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Donate Now | Modulation Institute by Allied Arts Foundation 10/06/2023

Dear friends and supporters,

Happy Pride Month! 🌈✨ As an LGBTQIA+ owned small business, we are thrilled to share the incredible work we're doing at Modulation Institute and invite you to join us in making a difference. We are dedicated to providing voice training and music lessons to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, with a special focus on Trans Voice Training.

Why is this so important? Finding and embracing our authentic voices is a transformative experience for our clientele. It unlocks self-acceptance, empowerment, and a stronger sense of identity. Unfortunately, many of our community members face unique challenges in accessing voice training. That's where you come in!

With your support, we can continue offering vital resources and personalized training to our international clientele. Together, we can empower transgender individuals and other members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ to express themselves confidently and authentically. 🗣️💪

You can help make a difference in three ways:
1️⃣ Donate: Every contribution, big or small, directly supports our programs. Visit our TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation link: to make a secure online donation. Again, all donations are tax-deductible!
2️⃣ Spread the Word: Share our mission and work with your network. By amplifying our message, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. Let's reach as many people as possible!
3️⃣ Volunteer: If you have skills in fundraising, marketing, or event planning, we'd love your support! Together, we can expand our outreach efforts and make an even greater impact.

Join us in fostering inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and amplifying diverse voices within the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, we can change lives!

Thank you for considering our request and for being an ally in our journey toward inclusivity and equality. Let's make this Pride Month truly remarkable!
With heartfelt gratitude,

Alison Bieber
Modulation Institute aka MODI
Email: [email protected]


Donate Now | Modulation Institute by Allied Arts Foundation Modulation Institute offers low-cost voice coaching and music tutoring to Trans & Non-Binary people. With your help, we will be able to offer free services to thos...


Hi Everyone, Meet Zachary!
Zachary A. Myers (she/they), A Strange Loop on Broadway & Emojiland First National Tour; B.A. Fine Arts
Hi! I’m Zachary (she/they). I made my Broadway debut in 2022 where I understudied Thought One & Thought Two in the Tony Award & Pulitzer Prize winning musical A Strange Loop. Some other notable credits include: Dylan Mulvaney’s 365 Days of Girlhood Live, The First National Tour of Emojiland & the upcoming concert film, and Rent at Tulane Summer Lyric. Trans rights are human rights!


Zachary will be focusing on Musical Theater and Contemporary singing lessons at Modulation Institute. Use code MODI75 to get 75% off your consultation with her!



Hi Everyone!

We have a vocal scholarship available with creator, Luna McNulty.

This is a unique opportunity to work with our new coach Luna McNulty, as she is looking to offer scholarship to a beginner vocal feminization student. You can also see her blog on our link tree about how to measure resonance.

To see the requirements and apply, please click the first link on our linktree (link in bio).
We look forward to reviewing your application!

More about Luna:

“Hi! I'm Luna. I take a scientific approach to gender-affirming voice training. As part of my Master's project I developed , a web app that helps people visualize how pitch and resonance interact to create gendered perceptions of voices. As a student, I took courses in Phonetics and Language Processing that were of particular value to my journey in gender voice training.

My overarching project is to bring science and technology in symphony with beauty and justice.”


All the way from Canada, meet our new piano teacher, Nefeli!
Nefeli (she/her), Teaching piano over 20 years; BA psychology; Teach Music Online Certification
Hi, I’m Nefeli and I teach Elementary to Intermediate piano students. I identify as neurodivergent and I believe learning should be fun and accessible for all! Growing up I played a variety of instruments including trumpet, flute, saxophone, piano and guitar. In university, I majored in Psychology, but music was always a part of my life and I continued to take music courses and teach piano (and sometimes guitar!). I am now a certified Online Music Teacher with a BA in Psychology and over 20 years experience teaching piano! Students who take lessons with me become confident performers and well rounded musicians who can read music but are also comfortable with chords, improvising, and playing music they enjoy! I love teaching older children, teens and adults to play to their strengths and love music for life! In my studio you'll find an inclusive environment full of fun games, differentiated learning, piano parties, and studio challenges to keep students motivated!
We are doing 75% off our Trial Lessons right now with code MODI75… that’s ($16.75 USD)



Hey everyone, meet our new guitar teacher, Tilley!
Tilley Komorny (she/her), Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society - 2013 to 2018; GILT 2017-2022; Home Is Where 2021-Present
Hi there! I’m Tilley. I have been playing guitar and bass in bands since 2015. This experience has led me to finding a diverse community of creatives that influence my life every day. Any opportunity I get to share in the progression of one’s music journey is a gift imparted from all the people I have learned performing alongside. I studied formally in a jazz background and have since honed those sounds touring contemporary alternative and punk musics around the country for the past five years.
Lessons starting at $65/hr!

