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Photos from Adhd&kids's post 02/01/2023

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Hi guys, 😀

this is a 30 min training video with exercises. The goal is to get an overview of long distance caregiving solutions and build your road map to achieving success in your current situation with remote care for your families.

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I hope this helps you ❤️


📌When you care for your aging family from a distance, you should have the EMERGENCY LIST in your house and in your family’s house, in a place that will be out in the open, and easily accessible, for ex. On the wall in your office, or on the fridge, etc.

👉You want to have those contacts on that list:
- Friends that live close to them, and if not, then friendly neighbors
- Family members that live closest to them that are willing to step in in case of emergency
- Doctors and Medical Centres that your family knows and goes to
- All house relates contacts such as Handyman, Repair service, Gardner (if they have a garden), etc.
- Ambulance and Fire Emergency number
- And any other phone numbers that will be important in your case
Make sure you call and speak with all the contacts especially family, friends and neighbors, that they know about the EMERGENCY LIST and that they are on it, and if it is OK that they might be called for help in case an emergency situation comes around since you care for them remotely.

👉You should have this list in your house, but the caretaker should have it also in their house and in their phone as another copy to be on the safe side.

When emergency situations comes, there is chaos, stress and no timer to be doing this organizational and preparational work then.

Stay prepared. You never know what life will bring.


📌Oh, but I have everything under control, are you sure?

Don't let go of the reigns even if you have a good caretaker caring for your aging loved ones. The caretaker will never substitute your place. He or she will never take care of your family as good as you will, because you love them and you do it from the depth of your heart. That's when the caregiving goes from good to great, the best caretaker in the world will not win with that. You are the coordinator, supervisor, researcher, planner, organizer, and head of the operations, as well as quality manager so to speak. Without your work, long distance caregiving to your loved ones will not be successful...

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📌International Day of Persons with Disabilities....


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🏊I love swimming, my face lights up when I can do my laps freestyle, it feels like freedom and for some melting chocolate in your mouth, feels great!
But I am nowhere as good as it as my brother Arthur Frayler, me younger brother. He lives in the US, and back a few years ago he was beating all US records in his categories, missed Olympics by 1 place! he doesn't swim professionally anymore, but I am still sooo dang proud of him. ❤️🦚


📌Daily inspiration...

❤️Give your aging Mom and Dad your best, not your leftovers. Love them more than you love your career, money or hobbies. That other stuff can't love you back.


📌Hey you, hope you're having a good day!

If you are coming across this post, I'm glad you're here, because I have something special for you to this training below if you want to find out the SECRETS to successful caring for aging family from a long here:

👉Here is a link to my calendar, I have open spots to meet with you, so you can see how you can use my experience and know how, to help you solve your problems... so click down below and book your FREE chat with me:

📌I really hope we will get to meet soon! 😀

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❓🤔Are my parents neglected? 👇

👉How do you know if your parents don't need more help? And how do you know what help they need? It all starts from asking yourself might not know answers, finding out answers is the First step....

In the below picture you have a few examples of things you should be finding answers to. Be ware though, that asking them about it is not going to give you the answers that you want. Most of aging parents are either not aware of their needs, or don't want to burden you with it.
🌍If you do this from a long distance, you are going to need help of a caretaker that care for them, or a friend or another family member living closer, and preferably you visiting. This takes detective work and paying attention to details, as well as finding out information from a few sources to gest a clear picture.

🆓If you would like a FREE Check list with all the things you should have answers to, to understand where you are with caring for them, send an email to: [email protected], with a title CHECK-LIST to get it for FREE.

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🗝️How to put a smile on you aging Mom's face? 😊

1. Try to call her everyday even for 5-15 min. It's already enough

2. Ask her how her day is going and how she feels, be really interested

3. Make her feel that her tasks during the day are important and exciting, something as simple as going for a walk or eating favorite food

4. Try to call at the same time, she will know it's you. She will wait for this phone call.

5. If you can't talk with her for a few days, tell her that in advance so she doesn't wait by her phone for your call feeling sad

6. If you are busy, and you know you cant call and talk , call for 1 minute just to say I'm very busy today, but I'm thinking about you, and I just called to tell you I love you. Have a good day.

7. If you keep it regular, she will wait for it, it will brighten her day, everyday.

Start today. Do this for at least a month, and see the effects 💛 Share them with me...

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙏❤️

Photos from Adhd&kids's post 24/11/2022

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Are you busy today? Thinking you will call them later? I saw this post and called my grandpa immediately....hope it will do the same for you ❤️


😔It is so hard to see our parents get older. As they become more physically and/or cognitively challenged, it’s only natural to wish we could take away their struggles. We can offer love and care. We feel we should do something—anything—to help, but our powerlessness results in guilt. These feelings are normal and universal for family caregivers. It’s rare that you’ll be able to make everyone happy. So, Stop being so hard on yourself. Join an in-person or online support group: and talk with other caregivers. You’ll hear similar stories, recognize familiar struggles, and gain valuable insight on your own situation.

🧙‍♂️When you are away from your aging parents it can be a heart-wrenching and difficult. Dealing with guilt is a normal part of caregiving. Guilt is normal and means that you care, but you shouldn’t let guilt negatively affect your physical or mental health either.

💚Managing the care of your aging parents after when you are away is possible with enough planning and commitment and educating yourself on what and how to do in time. Taking care of yourself and coming to terms with your guilt is also possible. Doing both of these together will create a situation where you can feel confident in the care your aging parents are receiving while fostering a positive relationship from a distance.

In our times, so many people live anywhere and work away from home. Reasons that people move are complex. Sometimes it is for professional reasons and other times for private ones. Regardless of the legitimate reasons for a move, it can feel uncomfortable and shameful for these reasons, You feel a duty to care for your aging parents, especially to do it all yourself and being right there with them.

Being away from your parents during their decline can be incredibly challenging. You may feel like you are abandoning them when they need you the most. But the good news is that the Long distance caregiving is possible, and the loss of hands-on, day-to-day observation is not easily replaced, but it is doable!!!

😟Feeling guilty when living away from aging parents can cause stress in ways that aren’t healthy. Try to accept feelings of guilt as normal but not let them interfere with your life negatively. Try and remember why you made the decision in the first place and feel confident in the path you chose.

1️⃣ Putting yourself first is not a selfish act. It is an act of self-love. Your guilt is telling you that you love your parents as well. You have a right to happiness just as your parents have through their lifetime.

👌There are things you can do to help your aging parents when you live far away. Sliding into complacency will likely only make you feel worse. Taking charge and doing what you can that is in your control will help you feel less guilty.
👉Guilt is a normal human emotion that can be stressful. Without guilt, there is no regret and no motivation to change or act. Accepting that your emotions will be complicated is the first step. But, there are other emotions to foster- compassion, empathy, love, and care. Focus on those positive emotions as you deal with the guilt of being away from aging parents.
💚This is where I suggest being proactive. You can help your aging parents from far away, which has several positive benefits. Your parents will feel cared for, and you will feel less guilty. Action is the best antidote to feelings of powerlessness. To educate yourself on long distance caregiving, click here: or get 1 on 1 couching customized to your needs and your specific situation:

With love, Kathrine H.
Reference: articles of Amanda Lambert


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