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ASSM Physics

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Photos from ASSM Physics's post 23/06/2021

Voting is closed on this contest. Congratulations to that winner and Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's contest!

The Photos have been shifted to our timeline.

We received 43 photos from students. There are the top three photos determined by the ASSM Medha faculty and staff. The top three will win prizes. Photos are presented in the order in which they were received. Voting will take place from the time this album is posted until July 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 PM. The winners will be announced on July 05th, 2020. Good luck to all!

Also, all photos must be original photos. If a photo is found to be taken from another page or website, then that photo may be disqualified. In the case of a tie, the total reaction divided by the number of shares will be considered. The top 10 photos were selected by the Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mafavidyalaya Medha Faculty and staff based on general aesthetics and scientific accuracy. Thank you to everyone that participated and good luck to all!

All votes for the top photos will be verified. Fake or robot votes from fake accounts will be disqualified. Votes are not official until all votes are verified. Therefore, keep voting and sharing your favorites.

Thermodynamic potentials 09/06/2021

Thermodynamic potentials

Thermodynamic potentials Internal energy, Helmholtz function, Enthalpy, Gibbs free energy

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