphasized that it has never been the intention of Judaism to eliminate the religions of the world but rather to be "a light onto the nations.” (Isaiah 49:6). This means that, wherever possible, Torah centered Kabbalah can help direct in the elucidation and evolution of the various cultures and ideologies throughout the world. Judaism has never been a missionary religion and only accepts converts under specific conditions. Rather, she has recognized the value and necessity of all forms of God consciousness even as these very same religions have attempted to subordinate and to even destroy her. The great medieval Talmudist, physician and philosopher, Rabbi Moses Maimonides, wrote that although Judaism does not accept for herself the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed, she does recognize that these two religions (which developed directly from classical Judaism) have, in fact, propagated fundamental Judaic ideas throughout the world even unto far-removed and undeveloped peoples. Consequently, most of the world's population is conditioned by beliefs in God's unity, spiritual cause and effect, moral responsibility. Perhaps most essential of all, Christianity and Islam have spread the belief in the Messianic Era—the vision of universal peace where all nations exist as a "Global Village," speaking the same language, and evolving together towards a higher and more perfected state of consciousness.

The idea of a messianic evolution of humanity and reality is intrinsic to both esoteric and exoteric Judaism. If a Jew rejects this belief, then he disconnects himself from the fold of Orthodox Judaism, both legally and spiritually. From the perspective of tikun, exile and return, concealment and revealment, we can see why this is so. The evolution of consciousness, "ours" and "God's", is the beginning, the middle, and the end of all existence (as explained in Beyond Kabbalah - The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught). Thus, the Sinaic experience, which serves as the vortex for Jewish consciousness, is only a microcosm of the future universal experience of all humanity.

In this sense, Sinai was the testing ground, the prototype, for what is to come. As the Jewish Nation was transformed into one Adam (Adam meaning “human” as well as the personal name for the progenitor of humankind), one indivisible being with total God consciousness, knowledge and bliss, so will all the multi-millions of the world's inhabitants evolve and emerge as the one true Adam. "Then I will transform the peoples to a purified language that they may all call upon the name of the Absolute as one man" (Zephaniah 3:9).

Originally, all humanity — along with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms — were included in higher-dimensional Adamic consciousness and reality. Due to an extremely complicated and esoteric process, known as the “eating” from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (i.e., duality), all humanity pr*****ed out of Adam. Abraham began the process of the tikun of the nefesh of Adam, Isaac the ruach of Adam and Jacob the neshamah of Adam. The 12 tribes, the sons of Jacob, further completed this incremental process of the resurrection of Adamic reality and consciousness. Jacob then descended with his Adamic clan of seventy souls — microcosmically iterating the macrocosmic seventy nations of the world — into the Egyptian bo***ge, enslavement and final purification. This was the last process necessary for the final tikun. 210 years later the nation emerged in the Exodus. Fifty days later, arriving at Mt. Sinai, the entire nation was literally resurrected back into the original, higher-dimensional Adam as existed before the collapse. Every Hebrew man, woman and child — from Moses on down to the embryos in their mother’s womb — were fused together into a single consciousness, a single being, the original higher-dimensional meta-androgynous Adam. If it had not been for the grave miscalculation of the Golden Calf, the remaining entirety of humanity would have followed suit and also be reunited back into the higher-dimensional Body of Adam.
Ultimately, the vision of Adamic consciousness is the sole purpose and goal of the Jewish tradition, as detailed in Adamic Kabbalah. The words of the Bible, the visions of the prophets, and the discussions of the Rabbis overflow with this idea and the means of achieving this end. Even during the two Temple periods, 2,500 and 2,000 years ago, regular offerings were dedicated to the archetypal seventy nations of the world with prayers and visions for the evolution of universal consciousness. It is the Jewish belief, especially as articulated through the Kabbalah, that each religion and spiritual quest feels the growing pains of the others and try to help clarify the others without obstructing the others’ unique path of growth. This is all part of the evolving universal tikkun superimposed upon, and one with, the absolute unity of God that lies at the heart of orthodox Jewish Kabbalah. The realization of the complete tikun for the individual, for nationhood, for all humanity and for the entire cosmos is the Supreme Being's own divine promise, "And it shall come to pass, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh..." (Joel 3:1) and, "...On that day the Absolute will be One and His Name-Code will be One" (Zechariah 14:9).


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