Photos from Modulation Institute's post 21/03/2023

So cute. We will be passing these out along with some other resources at the this Thursday from 5:00 - 7:30! Can’t wait to meet everyone and talk about vocal expression. 🌈


Join us and a local speech pathologist in Grand Rapids at Advanced Counseling & Therapy Services this Sunday, February 19th from 12pm - 3pm!
We may or may not be giving out some free merchandise as well 👀. Sad we missed this event last year, but so excited to see and meet our GR people in real life this year!


Congratulations to our coach Ash (she/they) for completing Renée Yoxon’s “Learn to Teach Trans Voice Alteration in 5 Weeks”
Ash is available for online lessons as well as in-person lessons in Lansing, MI.
Schedule: Monday-Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: OFF

Use code: MODI for 50% off your consultation with them! Link in bio for website and booking information.



Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the teaming up of
& .institute
Peter Kallinteris Agency (PKA) is dedicated to discovering and promoting talented actors, musicians and performers from the LGBTQIA+ community in Hollywood and nationwide. The first of it’s kind, the q***r division of PKA aligns with Modulation Institute’s identity-affirming mission of representation for our community throughout the entertainment industry.
Modulation Institute is a virtual institute providing identity-affirming voice coaching and music tutoring, specializing in trans & non-binary voice modulation. Whether you are new to identity-affirming voice coaching, a seasoned singer, beginner instrumentalist, or someone looking to share their story through the art of storytelling, we are here to support you through your journey. Our clients are international and our staff is representative of the community that we serve.

We look forward to meeting you!!!



Thank you to our Donors!! If you are looking for more tax-deductible donations/write-offs before the end of the year — drop us some $$ on our website and specify where you want it to go. Do you want to sponsor a student? Gift our coaches? Donate to our overhead costs? Either way, your donation will be put to good use and we appreciate everyone who has donated this year and over Modi’s lifespan so far.



Join Joey this weekend!!

Modulation Institute is another Vendor Spotlight for PrEP-arate Para La Posada Market this Sunday from 12-4pm!!

Modulation Institute offers a space that exists on the fringes for Trans & Non-Binary individuals to receive one-on-one private voice coaching and music tutoring from any location!!

The Prep Navigators
GAC PrEP Trans Wreath Fundraiser LIVE


To learn more about pitch and the role it plays in identity-affirming voice coaching and every day expression, check out our blog written by . Link in bio! Don’t forget — $10 consultations through the end of the year and gift certificates are available!



Just a reminder with the holiday season that Modulation Institute offers Gift Certificates!

Check out the book now section of our website or link in bio!



Join us this Thursday @ 5 pm EST with as we talk about vocal expression and run through a live voice coaching session.



Modulation Institute provides voice coaching to trans and non-binary individuals from all over the world. You can hear about our impact from one of our very own clients in the video below.

We are looking for 6 more donors at $50 a month. All donations are tax-deductible through our Sponsor on our website ( It is and I hope you will consider donating to Modulation Institute.

In less than a year since our very first client, we now have clients in AUSTRALIA, ALASKA, FRANCE, and about 7 different states within the U.S. We’ve been featured on the news, a finalist in both a business competition and the Grand Rapids Pride Center’s inaugural Prism awards. We are truly making a difference within our community and we need your support!


We have been mourning the loss of our family in Colorado while remembering the Trans lives we’ve lost on Transgender Day of Remembrance. Our hearts break for the family and friends of the lives lost at Club Q.

We will not be silenced.


$10 consultations through the end of the year - come meet our new coaches! Spread the word 🏳️‍⚧️No promo code necessary.



It’s Transgender Awareness Month!!

Modulation Institute was created for the Trans community and we will ALWAYS support you.

Thank you to our Trans community who make life brighter and the world a better place.




Hey everyone, meet Gillian!
Gillian Omotoso (she/her/hers), Renée Yoxon Certification — Trans Voice Alteration Course (in progress); A.A. in Theater, Brookdale Community College (in progress)
Hi :) My name is Gillian Omotoso. I began my transition to female in 2016 at the age of 19, and my voice has been no exception. My vocal journey has been very personal, full of ups, downs, and turnarounds.

As someone who has made the not-so-linear trek from male to female vocally, and who has studied pedagogically the inner workings of the voice to great fluency, I know very thoroughly the myriad ways that one’s voice can be realigned and reconfigured. I also know how one’s mentality can either free or confine their voice, and just how much we are capable of doing with this “first instrument”, when we allow ourselves to step in and trust its capability.

With a musical background — including songwriting, singing, piano, guitar, music theory, and a perfect-pitch ear — as well as personal experience alongside, I know I would be able to assist you in your trans vocal journey, and I look forward to it.
Visit our website (link in bio) and use promo code: GILLIAN50%
to schedule your consultation with her!



Check out our latest blog post by !

You can also find our other blog post for the month of October on Modigogy called, “What should we do when our students cry?”

Check it out and let us know in the comments if you have any questions you want explored or answered.
“As diverse and eclectic as the Modulation Institute staff, this blog will feature & break down a wide variety of topics, including (but by no means limited to): educational pedagogy, vocal pedagogy, identity-affirming vocal care, LGBTQIA+ history, performance practice, civil rights history, vocal anatomy, q***r theory, feminist thought, and so much more. Each post will pose a question that will draw answers from storytelling & communal experience. This is a space to reflect, ask questions, and build an understanding of our voices based on a pedagogy of love & respect.”


October is Modulation Institute’s birth month! A year ago, Modulation Institute became a reality.

Just a reminder that we have about 5 days left of 25% off at Modulation Institute for all of our services. If you’ve ever been interested in voice coaching (speech or singing) and are Trans and/or Non-Binary, join us!

Promo code for individual lessons: OCTOBER25
Promo code for packages and GC: PACKAGE25


You're invited!! Our New Blog is going live at 5 pm EST.
Link in bio or visit our website @
“Welcome to AskModi, Modulation Institute’s blog! After today’s premier post, contributions will be published on the second & fourth Fridays of each month. This blog will soon become a collection of inquiries, perspectives, and other writings–a resource incubator for anyone seeking to bring identity-affirming pedagogy into their work. As diverse and eclectic as the Modulation Institute staff, this blog will feature & break down a wide variety of topics, including (but by no means limited to): educational pedagogy, vocal pedagogy, identity-affirming vocal care, LGBTQIA+ history, performance practice, civil rights history, vocal anatomy, q***r theory, feminist thought, and so much more. Each post will pose a question that will draw answers from storytelling & communal experience. This is a space to reflect, ask questions, and build an understanding of our voices based on a pedagogy of love & respect.”

We want to give a shout out to who put this blog together with incredible amounts of care, knowledge, and attention to detail. We are honored to have you on our team.




We are grateful for this partnership - for those of you who are unfamiliar with Wild Ferns Wellness, see the info below!
“Wild Ferns Wellness is one of Michigan’s first wellness collaboration to center and support the holistic needs of Women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BI-POC) as well as LGBTQIA2S+ folks and allies. Wild Ferns Wellness Center provides an affirming and safe space to those who enter.
With one-stop access to many services we aim to empower individuals to proactively participate in self-love while on the road to healing and self-discovery. Services include:

•Therapy and Counseling Services
• Support Groups
• Haircuts and styling
• Lash extensions
• Electrolysis
• Massage Therapy
• Voice Coaching
• Photography-including head shots
• Special events & classes
• Featured art by local artists

We dream of adding a prescribing medical provider competent in care for women, transgender clients, HIV prevention and treatment, reiki, acupuncture, community run classes, community events, sip and paint art parties and so much more!”
This is a one of a kind space and it’s located in the capital of Michigan. How cool.


Photos from Modulation Institute's post 06/10/2022

We have some new promotions this month. Check out our assistants! They are ready to interrup— I mean, assist during your lessons!



Modulation Institute is offering another free workshop on Storytelling to the Trans & Non-Binary community on Sunday, October 9th @ 1 pm EST. Allies who are interested in understanding the art of Storytelling further are also welcome to join. Virtual! Come hang out.
Link in bio



is our favorite local screen printing company. Thanks for all you do 🏳️‍⚧️💕



Thank you!
Our goal is to gain 100 followers a month.. September ✅. We’ve been in touch with 150 Pride centers around the US and are pushing for more outreach in states and cities where services are limited. Do you have any recommendations for where we should reach out next? Let us know in the comments!



Hey everyone, Meet Connor!
Connor Bruce (he/him/his), BM Rutgers University Vocal Performance, MM (in progress) University of Delaware Vocal Performance.
My name is Connor Bruce and I am a second-year master’s student in Vocal Performance at the University of Delaware. I received my bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. I am proud to serve as a Teaching Assistant in this current position in pursuit of my interests in vocal pedagogy. In the field of vocal pedagogy, I specialize in transgender and non-binary vocal study. I was recently awarded the The Edward G. and Naomi L. Jefferson Prize in Music in the spring of 2022. Previous vocal instructors include: Dr. Noel Archambeault, Julia Kershetsky, Taina Kataja, and Nancy Fox.
Visit our website (link in bio) and use promo code: CONNOR50% to get 50% off your consultation when you schedule with him!



A sneak peek into what October brings..
25 % off all services for the entire month of October. If you want to buy multiple lessons/packages during this time, go for it! We are celebrating our new coaches, fiscal sponsorship, and the year anniversary of turning Modulation Institute into a reality!

Promo Code: October25 for Private Lessons
Promo Code: Package25 for Packages & Gift Cards



We are thrilled to announce that Modulation Institute is now Fiscally Sponsored by The Allied Arts Foundation in Seattle, Washington. This means that their 501c3 tax-exempt status extends to us and all donations made to Modulation Institute (through the Allied Arts) will be tax deductible.



It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th!
Let’s celebrate. Our website is now in two languages, English and Spanish. We will be working to add more languages soon for accessibility and support!

Checkout our website at or go to the link in our bio! If there are any issues or mistranslation please let us know.

Thanks, everyone.



Look what showed up in Salem, MA! Can you spot our logo? Just in time for our favorite hallow-day. Thank you for the photo 📸



Every month continues to bring new challenges and opportunities for Modulation Institute. As we expand our team and our outreach nationally, we want to thank everyone who follows, shares, and likes our posts. It means a lot and truly helps move us forward, together.



Hey everyone, meet Joey!
José Israel García (he/she/they), M.M. Opera Production (Directing), B.M. Vocal Music Education, Voice Coach
My name is José Israel García, Jr., but I go by Joey; I'm an autodidactic teaching artist born, raised, and based in Brownsville, TX. Some recent collaborative projects include directing & stage-managing opera, coaching a nationally recognized speech team, and rehearsing a wide variety of vocal ensembles.

Much of my previous experience has been within the confines of academia, and so I am pleased to collaborate with Modulation Institute to offer a voice studio based in bel-canto technique--enhanced & informed by real-time feedback, an ethic of love & mutual respect, and our collective bounty of experience & knowledge.

Our voices have the potential to be our most versatile tool for communication, expression, and creation; whatever your goals, I hope we can collaborate to work towards unlocking the full potential of our voice.
Visit our website (link in bio) and use promo code: JOEY50% to get 50% off your consultation when you schedule with them!



Did you know we have an Etsy shop?

You can purchase stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other things like this cute Canvas tote bag! All profits go towards offering low prices and paying our coaches fairly.

This is our friend Laine (they/them) and they supported our scholarship fund by purchasing some of our merch. You should go check out their page , an incredible resource for accessible curriculum!


Have you ever wanted to try out identity-affirming voice coaching but unsure of where to start? Ash (she/they) will walk you through the foundations and resources you need.

Group classes are $9.99 and virtual! Get your tickets via the link in our bio.

This is designed specifically for those looking for Trans & Non-Binary voice coaching.



You can purchase our stickers at Sparrows GR now!!

All of our donations go towards low cost services and discounts for our clients while paying our coaches (current and upcoming!!) fairly.



Have a story you've been wanting to tell, but don't know how to share it effectively? Wanting to become a better communicator and more emotionally connected when expressing yourself? Interested in q***r performance art, but not sure where to start? Our Storytelling Event might be exactly what you need! Join us in a welcoming space to learn about the art of storytelling this Sunday. To register and learn more, see link in bio or visit and go to Upcoming Events.


Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?